What's been going on...

"Where has she been?", you might ask yourself. Busy with moving, busy with life? My last post was on May 3rd, the day where my life took a turn I hadn't expected, yet once again. It threw me off tracks and I have yet to find my way back to a normal life. Things have happened. Things that have forced us to overthink our plans of moving back to the US. It's been a long process. A long emotional, tear-filled and stressful process. The past two months felt like hell to me. I feel like I lost myself.  I feel lost. Preparing and working towards this big goal dream of ours for well over 6 months (we had finally found a buyer for our house) and then, from one second to the other, this dream bursted like a bubble right over my head leaving me with the mist of the watery soap on my skin. For now it looks as though we will stay put right here. For now. Keeping on dreaming. Unless a miracle happens. 

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