Day 31 // It's a Wrap.

Today is Halloween, which means today is the last day of this year's 31 Days - a writing challenge. I can't believe that is's over. It seems like October just flew by. I was a bit worried not to make it all the way through, but I am happy to say that I haven't missed one day. Makes me kind of proud looking back at Day 1 and seeing where we are now. 

It's been so much fun. Getting to know so many like-minded bloggers who have the same worries, going through the same things, struggling just like me, always encouraging me to keep on keeping on. I have read so many inspiring posts this past month. Inspiration - I had been struggling with getting inspired in the months prior. Choosing INSPIRATION as my topic was absolutely right, that way I found my way back to regular posting which was why I had joined this challenge in the first place. 

Focusing on the good things in life and writing them down can help us see only the good rather than pondering on the bad. Although sometimes we might not even know if we are inspired and motivated, because there is so much going on and our head feels like it's going to explode. Reminding ourselves to take a step back and just breathe - taking stock from time to time can really help. Have you tried?

Life is an ongoing lesson - we can choose to be miserable and focus on the negative or we can choose being happy to focus on the good. The way we see things and accept them affects how we are and our capability to cope with any kind of situation. I know it can be hard, but try and see things a little less inhibited and I bet you will feel better in time.

So, T H A N K  Y O U - D A N K E  all so much for sticking around, for your endless support and your encouraging words. It's been so much fun and I cannot wait til next year! Please stay in touch and stop by anytime, cause I love having you around!

Boo xxx


Day 30 // It's been a FUN RIDE.

You can never tell where a journey will end. Starting this writing challenge I didn't know what to expect from it. I had no idea if I would be able to connect with others. If it would "click". And let me tell you, it clicked alright. 

Initially I joined this challenge to spark the flame of writing again. I had hit a blogging / writing block and didn't know how to break through it. It's been a stressful busy year and at some point the blogging itch was gone. I felt empty and like I had nothing left to say. Although my head was spinning with ideas the words just didn't come out. 

Every time I sat down in front of my computer there was, well, nothing. I clicked through some pages for inspiration that just couldn't be found and so I turned the computer back off and walked away from it. I thought that it was the end of my blogging career and had already accepted it. 

Until I came across 31 Days. I read about it on The Nester's blog one day and didn't think much of it at first. Somehow though I kept coming back to it and kept thinking about the idea of it. This would be a great way to get back into writing. I knew that there would be at least someone who might eventually come over and read what I had to say and hoped it would bring me back into a writing routine. 

The response has been overwhelming so far. I have been able to connect with lots of like-minded bloggers struggling with the same things, be it in life or blogging-wise. I have been able to find myself in their blog posts. Nodding and smiling while reading. Excited about others being "real" on their blogs as well. Not just shiny sparkly blogs which can easily make you feel like a grey mouse comparing yourself to them, no, r e a l  w o m e n

It's been a fun journey so far and I cannot wait to get to know you all so much better as time goes by. With all the blogs partaking in this challenge, blog-reading had to be put on the back-burner a teensy bit during October, but I promise to keep coming back for more!

One more day, ladies! Can you believe it? It will be kind of sad letting go of this, but I will certainly not give up on my re-found blogging routine! Thank you all for that!

Hugs xxx


Day 29 // It's in the LITTLE Things

Day 29 - phew, can you believe it? I mean, where has October gone? I can't believe that this writing challenge is almost over. I am super excited about all the wonderful ladies I was able to meet and cannot wait to get to know you all so much better as time goes by. There are just so many amazing blogs I followed along during this past month, but didn't have the time to dig a little deeper and find out more about each and everyone of you. I am looking forward to being able to do so in November and hope that some of you will stick along with my musings over here.

Joy and Inspiration can be found in almost anything. Most of the time it's the little things that make our heart jump for joy and so often we don't even recognize them. Like earlier today, I went to the German version of Home Depot called OBI with my mom and daughter to get a few more pumpkins to carve (and boy did we get a deal! they were all € 1 instead of € 7.99 each), when I came across this beauty pictured above. Isn't this succulent just so precious? I didn't get one, though, bummer. I really should have. I think I might have to head back there tomorrow to get one. 

I just had to get out my phone to take a picture. Can you see my legs and feet? Oops. See ,that's how excited I was about seeing this beauty, I didn't even notice my legs. haha
But aren't the colors so pretty? The more I think about it, the more I know: I NEED ONE OF THEM! Guess that means another trip to OBI tomorrow, after work. 

Yes, I will be heading back to work tomorrow after being sick at home for the past week. Thank you all again for the well wishes! I am not 100% ok just yet, but I am a lot better and not contagious anymore, so back to work I go. And I am not really mad about it, I kind of miss it. I miss my two co-workers that have become more like friends to me by now. Can't wait to hear the newest gossip...lol. 

Happy Wednesday, y'all! 2 more days til Halloween!
Hugs xxx


Day 28 // Watching and Learning from Others

Creating is my big passion. Sometimes I'm overflowing with ideas and I end up working on several projects at the same time. You can find yarn and thread all over our home. I usually knit during the evening hours when the rush of the day has calmed down and leaves us a few hours to unwind in front of the TV, with a cup of tea or maybe even a good glass of wine. Lately it's been more of the first, but let me tell you, once I have beaten my sickies, I will indulge in a fruity glass of rosé. (We actually live in between vineyards here in the south of Germany - I will blog about that next week. So stay tuned.)

Just look at that gorgeous thread. Such pretty colors. So many possibilities. I have so much thread, I could stitch or embroider for years before having to stock up. I even still have lots of thread from my mom. She used to cross stitch but had to give it up because of her arthritis. She can't hold the needle any more. She had to give up pretty much all of her handcrafting hobbies. She only paints every now and then. She was able to keep that up. 

She taught me everything I know about handcrafts. From learning how to knit or crochet over cross stitch to sewing. She taught me how to take a good picture with my camera - which lens to use for which object. She showed me the basics of painting, be it acrylic or oil-based, she even did a lot of water-color paintings when I was a kid. She did pencil drawings and lots of abstract work. I admired the variety of things she could do as a child and still do. She has always been my idol of hand crafting and DIYers. 

She would sew or knit clothes for my dolls. She made clothes for my sister and I to wear. I always wanted to be like her. I wanted to know how to do all of that as well. And one day I wanted to show my daughter how to do all that and more. And that's exactly what I do these days. My daughter attentively watches everything I do and make, just like me when I was her age. And then she tries it on her own - and she is such a talent. It makes my heart jump for joy when I notice how she wants to be like me, too. 

What is your favourite thing to craft? Do you knit or sew? Maybe you're into letter press (gosh, I'd love to learn that) or pottery (I am planning on taking a class soon) or something else? Did your mother teach you or maybe even your grandma? Please share, I would love to know!

Whatever it is you are making - happy crafting!
Hugs xxx


MacroMonday // French Knot Frenzy

Crafting, DIYing, knitting, crochet, painting, sewing, cross stitch...and also embroidery are things that  keep my going. I love creating for others which I do all the time and leaves little space or selfish creating. But, like I said yesterday, I really enjoy doing so and harvesting the compliments from others in return, which makes it a win-win-situation for everyone.

I think about 2 years ago I was absolutely smitten with French Knots and while playing around with them, some pieces like the one pictured above developed. This was my first piece which has been on display in our family room ever since. I made a few more in different colorways, but only for family and friends. 

I love how they turned out (aren't those little knots just so cute) and I enjoy looking at them everyday. I even have been meaning to make a few more, since it has been so long. Maybe I should just go for it. What do you think? Do you embroider? If not, what is the craft of your choice?

I am linking up for MacroMonday once again over at glasklar & kunterbunt, come and join the fun!

Hugs xxx

Day 27 // Taking Stock

It's been a slow weekend around these parts and it felt just right. Exactly what my body and soul needed. Thank you all for the well wishes - it really means a lot! Unfortunately most of my new readers (WELCOME) are no-reply-bloggers because most of you blog on the Wordpress platform , so there is no way for me to answer. If I respond to your comment in the blogger comment-form down below, I don't think you will receive it, but I will try anyway. So, just know, in case you have commented and didn't hear from me, it's just because I can't and do not know where to find you. Sorry. Maybe, if you leave a link to your blog in the comments, I can hop over to say hi!

Taking Stock is a series that started somewhere around blog-land. I don't quite remember where I came across it first, but you see it pop up here and there from time to time and I think it's a nice way to show how the little things can inspire us immensely. So, without further ado - let me get started.

knitting: a fair isle hat for my girl
cooking: chicken soup for the sickies
drinking: lots and lots of tea
reading: Gone Girl for the second time, didn't make it to the end last time
wanting: to feel better
looking: out the window at the changing colors
playing: UNO cards with my girl
wasting: tons of kleenex
wishing: I could turn back time
enjoying: the fresh crisp air outside
listening: to Sam Smith "In the Lonely Hour"
liking: Netflix is finally available here in Germany - hallelujah
wandering: if it ever gets easier
loving: AUTUMN
hoping: that things will turn out the "right" way
marveling: at the beauty of Fall
needing: a vacation
smelling: pumpkin everything
wearing: scarves - I love them
following: the yellow brick road...haha
noticing: people approach you like you approach them
knowing: something great will happen
thinking: I shouldn't ponder on things too much
feeling: a bit better after this weekend of rest
bookmarking: tons of new blogs I found through the 31 Days writing challenge, yay
opening: a box of chocolates later today - the body wants what it wants, right?
giggling: about kitty purrs next to my face in the morning

Have you taken stock lately? I'd love to read your list! 
Wishing you all a wonderful week! Hugs xxx


Day 26 // Rest for Inspiration

Today is Sunday. Our day of rest - I'm guessing it is for a lot of you as well. Sundays are typically lazy in Germany. Stores and malls are closed. There is not much you can do when living in the countryside like us. So, we might as well take the chance to do, well, nothing much. We sleep in, have a late breakfast, take the pup for a long walk, maybe enjoy a second cup of coffee while reading a book or working on one of my knitting projects before preparing a late lunch, or early dinner, a lunchinner if you like. haha


Day 25 // Inspiration from around the Web

I love browsing the web, looking for inspiration. Coming across new blogs I enjoy reading and returning to. Getting ideas for a DIY or maybe photography tips. Reading other people's stories, listening to what they have to say. Finding myself in those stories and being able to connect in ways I never thought imaginable before blogging. I keep bookmarks, so I can return to those sites that inspired me or leave me wanting more. I would like to share some of those inspirations I came across this past week.

Which one are you? I saw this on my friend's blog and had to share - I think it's awesome.

I am a knitter currently working on 3 projects (Christmas is getting closer by the minute) and this Seed Stitch Scarf is scrumptious - especially loving the colors.

The Ultimate Guide to Worldwide Etiquette - this is great if you travel a lot.

Wow, look at these trees - amazingly beautiful, wouldn't you agree?!

Recipes with all just 3 ingredients? Count me in!

Books, books, books!

Speaking of recipes - do you like BACON?

How fun is this. Solar System Scope.

Are you looking for some Halloween inspiration?

And last but not least - hop on over to my friend San's blog to see her incredible photos of her trip to Devils Postpile National Monument! Amazing!

Hope you guys are enjoying a wonderful weekend!
Hugs xxx


Day 24 // Autumn is my Inspiration

Fall is my favorite season. There is no secret to it. If you know me or if you've been sticking around for a while, you know that Autumn is my time of recuperation. There is nothing more inspiring than going on long walks taking in nature's beauty and breathing in the fresh crisp air. I love the time of day in the morning when the fog is still holding onto the valley before floating softly away up into the sky.

I took the pup for a walk this morning after being trapped sick inside the house for the past few days. It felt so good and gave me back some of my energy. This time of year is just so inspiring in so many ways. Whenever I feel "stuck" I go outside no matter the weather and I always return with a different sight of things. 

Does nature help you sort your thoughts? Does it help you gain back your energy when you feel empty? Do the seasons inspire you? 

Happy Friday xxx


Day 23 // Keeping Memories

Do you keep a diary? Do you write down things you want to remember besides having your blog? I do. When I was younger - a teenager - I wrote down everything. Daily. It was important to me, so I could remember. So I wouldn't forget. I had to be aware of my sister though, she used to sneak into my room searching for my diary - she wanted to read it, so she could use the content against me when needed. Sometimes she succeeded, but most of the time she couldn't find it.

Especially during the time when I was in love for the first time - I had this huge crush on a boy from 2 grades above me and I was so smitten. I wrote down everything. Looking back now and reading what once was so important to me, makes me smile and sometimes even laugh out loud. I was kind of cute. The way my mind worked back then as a teenager. Gosh to have that lightheartedness again - how bodacious would that be.

I still to this day write down things that are important to me. Not every day, and not every single detail, but I do carry a notebook and a special pen with me (see above) to jot down things I don't want to forget. I carry them with me where ever I go. Although I could easily type things into my phone, I just like the writing it down by hand part too much to let it go completely. 

So, do you keep a diary or have a special notebook for your personal thoughts? Maybe you have some other way of keeping memories for yourself, like Picasso once said: 

"Painting is just another form of keeping a diary."

Happy Thursday, dear friends. Hugs xxx


Day 22 // Life is an Adventure

Every day is like an adventure. You never really know what is going to happen. Even if you have a schedule, you have appointments and a mile-long to-do list, you can never be certain of how your day will eventually turn out.

Like this girl from Berlin I saw on TV. She used to be shy and reluctant. Not wanting to be in the center of attention ever,  always a bit on the outside and a bit of a loner. Although she didn't want to be that way, she didn't know how to change things.

Until, one day she got invited to a Lady Gaga concert. That someone that gave her the ticket knew about her love for Lady Gaga and wanted to surprise her. She was exuberantly happy about the chance to go and see her idol performing live on stage. Little did she know that it would change her entire life.

When she cam out of the concert, she felt like a different person. She was so overly energized and inspired by what she had just seen and loved Lady Gaga so much more because of it. First thing she did in the morning was go to the hair salon to go from a shy brunette to an outgoing blonde. She changed her wardrobe to be more stylish and with all that her attitude and the way people looked at her changed as well.

She now has no trouble connecting to others. She is not that shy girl in the corner any longer, she now is an outgoing person who likes to socialize and show others that she is there. That she is someone. That this is her!

A few days ago her biggest dream came true when she was waiting in front of Lady Gaga's hotel in Berlin for hours only to catch a little glimpse of the star before heading to yet another one of her legendary concerts. After waiting for what felt like forever (she didn't mind though, she thought is was all worth it) Lady Gaga finally appeared in front of the hotel and even took a picture with her. She quickly thanked her for the inspiration and for changing her life. She thanked her for saving her. She told her idol that she loved her over and over and Lady Gaga rewarded it with a smile and hug before she disappeared into her limo.

The girl was so ecstatic afterward, her whole body was shaking and she cried some happy tears. I even had a little tear in my eye and a huge grin on my face when I saw it. Seeing this reminded me, that if you don't take things for granted and are open for change, huge things can happen. Just keep dreaming and going after your dreams and you will achieve whatever was meant to be.

Happy Wednesday.
Hugs xxx


Day 21 // We are all rare Patterns

We are all special. We are all unique and unrivaled. We all shine in our own special way. Beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. There is beauty in everyone of us. No matter what shape, size or color - we are S P E C I A L! And we all deserve to be loved, respected and embraced in a fair matter. There are no differences to be made. No negative aspects to be pointed out. Nobody is better because we should all be equal. 

We are all rare patterns and just right the way we are. We were meant to be US and no one else. Treat others like you want to be treated. Don't make differences because of something on the outside, you never know what's hiding on the inside and it may not be what you expect. 

Never judge a book by its cover! Never. Just don't.

Happy Tuesday, friends! Thanks for being there!
Hugs xxx


Day 20 // Allium, oh how you amaze me

I love flowers. Gardening is a hobby of mine. It keeps me grounded. And I enjoy seeing flowers that I once planted thrive and prosper. Having all kinds of blooms in my garden throughout the year gives me a great sense of satisfaction. All those beautiful flowers are like a little wonder. I have especially been enjoying planting bulbs into the ground and waiting for them to grow come spring. They never fail to surprise me, as I tend to forget what kind I planted where, and so every year it's fun to figure out what will bloom where. It's always a surprise.

I usually plant all kinds of bulbs, like tulips in all shapes, colors and sizes. I love daffodils, crocus, grape hyacinths and other kinds. And I enjoy seeing them return year after year. But I have never planted Allium, until this year. Aren't they just so beautiful! I could look at them for hours. I am amazed at how many different variations there are. During one of my last trips to the German "Home Depot" called "OBI" I couldn't refrain from buying them. I got a several different sizes and hues. I can't wait to see which of them will actually grow and bloom next year. I bet I will have to take tons of photos! 

Do flowers inspire you? Is nature itself an inspiration for you? I definitely have to answer YES to both of them. They help me clear my mind and get my thoughts sorted. 

Happy Monday xxx


Day 19 // Quotes for your Day

Day 19 is here - already. Can you believe it? More than halfway through. I am so happy to have joined this amazing group. It has helped me find my love of writing again. It's like I am overflowing with inspiration of what to write about! I hope it never stagnates again. Keeps those fingers crossed for me, will you!

It's Sunday - which means we finally have some much needed time to rest. Yesterday was spent running errands, doing the laundry and some gardening, which ended with a slip and a handful of bruises in the backyard for me. I guess I pushed it a little too hard. So, today will be one spent on the couch with a new knitting project and some kitty purrs and puppy cuddles. 

I am leaving you with 3 of my favourite quotes - have a wonderful and blessed Sunday.

Hugs xxx


Day 18 // Are you inspired?

It can be a challenge to feel inspired throughout our daily ramblings. Most of the time we function and act like remotely controlled, because most of the things we do repeat themselves on a daily basis. We get up in the morning, we get dressed, have breakfast, send our kids off to school and go to the office or tend to our home. Laundry, cleaning up, making beds, gardening, grocery shopping, preparing meals, car-pooling etc. The list is endless. We do these things because they need to be done. We do them for our loved ones and for ourselves. That's just life. It's normal. 

But in all this, it is so easy to lose our inspiration. We easily lose sight of the motivation. Don't get me wrong, our family motivates us to do all this and more and we also do it for ourselves. But what I am trying to say here is, we shouldn't forget about us. We are important. All of this doesn't work without us. That is why we need to take care of ourselves as well. We need to do things that inspire us. Things that will motivate us to keep on keeping on.

Are you inspired? Are you motivated? The following 5 signs tell you that you are:

1. Life feels effortless to you and you love what you are doing. You have absolutely no trouble getting along.

2. Your flame of passion burns steady and never flatlines. It feels like you cannot hold yourself back, you can't wait to do what you are doing.

3. You have to refrain from starting right this second. Maybe because you have to take care of something else before being able to get started.

4. There is no room for worries in your mind, your inspiration takes up all the space. There is no vacancy!

5. You can feel it in your bones, that you are compelled to do this. This feeling comes straight from your core and you just know it's the right thing to do.

If 2 or more of the above apply to you than boy are you inspired! Congrats to that! But, if none of the above apply to your state of mind at the moment, don't worry, there are tons of ways to get inspired to do something and inspiration can be regained in lots of different ways - try them! 

Believe in yourself and others will believe in you, too! You can do it!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!
Hugs xxx


Day 17 // Don't let them hold you back

We all have dreams. Remember when you were young they said anything was possible. They said we could become whatever we wanted. And we believed it. We felt like floating above the clouds and thought when the time was right we'd get there. To our dream life. 

But as we grew older we realized that it wasn't true. Not in the way we understood it back then. Of course, we are the ones responsible for achieving our dreams. No one but us can help us reach what we had imagined. In order to live the life we had dreamt of, we have to work really hard. Unless you win the lottery. 

But it's not easy. It's more comfortable just living, doing the same thing over and over again, every day. Living life the safe way, taking no risks, that's always easier than going for it. But do you want that for yourself. Do you want to live or do you want to survive? One day you might wake up and it will be too late to make a change and work towards your goal.

Making the decision is the first big step towards your dream. And then taking the first few steps. Like quitting your 9-5 job, or getting rid of unnecessary things trying to save money towards your goal. One of the hardest things is telling others about it. Especially if they are close to you. 

Maybe you've experienced it before - you tell someone close to you about your dream and how you want to achieve it, but instead of being supportive that someone bashes your dream. He is negative. And that is hurtful. Maybe it makes you re-think your plans. And that's wrong. Only you can decide what is right for you. And even if it turns out to be wrong, you will never know unless you give it a try. 

Don't let anyone try to hold you back. Beware of their actions. They might only be looking out for themselves. Maybe because they don't have the guts to pursue their own dreams and don't want you to leave them behind, they try to talk you out of it. They might have a certain benefit of you being there for them and are afraid of losing that benefit once you are busy living your dream.

They will feed your doubts. Because we all have that voice in our head telling us, that it's better to go the safe way instead of daring to try and live our dream. This little voice of doubt that keeps holding us back. Which is why we need someone to enforce our will of going for it. But instead they tell us that this little voice is speaking the truth and that it's wrong to go for it. They amplify this voice to make the doubt real, so it seems logical to us.

We all have fears and they will authenticate them. Next to that little voice of doubt, there is always fear involved when going after something new. New things are scary and they make us fearful to whether we are doing the right thing. You have to conquer this fear so you can achieve your dream, but they will validate it and give it names, that way it will keep spinning around in your head and will make you wonder what to do.

Hearing the opinion of a friend can sometimes be hurtful. We might hear something we are not ready to hear. And it might feed our doubts or fortify our fears. But maybe, if we are lucky, this someone is able to see the importance of our idea and will support it. He might even increase our will of going for it by his reaction.

No matter how someone reacts to your dreams and the way you are planning to pursue them - always remember that they are your dreams and that you are the only person who can tell you if it's right or if it's wrong. No one should hold you back from something you desire. It's your life, just go for it!

Happy Friday, everyone xxx


Day 16 // Make a Happy List

Some days are way off. Maybe you overslept because you didn't hear your alarm. Or you burnt your breakfast toast. Maybe you're out of milk or the cat puked on the kitchen floor. Whenever a day starts off shitty, don't you just feel like going straight back to bed and never getting back up again? I feel that way often - probably because I am not a morning person. The truth of the matter is, we are all anything but morning people in our family. Best thing is to avoid each others company for the first 30 minutes of each day until we're all back in swing.

But maybe the shitty part of your day doesn't occur before breakfast, maybe it happens on your commute, or at the office, maybe someone steals your parking space at the grocery store, or your favorite chocolate is sold out. Maybe it's the way someone looks at you or talks back at you. Maybe you forgot to get toilet paper or you're out of dog treats and your pup gives you the look when you come home because of it.

Whatever it is that throws you off, never forget the things you can be thankful for. Never lose sight of the important things. There is far worse than burnt toast in the morning, or a cup of coffee without creamer for that matter. The dog treats though, they are of utmost importance in these parts...haha.

What are you thankful for? Write a list of the things that make you feel all fuzzy and warm inside. Things that make you happy. Hang it somewhere you can always see it. And whenever you have an off day, look at your list to remind you not to give up, because we all have those days. We all go through tough times, so in some way we are all in this together. Now go make that list!

Happy Thursday. xxx


Day 15 // Be the Rainbow

Day 15 is here and I am empty. My head feels like it's going to explode, not because of this challenge, but because it has already been a very challenging week work-wise as well as emotionally. That's why I am leaving you with one of my favorite motivational quotes from one of my favorites: Maya Angelou.

Hoping your week is way better than mine. Happy Wednesday
Hugs xxx


Day 14 // Autumn Skies

Autumn is by far my favorite season. The changing colors, the crisp air, how everything smells, the sound of rustling leaves beneath my feet. I love the fog in the valley on my drive to work, the morning dew that looks like pearls on the leaves and grass, the beautiful sunsets at night and I love decorating my home fall-ish.

I just cannot help myself but take photos of everything during this time of year. I mean, I take photos all year long, but fall is when I take most pictures. Just like last night, while I was reading blogs busy writing comments, I took a glimpse outside my office window and couldn't help but realize the beautiful sunset. I grabbed my camera and ran outside to take a few shots. Just look at these colors...so amazing. Isn't nature just so inspiring?!

Please excuse the abundance of photos - I just couldn't resist. Hope you find them just as much inspiring as I do - have a wonderful day!

Hugs xxx


Day 13 // Always Remember

Life can be pretty damn tough sometimes. That's when we see only the bad things happening. We forget that there have also been good times and that they will certainly return. We have this gloomy view of everything and it keeps us from seeing the bright side of life. But it's there. It's right there in front of you and you will be able to see it again, once you are ready to see it.

In the meantime it can help to focus on better days of yours. Look back in your mind and try to remember a happy moment. Think of it as if it had just happened. Try to think of every single little detail you can remember and put that memory together piece by piece. Concentrate really hard and you will see it. You will remember how you felt in that specific moment, what you smelled, what clothes you were wearing, who was there with you. Maybe something funny happened or it was just all in all a happy moment. Use this memory whenever you're feeling down - I bet it will help lift your spirits!

For instance, take the picture above - "The Bean" in Chicago (or Cloud Gate - its official name) - I took this picture on a trip downtown with my SIL during our 3-year-assignment in the suburbs of Chicago. I took her sightseeing and this was our first stop. The Bean - who doesn't love it. I have been there several times and it never ceased to amaze me. Whenever I feel tremendously homesick for the US, I sometimes think of one of those trips to "The Bean" and I feel better instantly.

What do you think of when you feel down? A certain moment, a song or something else? Please share in the comments.

Hugs xxx

MacroMonday // I have this thing for snails

It's Monday which means it's time for another MacroMonday post. I kind of have this thing for snails - I already posted a MacroMonday about snails, maybe it's because they carry their home with them where ever they go. Met this little fellow on an evening walk with the pup and just had to snap him - look at him sitting there in the middle of yellows, as if he knew that he'd perfectly fit in. 

Linking up once again with glasklar & kunterbunt - come join the round, there are some pretty good shots over there every week.

Happy Monday, friends xxx


Day 12 // Look around

Sometimes we forget our surroundings. Maybe because we feel so stuck, we forget to look around to see what is happening to the left and to the right. Like having tunnel vision. We see only what we want to see. Maybe because we're not ready to see something else. But it is so important to seek help and inspiration elsewhere when we feel like we have reached a dead-end, it could turn our dead-end into a turning point, into the beginning of something new, maybe even something better.

When we feel alone we tend to avoid others and isolate ourselves at home. I do that. I know, it's wrong, but sometimes I just need some time for myself. Just me. No one else. Me and my thoughts. And sometimes I even need a good cry. It helps to let it all out. Right? Those moments are filled with music. I need music. Especially when I am down. Gosh, what would I do without music. Spotify is my lifesaver. On a side note: Currently listening to this all. day. long! LOVE!

And then I look around the web to see what's going on in your corners of the world. And boy are you all inspiring. There are so many amazing blogs out there, you just have to reach out and find them. So much inspiration can be found every day, every minute, heck, even every single second. Just look for it! Like I did and found this wonderful post over at Sally Hope's blog and it really rang a bell for me.

Because I have been dealing with a co-worker that is going through some pretty rough times in her marriage. She keeps talking and rambling about it. She even sometimes cries. She is not seeking any advice from me though. She just needs me to listen. Maybe sometimes I will say something like: "Man, that must be hard." or "I can imagine how you are feeling." - She doesn't want to be hugged or held, it would only make her cry even more. She just wants me to listen. And I do. I listen. I let her talk, even though sometimes it's hard for me, because I just can't hear it anymore. It's tiring. It's draining. And it's annoying. But still, I listen, because I figured it helps her and makes her feel better and that in return makes me feel better. And once she's done talking about it, we go on about our work and talk about "normal" stuff again.

Point is, we shouldn't forget to look around. There is help and inspiration around us. We have to allow others to motivate us in order to feel better and to see that light at the end of the tunnel again. Once we accept that, we can achieve anything.

Have a blessed Sunday, friends!
Hugs xxx


Day 11 // Things that Inspire Me

Inspiration can be found in so many places, in so many things and in so many words. Sometimes a good quote can make things look a little less hopeless. An inspiring quote can make you see things from a different point of view, can make you see things clearer. I know they can't help you in the sense of helping you, but they can help you feel better and that is worth a lot - I know this for a fact.

I personally draw inspiration from a lot of things, for example I love taking photos and I love showcasing them in collages. Instagram makes it pretty easy for us to show our corner of the world - cropping it to fit, adding a nice filter and maybe we even sometimes showing things how they normally aren't, but isn't it so much fun showing how it could be or how we'd like it to be. 

A N Y W A Y -

you will most likely see collages over here from time to time, because I think photos look so neat nicely lined up next to one another. Don't they? Here are a few snippets from these past few weeks.

These are all things that inspire me. I love thread and use it to stitch, embroider or lately I have been making friendship bracelets just like back in the day. My daughter keeps requesting more and more of them - she loves wearing them and her friends at school noticed which basically means I am knotting bracelets for half of her class. Coffee, well you can always get me with coffee. Macarons, mmh...need I say more. Kitty purrs on my bed, fresh grapes and sushi - who doesn't like that. And there is AUTUMN - my favorite season of all time. Taking walks with the pup in those beautiful colors with leaves beneath our feet - magical.

SO, tell me, what is inspiring you these days? Do you like fall and is there even fall where you live? But, no matter what you're doing and where you are - enjoy yourself and have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs xxx


Day 10 // My List of Inspiration

We all need some inspiration from time to time - or should I rather say - everyday. I know I do. It gets me through the day, especially if it's a tough one. Writing down the things that make me happy, inspire and motivate me makes it all so much easier. So, here goes my current List of Inspiration.

And, yes, Walter Mitty is on my list. What's on your list of Inspiration? What get's you through a rough day? Please do share!

Hugs & Happy Friday xxx


Day 9 // Come on over

I really enjoy getting to know some of you amazing 31 Days - Bloggers. It goes without speaking that I will not be able to get to know all of you - at least not now. I will definitely keep coming back to write31days even when the challenge is long over, because so many amazing blogs are linked up to this writing community that I will have enough reading for the next few months. HA

You all are so inspiring and I am so enjoying my re-found fun of writing. I have been struggling a lot with blogging for most part of this past summer and even took a break from the entire internet world that lasted at least a few weeks. When life happens it can be very healing to let go of things that aren't a crucial part of your going-ons to be able to focus on the main part. 

Now it seems as though my life is back on track or at least it's getting closer every day and I am able to enjoy this online home of mine again. I've been having so much fun making new blogging connections and reading your inspiring posts. I would like to showcase your buttons on my sidebar, so if you are interested in having your blog button on The Brave Wanderer leave a comment and we can talk details.

Hugs xxx


Day 8 // You inspire me.

Two days ago a fellow 31 Days-writer drew my attention to the 'comments section' of this blog of mine. She informed me that she wasn't able to leave a comment because the platform she was working with was not available. I immediately looked into my settings and realized that I had restricted commenting to verified users only. Needless to say I changed that right away and asked her to be so kind to try it again - she did - thank you again, Stephanie - and it worked. Thank goodness. Isn't that a blogger's fear? Not being able to connect with others, because we unknowingly restricted a certain area of our space to be available only for a few rather than everyone?

I was very relieved that it worked after all, but it instantly got me thinking about the comments on my blog. Was there a better way to go about this? I had tried Disqus a while back, but got rid of it again. I don't exactly remember why, so this popped straight to my mind. Maybe Disqus was the answer. Maybe this would be a better way of giving the choice to comment on my blog. Cause, let's be real here - I LOVE COMMENTS - duh! I wasn't sure what others thought of it and so I posted this to Facebook:

And your responses were awesome, very helpful and oh, so inspiring. A lot of you took the time to share your opinion on whether to add Disqus again or not. Bottom line is, and I found that doing some research on this topic afterward as well, Blogger platform users prefer Disqus, because it's an easy way of commenting including threads and the commenter receives an e-mail if someone responds to their comment letting them know about it. Bloggers that use others platforms such as Wordpress dislike it for the most part, because it is a hassle for them to sign in, saying it was just another social media thingy you have to create an account for = another password etc. you have to remember and leave all your personal information when signing up. 

I tried installing Disqus to my blog anyway and had nothing but trouble with it from the get go. My template is customized and something interfered with it, so that it would only appear if there were already comments for a post or if you clicked the post title. I tried tweaking it, but it didn't work and all of the sudden I got an idea of why I had removed it from my blog before, way back when.

So, I adjusted the comment section to be open to everyone and if a spammer somehow should comment, I will go ahead and just delete it. Only problem is that if you are a no-reply-blogger, and most of you guys coming over from Wordpress are, I will not be able to respond to your comments via email and I doubt that commenters will come back to see if I replied to their comment in the blogger-comments-thread which doesn't inform you about follow-up comments. boo

So, please turn off the no-reply-blogger-thingy, because I love giving back! T H A N K  Y O U!
Hugs xxx

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