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This gift guide is totally inspired by my teenage daughter, Leonie. She is absolutely into makeup and everything that has to do with contouring, baking, fake lashes, eyeliner and so on. You name it and she knows it and knows the technique. Thanks to youtube tutorials she is slowly becoming a pro and tells me how to do it properly. haha

She saves her money and spends it on makeup products and boy is she into all those amazing brands.  She'll sit in front of her vanity for hours trying out all sorts of looks. I can absolutely see her making a career out of this later on along the way when it comes to choosing a profession. There are some amazing schools here in Europe to become a makeup artist.

I have to admit that since she has been so into all things makeup, I myself pay a little more attention to the brands I purchase and do see the difference between drugstore brands (which are perfectly fine) and high end brands. I will sacrifice spending the money on a product I feel is a good fit for me more now than I used to do.

What about you? Are you into makeup and do you spend the dollars for a better brand?

Happy Thursday xxx


How I Feel In 5 Words.

Happy Humpday, yay! Aren't you glad half of the week is almost over? I sure am. I have been subbing for my co-worker again and with the end of the year getting closer, work is super busy, so tackling 2 fulltime jobs every day is quite the task. All the while my co-worker is on a 2-week-long Carribbean cruise - well, thank you. Needless to say that I am craving a break really bad! Cannot wait for our Christmas break - 3.5 more weeks to go.
So, here's how I am today:
1. Overwhelmed.
2. Tired.
3. Busy.
4. Hopeful.
5. Content.

SaveSaveEven though life is so busy right now and I wished the day had more than 24 hours so I could get a little more sleep in, I am still happy and feel accomplished about what life throws my way. Because nothing and no-one can take this one down easily. HA

I have been thinking a lot latey. Don't we all tend to towards the end of a year? We start reminiscing about the past months and the things that happened throughout the year. A lot of people I have been talking to are glad to see 2016 go. It wasn't a good year for many, so they are looking forward to a fresh start.

For me my family 2016 has been a very good and successful year. We were able to grow and accompish so many positive things, so it won't be as easy for me to let go of it. But I am eagerly looking towards 2017 and cannot wait to see what it holds in store for all of us!

Happy Wednesday xxx


Gift Guide For Your Dog

Gift Guide for your Dog

Our family consists of 5 members. The mister and I, Leonie our daughter, Kyra our Greek pup and Miley our American kitty, a Russian Blue mix. It is absolutely out of the question for us to get gifts for Kyra and Miley as well. We celebrate their birthdays (we didn't know their exact birthdays because we adopted both of them, we only knew their approximate birth dates, so we set one for each and we celebrate them every year).

We love celebrating Christmas and I so enjoy getting the perfect present for everyone. Needless to say that I also get gifts for my furry kids. Last year we got a super comfy new bed for Kyra, like the one pictured above. She absolutely loves it and when the kitty sometimes jumps into it and gets cozy, she just sits there and watches. She would never make her leave the bed. Probably because she fears the kitty could get aggravated, after all Miley is the boss. True cat behaviour. haha

We also got a new stand for her bowls. Kyra is as big as a Lab and as some of you might know, she suffers from Arthritis, so we try to make things as easy and comfortable for her as we can, like the comfy and warm bed. The food and water bowl stand allow her to eat and drink water without bending down too far. This is not just beneficial for her Arthritis but it is also good for her digestion.

Kyra was never really into fetching things but she has always loved chewing toys as well as stuffed animals and she loves getting a good massage while brushing her. So I make sure to get a new toy every now and then and I brush her fur every day because she tends to lose a lot of hair. A lot.

This year we will treat her to a new leather collar with a name tag plus a new leash. I also bought a few new toys and a comfy blanket for her bed. Of course there will be a ton of yummy treats and rawhides which she especially loves.

Do you have a pet and if yo, do you love spoiling it as well?

Happy Tuesday xxx


Life Lately.

What's been going on.
Life has been busy and full of work. Like I mentioned before, with the year winding down work gets crazier and busier before finally winding down as well. To be honest, I really like this end-of-year craze because it reminds me that the holidays are so close, that the year is coming to an end and new possibilities for the new year start arising slowly. I love the feeling of being able to do anything you set your heart and mind to at the beginning of a new year. Don't you?

With work being so crazy and have been craving being lazy whenever I had the chance to. I picked up my knitting a lot lately (my kitty is my constant companion while doing so), I've watched Netflix (The Crown and Stepmom, an all time favorite) and I have been enjoying giving myself manicures at least once a week. It's been so much fun experimenting with different colors - my co-workers always pay attention to my finger nails to see if I'm wearing a different color than the day before. haha

Life Lately.
I have been doing a little shopping for a few new Christmas decoration items, I like adding something new every other year. I've enjoyed coffee dates including cake with my girlfriends and a few sushis dates as well. Went on long walks with the pup weather permitting and I've been having a lot of fun with my Apple watch. Gosh there are so many things you can do with it and I haven't even figured out half of them. Do any of you have an Apple watch and therefor any app recommendations? I'd love to hear!

What have you been up to?

Happy Monday xxx


Happy Friday | V16.47

Happy Friday

Friday is finally here after a very long week and I am more than happy about it. I hope all of you in the US had a wonderful day with your loved ones yesterday. We will be celebrating our own little Thanksgiving this weekend with our family and a few friends, because yesterday was a normal work day here in Germany. So, I am looking forward to a food-filled weekend ahead.

This week has been packed with all sorts of things. Among them a lot of happy ones - here are a few:

1. Chinese dinner with the fam at our favorite local place

2. French lessons for my girl that really paid off - très bon!

3. Lots of Happy Mail

4. Christmas decorating

5. Coffee Dates

6. Facetiming

7. HTGAWM (say what!)

8. Blogging friends

9. Puppy walks to clear my mind

10. Movie night - we watched "You Before Me"

I will probably be doing some Black Friday online shopping later today - what are your plans?

Now please share some of your happy moments in the comments!

Happy Friday xxx

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