August 2014 // taking a look back

August was a good one. We so enjoyed life as a family together again - being separated for almost 7 months was such a big challenge for all of us - hence we loved being back together more than ever. Don't we learn how much we appreciate having one another once we don't? We truly should learn to be more grateful for what we have rather than what we want. If I learned one thing from these past few months it would be to more present in the present.

With 6 weeks of summer vacation (for Leonie) and 3 weeks off work (for me) we tried to make the best of this month since we hadn't planned any getaway for this year, because of our moving plans which didn't take place. Tomorrow Mr. Z will start his new job - another new journey which will hopefully lead us into the right direction this time around - keep your fingers crossed for us, will you!

But, with no further ado, here is my review of our August 2014:

It's been a fun ride filled with lots of laughter and lots of good food. 
Hoping for an even better September - happy Sunday!



Wanderlust // Travel bucket list

Places I have already visited

- Germany - obviously since I am German
- Canada
- England
- Scotland
- France 
- Denmark
- Austria
- Switzerland
- Italy
- Spain
- Mexico

Places I still want to go

- Australia
- New Zealand
- Maledives
- Iceland
- Finland
- Sweden
- Afrika
- Egypt
- Turkey
- Morocco
- Hawaii
- Sardinia
- Brasil
- India
- Bora Bora
- The Seychelles
- British Virgin Islands
- Fidji
- Greece
- Thailand
- Japan
- Alaska

I hope I didn't forget anything. Where have you been and which destinations are on your bucket list? 
Have a wonderful weekend.


Twenty Wishes Progress & Giveaway

I am participating in the "Twenty Wishes for 2014" which has been brought into being by the two fabulous ladies Kassi and Kayli from Truly Lovely. You can find my last progress post over here - I know it's been awhile, but since we were in the process of moving, or so we thought, I postponed fulfilling my wishes for after the big move. Now that we are staying put, it has taken me some time to get back on track which is why I have been slacking with my 20 wishes. I will write about my progress a bit later this week - so sit tight.

But, today is not about me and my progress, it's about sharing, caring and giving. If you haven't signed up for the "Twenty Wishes for 2014" link up so far but would really love to, just post your 20 wishes on your blog and link up at the bottom of this post. You can join this link up any time during the year, so no worries. If you want to you can place this cute little button on your blog to show you are part of this link up and to serve as a little reminder to work on marking those wishes off.

Truly Lovely

Just remember that the link up will take place on the last Wednesday of every month and that each month one or two of our ten hostesses will offer something fun as a giveaway for everyone of you linking up. But first let me introduce the ten hostesses of 2014 to you:

Kassi & Kayli @ Truly Lovely
Bethani @ The Texan Pantry 
Kristine @ The Foley Fam 
Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

For this month's giveaway you have the chance to win this absolutely gorgeous Baby Headband from Kate at Hacked By Kate.

We aren't requiring you to follow anyone, the only mandatory entry is to link up with your list of 20 wishes or your 20 wishes progress. BUT - the more you do, the more entries you'll receive and I can personally promise you that if you follow, like etc. any of these wonderful ladies you WILL NOT be disappointed!
So, link your wishes and enter the giveaway through the Rafflecopter form below. The giveaway will end midnight on September 16th 2014. Cannot wait to read all your wishes! Good luck!


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Links for the new week

Here are some fun things I found around the internet over the past few days I thought I'd share with you all. Enjoy checking them out and have a great start of the new week.

These homemade blueberry gumdrops look delicious - so mouthwatering.

I love knitting and I especially enjoy knitting anything with cables, but it can be tough keeping track of the cable rows when you need to unpick some rows. Maybe this article can help you.

This is fun in case your are into some html cheats to spruce up your blog.

Want a customized favicon but don't know where to start? Head on over here for help.

So, wishing you all a wonderful week!



Current Obsessions

1. It's taken us a while, I know, but we finally jumped on the bandwagon of watching "Breaking Bad" and there are already signs of a slight addiction in this household to be found. Are you addicted? In case you're not absolutely sure about it, check out this post over at Cloture Club showcasing 17 ways you know you are addicted to Breaking Bad.

2. Then I watched Taylor Swift's new video everyone and their mother has been talking about - yeah, not so sure about this one. Might have to grow on me. You?

3. I have been seeing all things pumpkin everywhere I go which is making me so eager for fall. The weather here lately has been feeling like fall already - the temps went way down the day school vacation started - so much for perfect timing. I guess it's safe to say summer is definitely over here in southern Germany.

4.  With the seasons changing my knitter's itch is returning and I cannot decide what to knit first. Maybe a cozy headband for my morning walks with the pup or even this gorgeous hat.

5. Hugo - do you know that cocktail? It is was a very popular drink here in Germany/ Europe. I guess most people are already on to the next it-drink, but I still love it and it's so refreshing.

6. And last but not least - they just have my heart!

Hydrangeas - beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Sunday's Quote

A Quote for Encouragement.



Currently // Vol. II August 2014

The days and weeks keep passing by and I have yet to get back to my old blogging self. I have really missed blogging but I have also enjoyed having this free time to focus on family and just life. I think sometimes all we need is some time off to enjoy the things that are happening around us without feeling guilty of not taking pictures of everything all the time to document them for our online friends, helping one to put things back into perspective.

When I started this blog in early 2014 it had the purpose of documenting our journey into a "new" life overseas. As this will not be happening anytime soon, this place here will still document our way into a new to us life, just not where I had thought it would be, but here in the south of Germany - for now.

Things are starting to look up in any way possible. But first and foremost my mindset is finally coming to a rest and I am in the process of making peace with what is. I am firmly convinced that things happen for a reason and that really helps me see the good in this path that has been chosen for us. Whatever that may mean.

I have been focusing on the beauty of my surroundings, taking in all the little things we normally don't really "see" as they are always there and just belong there. But if you take the time to look and see, you feel this certain fulfillment that helps you accept what is.

On my drive home from work I have been drooling over the gorgeous scenery we have here in Baden W├╝rttemberg along the Romantic Road which is really worth a visit if you ever get the chance to come - yeah, I know it's dangerous taking pics while driving, but please be assured that I had everything under control and I was alone in the car, so no one else was in danger - haha.

With the summer being quite inconsistent regarding the weather here so far, we've been having our fair share of rainbows and I have been loving taking pictures and instagramming about it.

We've been enjoying bbq's and beers on the patio every day ending them with game night and trampoline jumping in the dark with our laughs echoing down the street. I can finally enjoy the little things again and I am loving it! 

Life is good if you focus on the good and stop looking back, because you are not going that way!

So, what has been going on in your summer of 2014 so far - 
hope you are enjoying life filled with love and laughter as well!



On keeping busy

I have been so very uninspired lately - but then again I have been very inspired these past few days. Pondering on what to do with my new found creativity. I feel like I need to create something. Make something for our home to make it more appealing for me to stay here.
I got new curtains for our living/ dining and family room as well as new curtain rods. The mister hung them up for me while I was ironing the fabric. The curtains are teal and I wasn't sure about them being too dark, but I am getting used to them and kind of loving them already. I took several photos for my IG out the window of my office at work. I had one too many cups of coffee - my elixir. I painted my finger and toe nails in lots of different colors and added some sparkle. We put up a new trampoline because the old one was blown away by a heavy storm 2 weeks ago and broke into thousands of pieces. And last but not least I had some ice cream to cool off my mind.
I also ordered some acrylic paint and canvases which have yet to be unpacked - I need some new decoration for my family room walls - including lots of color, so there will be painting in the near future. And I have been listening to tons of music on spotify.

I guess I have to keep busy in order to quieten my mind. Otherwise my thoughts would keep wandering to a place I do not want them to go right now. I have to try and make peace with our situation without blaming anyone for it. Life goes on no matter the curveballs thrown your way. Someone once said to me:" you know, I can either choose to be miserable or happy - and I choose to be happy." Maybe that's just what I have to do.

What's been going on in your world lately?


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