I have been listening to this song ever since we got back from our trip to the US - it kind of fits our situation...and I love, love, love this version! Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday!

Hugs xxx


Our trip to South Carolina // 10 days of bliss

view from our apartment // Mast // barrels of candy 
downtown Greenville, SC // ice cream // Reedy River in Greenville 
Falls Park on the Reedy // coffee break // Easter Lalaloopsy surprise

Let me just say: WE HAD A BLAST!! The past 10 days have been nothing short of fun. We went exploring the city of Simpsonville with all it's beautiful neighborhoods and visited Greenville with my sweet friend Kristi from The Speckled Dog. It was so much fun meeting her in person for the very first time together with her sweet hubby Charles. We had a blast and I hope and think that this could really turn into a wonderful friendship! Thanks again, Kristi!

We went shopping, duh! How could we not go to Target, TJMaxx and all those other stores. Shopping is like therapy...haha...and we really missed so many things over the past 3 years. We just needed this! And the food, ah the food. Stefan really spoiled us and took us to a different restaurant every night. I might have gained a pound or two, but who the hell cares, right. I'll just walk them off again!

On our way back to the airport in Charlotte, NC // seeing those planes taking off // at our gate 
Kings Mountain in Shelby // the actual mountain // downtown Fountain Inn, SC
about to board flight US 706 // happy faces at our arrival

How can 10 days go by so fast? It felt like we had just arrived and it was time to leave again. But we are so grateful for the time we got to spend together, it was so necessary for the 3 of us to get this time together, we were able to refill our "family batteries" for the time being separated again. Hopefully it won't be for too long anymore, cause honestly, I can't and don't want to be separated anymore. It's really taking a toll on us and I am not willing to sacrifice  any more time than necessary.

So, now we are back in Germany, feeling a bit jet-lagged still. Not too happy about being back, but making the best of it. This is just another thing we have to go through to achieve our goal. Positive thinking, right?

Happy Tuesday xxx


Lately // Happy Easter

We've been visiting here in South Carolina for a week now. Our trip back to Germany is coming closer and I don't even want to think about it. It will be hard stepping foot into that airplane, I am sure a lot of tears will be involved. I don't want to go back. But I am trying to stay strong. There are still a few things that need to be taken care of, like finalizing selling our house and some other things. I am hoping to be able to return sometime in June. Which doesn't seem that long, does it?

Selling our house has turned out to be very stressful and nerve-wracking. I have learned a lot during this whole process. Especially that no matter how well you are prepared, it's most likely not going to be enough. Location is the key and a major selling point. No matter how good of appliances or fixtures you have, no matter how eco-friendly your house is regarding e.g. the water-consumption, low heating costs due to super insulation etc., if the location isn't right, people will most likely not care. 

But after a long hard time things are finally looking up and we now have two potential buyers who are both very interested in purchasing our house. Yay! I have already met with both of them for a couple of showings and after my return to Germany, we will meet again to hopefully finalize this thing. Wish me luck, will you?!

We've been having a great time exploring the area around Simpsonville and Greenville here in South Carolina, looking at houses and neighborhoods, going shopping, of course, and just doing some sight-seeing. We went to the movies to see Rio 2 which was so much fun and today we are heading downtown Greenville to meet up with the lovely Kristi from The Speckled Dog and her family. I am very excited to finally meet her in person. We have known each other thanks to our blogs for a couple of years now and have been following along each others lives via Facebook and Instagram until we figured out that we will soon live very close to each other! Looking so forward to meeting them!

Wishing you all a wonderful day and Happy Easter Holidays with your loved ones!


Our Future // The Beginning

It's our third day here in the States and we have already been having so much fun exploring the neighborhoods on the look-out for our maybe new home for the next year. We are looking into renting first, to have enough time to figure out where we want to live before buying a home. I guess that after our first year back in the US we will look into buying a house for our family.

We have gotten some very valuable tips of which neighborhoods might be the better ones to look for a home, considering the schools and all. It's been fun browsing the internet and then driving around from one address to the other to take a look at the place and the neighborhood before contacting a realtor, what we will definitely be doing soon.

It feels kind of surreal to be back in the US after almost 3 years of hoping and dreaming, and now that we are finally here (even though it's just for the Easter vacation for now) I still cannot quite believe it. This is where we will be living very soon, this is where our "new" future will begin. It's all so very exciting and fun, but also a bit scary. Scary like in, are we doing the right thing. How will Leonie take the move. Will our pets be ok traveling over here. 

I guess it's normal to question your decisions from time to time. It's important to take a step back and take a closer look at everything. It helps us stay sane and keep track of our decisions.

So, what big decisions have you been making lately? Anything exciting going on in your neck of the woods? Do share!

Happy Monday,


We're here // Easter Vacation in Simpsonville SC

Leonie and I finally arrived in South Carolina after a super long trip from Germany. We got on the train in W├╝rzburg/ Bavaria yesterday morning at 7:55 am and arrived in Charlotte SC at 11:00 pm. We are super exhausted today but so very happy to be here with dad to go exploring our new home. I will not be as present on my blog this coming week, but will try and keep you guys updated! Hope you have a wonderful Easter week as well!

Hugs xxx


How I am losing the weight

Basically it's pretty simple, I walk and I eat healthy. That's really all there is to it. I have been cutting back on sweets, no more candy, no more cake and no more soda (except for a glass of diet coke - I just can't quit it completely).
I don't go to a gym, I don't take any supplements or drink protein shakes. Nothing of all of that. I take our pup on 3 walks per day. A shorter walk in the morning before I go to work. A longer walk in the afternoon and one at night.  Usually the afternoon walk takes somewhere between 45 to 60 minutes and I don't just stroll, I walk, fast-paced, because this dog here needs exercise. She's a hunting dog which means she needs a lot of walking. The evening walk usually takes about 30 minutes, sometimes more and sometimes less. Depending on our mood and the weather.
We live in a valley surrounded by hills which in return means I get to walk uphill a lot on steep roads. At the beginning I was very short winded when walking uphill, because as I said she is a fast walker, she prefers running over walking. Now that I have been walking her a lot more since the mister left for South Carolina 7 weeks ago, I am in such better shape. I don't mind walking uphill anymore, I used to avoid it at any cost, now it's kind of a challenge for me, the steeper the better.
I noticed the changes of my body 2 weeks ago when suddenly my belt was too loose and I had to pull it tighter. I noticed that my bras were getting too big. I feel so much better and I like what I see when I look into the mirror.
I am no where close to where I want to be, but I am finally on the right track. Even others have noticed my changing. They ask how I lose the weight, what I do to lose it, if I was on a diet etc. But no, I am not, I just watch what I eat in addition to moving a lot more.
I even started running...the pup loves it. She is such a good running companion next to me on her leash. And once we hit the fields behind our house with no street in sight I let her off the leash and  we run next to each other - we both love it.
I will probably post some before and after pics once I get good pics of myself now. I just love seeing the changes myself.

Happy Wednesday xxx



 photo mug_zpsf1b03389.jpg

watching: Suits - this Show finally started here in Germany, and I am sort of addicted
craving: frozen yogurt and really anything yogurt
reading: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
feeling: excited about our upcoming trip to the US
grateful for: friends that help lift up my spirits on an off-day
listening: Phildel "The disappearance of a girl", Gary Barlow "Let me go"
driving: with all windows open to soak up the spring air
anticipating: our big move to South Carolina which is coming closer
anxious: about what our future in the US will be like
loving: kitty purrs next to my face in the morning
walking: with the pup over the fields and through the woods that surround our house
losing: weight! walking the pup 3 times a day is giving my a great workout
needing: new jeans because my old ones are getting too big. yay!
painting: over old canvases with bright colors (will Show you soon)

Happy Tuesday xxx


What to expect when selling a house

Selling a house can be an emotional roller coaster ride. Especially when you are still living in the house you are trying to sell. People will come and they will judge. They will point out the negative in everything to lower the price. They will ask all sorts of questions, intimate questions of why and for what reasons you did the things you did to your house. Like in our case, when you built the house by yourself, well, not by yourself as in actually building it, but as in planning it with an architect and then have someone who actually knows what he's doing build it for you.

They will look into every corner, point out every crack and scratch, every tiny little thing they can find. You will have to be thick-skinned to go through this process over and over again. I am always present during showings. The realtor is there, too. And then people come and look. They stare, they take photos, they open doors, they look into your privacy, especially when they walk through your bedrooms. That's when it always gets me. I hate it when strangers go into my bedroom. It's the most private and intimate room of a home. And during all the showings we've had so far, which were probably somewhere close to 50, we've had one single family that didn't step foot into our master bedroom, because they said it was private. 

Be prepared for people to schedule showings on a Sunday only to NOT show up at all. Or call to  not cancel the showing, or to not call and set up a new appointment. They just don't come and they will never call again to apologize. We've had so many people not show up. It can be really aggrevating because of course you prepare your house. You clean a little more and better than you would probably normally do. You clean up all the clutter, maybe you even cleaned your windows and doors only to have people not show up. Well, at least you can enjoy having a super clean home afterward.

Be prepared for messy people, for smelly people, for people who can't even afford your house but wanted to see it just because. Expect people to try and ridiculously lower the price by pointing out all the negative features of your house (if there are any at all, don't worry they will make some up). Be prepared for having to answer the same questions over and over again. Why you are selling your house, why that one wall is a different color than the rest, why you don't have a toilet paper holder on the wall etc. Some questions might seem silly, or ridiculous or maybe ridiculously silly.

I try and stay positive. I try and stay nice. Sometimes it's hard to stay calm. I had to ask one couple to leave my house - they were terrible and impertinent. It got to a point where I couldn't take it anymore and after consulting with our realtor he agreed and we asked them to leave. 

I guess what I am trying to say is, be prepared for the everything. Be prepared for the unexpected. Believe me, there is nothing that won't happen! If you are in the process of selling a house or condo etc. as well - good luck!

Happy Monday xxx


Sunday's Quote

Hope your weekend has been nothing but wonderful!


Why I started a new blog

 photo blograp_zpsc07ca0c2.jpg

I started blogging back in September of 2010 during our time in Chicago. I don't exactly remember why and I had absolutely no idea of what I was getting myself into. I had no clue that there was this amazing community of bloggers from all around the world that supported each other. I was able to make so many friends online. All of which I have never met, but I am hoping to change that really soon.

I made penpals, I took part in goodie exchanges and connected with others, I met a lot of bloggers living the expat life just like me and I made friends over crafting and knitting. I even had my own Etsy shop at one point. My blog grew and at some point I changed it's name from Chrissy in America to Whimsical Poppysmic (poppysmic describes the sound lips make when smacking on each other for a kiss).

After moving back to Germany my blogging behavior changed. Partly because I started working part-time and I didn't have that much free time any more, partly because my daughter Leonie needed a lot of my attention and support to re-adjust to the German School System after visiting a public elementary school in Illinois for 3 years. But mainly because I was in some sort of depression from returning to our "old" life here in southern Germany. Things were tough, they were hard, I felt like I would never be myself again. I thought I'd never be happy again.

Then after over two years of waiting and praying our dream came true and we got the opportunity to return to the US. We are now in the middle of preparing our move overseas and now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel I am so positive about our future again. I cannot wait to start it!

Whimsical Poppysmic is my past. It was great and I loved having it, but it was time to let it go. It was time to start fresh. I am very confident about blogging again. I don't pressure myself to blog every single day anymore. I blog when I feel like it. I blog for the fun of it. I don't blog for the numbers any more. I blog for myself and anyone who enjoys following along. I cannot wait to share our story and I am hoping to make lots more friends along the way.

Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs xxx


One Picture, Three Stories

Have you heard of the One Picture, Three Stories link-up from Jane Heinrichs? It's a monthly link-up to share one photo and tell three different stories about. It helps looking at the picture from various different angles showing all the different layers that are in just one image.

This is my photo - I took it with my iphone on one of the many walks with my dog, Kyra. And here are my three stories about it:

Story #1: The juicy fresh green of this field makes me love this time of year so much more. Spring is one of my favorite seasons (next to fall) - I soak up the sun, feel the warmth of it on my skin, smell the fresh breeze blowing through my hair and just enjoy the moment.

Story #2: Looking at the tree I see a head with antlers, maybe from a dear. I didn't even notice until I looked at this photo when I published it on my IG. Kind of mystical, magical and somehow a coincidence that I took a picture of just this part of the tree.

Story #3: I love taking my pup on long walks through the fields and woods surrounding our home here in southern Germany. She loves jumping and running around without her leash, just letting go and being able to use all that energy she has. I feel that these walks are good for me, my body and soul.

I am linking up with Jane over at her blog - why don't you join the link-up as well!
Happy Thursday xxx


Missing your better half

We've been separated for well over 6 weeks now. I know for some of you this may not seem that long. But believe me, for Leonie and I it feels as though our dad has been gone forever. You might know, in case you read this or know me from my "old" blog Whimsical Poppysmic, that we are in the process of moving back to the US. Stefan has already left Germany a little over 6 weeks ago to get settled into his new job and start searching for our future home.

We have been skyping on a daily basis and texting like crazy. So glad we have these possibilities otherwise it would be really tough. It is very important to me for Leonie to have the chance to speak with her dad and to be able to see him while doing so. Thank goodness for the internet!

She and her dad are very close - she is a daddy's girl as they say and it breaks my heart seeing her sad about the absence of him. We're doing all we can to make this period of separation as easy as possible on her - I might even be spoiling her a bit here and there - I take her on outings to distract her from this experience. We try and see the good in it. After all there is something good in everything. We were meant to go through this, it will make us stronger and it will prepare us for what will come. 

Some days are really hard and tough on us, others are a bit easier. We just take them as they come and make the best of it. You can't always be happy and smile, right? Sometimes you just have to let those tears out to feel better afterward. When I'm feeling really lonely, I take the pup on an extra long walk, listen to good music and my mood changes in no time.

We will have a 2 week long Easter vacation here soon and we are planning a trip to South Carolina to visit our dad, to visit our new home and go exploring. Maybe we'll even find our future home on this trip. Who knows. We are all very excited about this trip and cannot wait to be able to give each other big fat hugs very soon.

Happy April 1st to all of you!
Hugs xxx

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