Holidays // 1. Advent

Can you believe it - the first Advent is here. Feels like it just came creeping up on me and I didn't even notice. Isn't it crazy how time flies by and before you know it the next year is about to start. It feels as though we just went through the holidays a little while ago, although it has already been one whole year. It just feels to me as if it weren't that long ago. Crazy, right? 

I was so looking forward to this year finally coming to an end - it has been one bumpy ride and I am more than ready for a fresh start. A fresh start in so many ways. I am very excited about 2015 and cannot wait to see what is has in store for me.

Right now I am trying to enjoy 2014 winding down - work getting slower and Christmas preparations being in full swing. Shopping has started, candles are being lit and the advent calendar for my girl is waiting to be hung up tomorrow night for her to find it Monday morning. 

It has been a busy day and I am about to hit the sofa with a glass of wine and a knitting project that needs to get off my needles to be sent out to a friend!

What are you up to this Saturday? Christmas shopping or decorating or maybe you have to work? Whatever it is - enjoy!

Hugs xxx


Happy Thanksgiving // gobble gobble

There are so many things to be thankful for. Sometimes we might not be able to really see them, because life can be overwhelming and make our sight of things turn into a blur. This time of the year reminds us of our blessings and to focus on all the good things in our lives rather than to pinpoint the negativity that sometimes surrounds us.

I am thankful for my FAMILY, obviously. I have been blessed with a husband who "gets" me in every way possible - he is not only my best friend but also my soulmate, as cheesy as it may sound. He really is. I am more than grateful for this wonderful, strong minded and determined girl of mine. She has such a lovely soul and such a loving heart - I have been more than blessed to be her mother and I love seeing the person she is slowly becoming.
I am thankful for my parents - without them I would be nothing and weren't even here. They have been such a blessing and are always there for me supporting whatever I do, never judging and always caring. 

Words cannot describe how deeply I love them all - they are everything and I couldn't bear being without them!

I am thankful for my friends online and in real life, this blog that has connected me with so many amazing people and all the wonderful opportunities it has given me. Our time in Chicago and all the friends we made during that time and still are connected to. I am thankful for our home and our jobs, for being healthy. I am thankful for everything we are able to "give" our daughter, be it education, travel, vacation, water parks, roller coaster rides, new shoes or going to the movies. 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you, no matter where you are. Wishing you some quality time with your loved ones, be safe and enjoy some good food if you can. Try and not think about the things that aren't going so well in your life at the moment - I bet things will turn out just right when the time has come! Feel hugged!

Thank you xxx 


Featured Writer // Amanda @ AirMan2Mom

Today I would like you to meet Amanda from AirMan2Mom. She is one of the amazing bloggers I met during 31 Days and her story captured me right away. Because although I have not been a member of the military, I know exactly what it means to suddenly lead a life that is completely different from what you knew before. Motherhood is an adjustment, we moms know that all too well, but coming from a background like Amanda's I guess it's on a whole different level than normally.

I went from Airman, Captain, and Engineer to Mom in an instance. I had slowly been preparing for this event, but when it finally happened it hit me like a ton of bricks. It did not help that I timed it so my husband would be coming home from an eight week training and I would feel more alone than I did while he was gone. It was a change overload. I remember about a week after he got home and I had driven on base one last time as Captain Amanda Huffman thinking what happened? Why did I give up my past life for this baby who did not sleep and did anything but provide me the validation I was now searching for.

I was no longer was the person who I had associated my life with for over a decade. I kept thinking over and over about how when I told people what I did the response no longer would be “wow,” but more like “that’s it.” It still baffles me the response to who I am now is so different than it was just over a year and a half ago. I thought my deployment was a challenge and would prepare me for having a baby, but this was a different kind of challenge. It required mental toughness, which I had earned through many challenging situations, but unlike things experienced in the battlefield there was no training, no true way to prepare for what was coming.

I think this fact was one of the most difficult parts for me to transition with. I had read the books and was prepared for birth. I knew what the baby was supposed to do, but when he did not do what the books said. I felt something I had never felt before. I felt like I was failing. Failing at being a mom, failing at my new career choice and it was hard for me to understand.

Today, I no longer feel that overwhelming sense of fear and failure. My son still does not do follow the books I have read, but now I know the books are more like a guideline and not reality. Children are growing and learning in this new world. They will have sickness, new teeth and new stages. And once you think you can predict what will happen next everything changes. I am sure taking care of my son today is a lot easier, but I am also not the same person I was 17 months ago. As he has grown from infant to toddler, I have grown from who I was to who I am today. And I like this new me. Comfortable with who I am and the work I am doing, I am free from living up to an unattainable standard. And even though some days are still hard, more often than not I am going to bed with a smile on my face looking forward to tomorrow. I am so proud of all the things I accomplished before my son was born, but I am ready for this next phase of life and welcome it with open arms.  

I like making new friends and would be honored if you followed my blog or liked my Facebook page.

blog :: facebook :: twitter :: pinterest

I hope you enjoyed getting to know my new friend, Amanda! Go ahead and pay her a visit, I bet you will like it over there!

Happy Wednesday xxx


Tuesday Links // Enjoy Clicking away.

It's Tuesday. The weekend long gone and the new week still ahead of us. We are working our way through it day by day and sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming and never ending, right? Well, to make it a little less hard for you, I have put together some links I hope you will enjoy just as much as I did. Have fun!

Aquascaping - I had no idea this was even a thing not to mention, a competition! Incredibly beautiful!

The Secret of the abandoned Fish Mall - kois are kind of awesome.

Can you believe that these are paintings and not real?

These look like the real deal and I kind of really like them. Thoughts?

Ok, I think I might have to make one of each - at least!

And again with the pets - these side-by-side pics, then and now are so fun!

These are so true. I can relate to a lot of them. You?

How beautiful are these? 13 gramm

Cinderella - need I say more?

Science is awesome and amazing and mind blowing, all at the same time!

This has been all over the internet last week and I bet you've seen it somewhere, but I just had to share, cause this could be me.

Art is so wonderful.

And last but not least another then and now, this is so much fun!

Hang in there, friends, tomorrow's Wednesday and a wonderful guest will be visiting The Brave Wanderer. Stay tuned!

Hugs xxx


MacroMonday // Amaryllis

Today is the last MacroMonday installment of the year 2014 over at Steffi's blog glasklar & kunterbunt, after that she will be taking a break until after the holidays to return on January 5th 2015 (how weird to even write it: 2015). I guess I will be keeping the feature over here though, it has really grown on me. But I understand the need for a break to fully enjoy the holidays and just be in the moment without having to worry about blogging or taking certain photos for a weekly feature.

Today I am sharing 2 shots of my amaryllis that I have already been proudly showing off on my IG. In my opinion amaryllis flowers and Christmas go together like milk and chocolate or peanut and butter. Aren't they just so beautiful? I have been very lucky with my amaryllis which I got at IKEA. It has been blooming and blooming and blooming! And it keeps growing new buds. I really hope it will bloom through the holidays!

Do you have an amaryllis during Christmas time? Or some other plant that just belongs to the holidays for you? Please do share - I love hearing about your traditions!

Happy Monday, friends xxx


Sunday's Quote // Forgive.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends!
   Hugs xxx


Saturday // 5 Things I Love today

Thank goodness Saturday is here. This morning has been spent cleaning up the house and now that everything is sparkly I can go on to the fun things of the day. Here are 5 things I am loving today and which I actually did on this beautiful sunny fall/ winter day here in southern Germany.

Coffee was certainly involved! If you know me you know about my love of coffee. I don't drink too much though, so no worries. But I do like me a good cup of joe and as a matter of fact I am enjoying a cappuccino as I write this post.

Sushi. We love sushi. Leonie and I love going to this amazing sushi place we have here in the city. It is so good, delicious and 100% freshly made when you order - you can watch the sushi chef if you like. So good.

Finished up this beauty, the Dandy Neckerchief (pattern courtesy of Falling Stitches found on Ravelry) last night and now it's straightened out for blocking. Blocking really did change me as a knitter. I used to never block my finished projects because I thought it wasn't necessary, but boy was I wrong. I might blog about it soon. Do you block your work whether it's knitting or crochet?

Our garden still had some winter proofing to be done. Some of my summer plants were still outside, so I either brought them into our garden shed to tuck them in or they had to go to the compost. Scuse me. I decorated my white bench next to our main entrance with a few pine tree twigs and some ericas. I planted a wooden deer in the middle of the pine tree and I think it looks a bit festive already. Will take pics tomorrow for my IG because by the time I was finished it was already getting too dark. So here you have a pic of my patio from a week or so ago.

And last but not least my new music crush of the week. you + me rose ave, need I say more?

And, now it's your turn. What are your 5 favourite things today? What are you up to and what's your current favourite music? Whatever it is you are doing today - have fun!

Hugs xxx


Thursday // Awkward & Awesome

It's Thursday - yay! So glad another week is coming to an end - I really have to admit, I live for the weekends. That's where my happiness resides. I know, I know, seize the day and all, but at the end of the day that's me, the person who just has a soft spot for Saturday and Sunday in her heart. HA But enough of the gibberish…it's Thursday and so I thought, why not type up another awkward & awesome post, because it's been a while. 


- Someone (you know who you are) gave/ gifted me something 2 years ago and refused to take any money for it from me. She didn't need it anymore and I sure did and so I gladly took it and was a happy camper because of it. Well, turns out that person, who is not at all as awesome as I had thought she was, came by the other day requesting it back because after all it had "just been borrowed" and now she wanted it back. What a weasel. 

- I work in an office with 2 other ladies. Both of them have been with the company for over 20 years and have worked together in one office for well over 10 years. Needless to say that they cannot stand one another. So, every time one of them leaves the office to go somewhere, the other one starts talking bad about her. I am always in between but try to stay out of it as good as I can. That is not always easy and sometimes I just want to scream "Leave me out of it!".

- One of our neighbour's dogs kept going to the bathroom on our front door step. Number two was right in front of the door and number one was right on the door. He's a boy and our pup is a girl and so it was probably a territorial thing. But come on, who would want that! When I complained about it, that particular neighbor didn't want to hear about it, telling me not to get mad about it. He would not understand why it bothered me. Really, he needs an explanation why I don't want number one on my door and number 2 in front of it? Keep your damn dog away from my house already.


- I already talked about how awesome it is that the weekend is right around the corner, or did I? Well, in case you didn't know by now - the weekend is right around the corner and I am loving it. haha

- Feeling so much better today - I've had the flu for the past week and today was my first day back to the office - I know, sick again, I guess the shingles thingy really kicked my immune system's behind and therefor the slightest cough knocked me right off my feet.

- Tomorrow is November 21st - and to the day 21 years ago my husband, Stefan and I started dating. First kiss and all. I'm planning on taking him our for sushi and maybe the movies, Interstellar, afterward. Have you seen the movie? How did you like it? 

- I got an amazing job offer and I am in the process of thinking things through and deliberating about how things could work out being a working mom and all. Totally excited about this new opportunity and I think I will just go ahead and take the chance. After all, we only live once, right!?

So, what kind of Awkwards & Awesomes have been happening in your neck of the woods lately? Any number twos on your front porch? haha

Happy Thursday!
Hugs xxx


True Story // My sister was adopted

We found out very late in our lives. Our parents told us when we were both in our early twenties. They wanted us to have a happy childhood without anything casting a cloud over it. The fear of losing a child to its birth mother was stronger than the urge of letting it all out. 

I had always known that there was something special about us. We were different compared to other siblings we knew. Not to mention that we do not look a like at all. We never minded though. Not even when others pointed out our obvious different looks. Some didn't even believe that we were related until we showed them our ID. And we never thought anything of it. 

We never questioned that our parents sometimes treated us differently, mostly in favor of my sister. As I said, I did know that there was something. But no one ever told us. The entire family knew, of course, and nobody ever said anything. That must have been hard at times. Especially for our parents. Always living with this fear that we'd eventually find out. 

They adopted her when she was a few days old. They weren't able to conceive or so they were told. It was medically proven and so after 7 years of trying for a family they decided to adopt. And they were lucky. A baby girl it was. They were over the moon. Shortly after the arrival of my sister I was underway. HA, so much about fate! 

Fast forward to a Saturday in May of 1999. My parents had invited both my sister and her fiancé and I with my fiancé over because they had something to tell us all. That's when we found out. Finally. Somehow deep down inside I had known for some time before they told us. I guess I was just afraid to say it out loud. And then there it was. The message I had been waiting for. BAM

I think at first my sister's world collapsed for a moment. Until she realized how lucky she had been. Her birth mother did not want her. She had made that very clear. For me, it didn't make a difference. She was my sister and she would always be. Period. And so we all went on with our lives. Just like before. Nothing changed. 

Looking back I think my parents would have told us much sooner if they had known how we would react. I really wish they had told us earlier. It wouldn't have made any difference to the way I see my sister, I just feel that you are supposed to know these kind of things about your family. They told me once,  that they regret having waited for so long. It must have been hard living with that knowledge and not being able to tell us for so long. 

What do you think? Should one be told that he was adopted once he can fathom what that means? Do you know someone who was adopted? How soon did that person know about it? I would love to hear your stories!

Happy Wednesday xxx


Tuesday // Link Love

It's Tuesday - man, why can't it be Friday already? Don't you agree that the time between Sunday and Friday is just way too long? Well, to get you through this day - it's a dreary gloomy and rainy one over here in the south of Germany, here are some links that will put a smile on your face.

Our pets are just the BEST.

Aren't these star lanterns beautiful? I think I might have to try and make some.

Aw, this.

Such talent! Very inspiring.

Talking about talent - THIS is insane!

Wonder what cities would look like if we turned off the lights?

This one's for all you HP fans out there.

Like I said before - our pets are the best!

This is kind of what I see when I look outside my window today.

And here's the last one about TALENT today.

Have a wonderful day, friends! What are you up to today?

Hugs xxx


MacroMonday // Nature's Call

This morning I took the pup for a walk and grabbed my camera as I was slipping out the back door. I haven't used my "big" camera in a while - the camera of the iPhone 6 is absolutely amazing and I have enjoyed taking pics with it ever since I got my new phone. But I thought I might get a few more macro shots with my other camera.

Said and done - poor pup had to stop and wait a couple of times as I was looking for the right motif. I took several photos, but really like the two of these bird berries.

I like how in the first pic the focus is on the berries in the front and in the second one it's the other way around. And I love the blurry background. I really want to improve my macro shots, though. Hoping for Santa to bring me this lens, so I can improve my skills. In the meantime I will try taking my macro shots with these extension tubes I just ordered on amazon. Do any of you use extension tubes for macro shots? Any experience you'd care to share?

Linking up with the lovely Steffi from glasklar & kunterbunt for her weekly MacroMonday link up.

Happy Monday
Hugs xxx


November // 2014's Finale is so close.

During this time of the year I tend to get all pensive and emotional. The end of the year in sight makes me reminisce about the months past - taking stock of the year. It's funny how it gives me the urge to finish something like a knitting project that has been sitting around waiting to be picked up again or I suddenly get all hectic trying to squeeze in as much as I can counting the days I have left. 

I anxiously keep going through everything in my mind to make sure not to forget anything. This unsteadiness towards the end of the year normally results in me tackling several DIY / handmade projects at the same time. There are hand-knit presents that need to be done, books to be read, snail-mail to be finished and sent out. In addition to that I usually sign up for some kind of blogging swap thingy like the Scarf Swap over at The Texan Pantry this year, and I guess it speaks for itself that I as a knitter cannot for the life of me send a scarf that has not been hand-knit.

Looking back on the past and thinking about what has been - wondering how on earth this year, yet again, has literally flown by. Wishing for a better 2015 - a fresh start in any way possible. I am looking into a new career - something that could turn into something really wonderful for me as a person and of course for my family. I will fill you all in on the details once all is set. I am very excited and can finally see why our America adventure just wasn't meant to happen just now. 

I guess things really were meant to be - we just have to be able to see and accept it. Right?

Happy Sunday, friends!
Hugs xxx


Autumn // Bring it on Plaid.

Autumn is for PLAID

Autumn is for PLAID by chrissyza 

I haven't done a fashion / style post in forever. On my old blog Whimsical Poppysmic, some of you might remember that I used to have a weekly feature called "Friday's Fashion Statement". It was fun putting together weekly outfits on Polyvore and reading your reactions to it. 

As I was flipping through the pages of an online catalogue searching for a certain pair of booties it kind of struck me, I really needed to do another fashion post. Just because. Well, said and done, here it is. I really love plaid - I remember it was huge when I was in 11th grade. I was 17 years old at the time and everyone and their mother had at least one plaid shirt. Well, at least here in Germany. That was in 1993 - whoa, time sure does fly and now I feel even older talking about it. 

Kind of wondering now, if it was such a good idea to do this post in the first place. haha 

Anyway - do you wear plaid? And what about cardigans? I L.O.V.E cardigans and wear them all the time! I have them in several different colors and, of course, I have my favorite one which I could wear everyday, but I don't do it, so no worries. HA And let's not forget about scarves and cowls and the like! They just BELONG to a fall outfit, right? 

So. What does your favorite fall outfit look like? What's your favorite clothing item during this time of year? Give me the details!

Happy Friday, friends! The weekend is right around the corner! Yay!
Hugs xxx


Bucket List // How many have you crossed off already?

Do you have a bucket list? Some things you want to do before a certain birthday comes up? Maybe a 30 before 30 or 40 before 40? I always wanted to type one up and then I never really took the time for it. I did write down a travel bucket list about the places I have already been to and the places I still want to go (which there are probably 1 000 000 more places I want to visit but just don't know they exist, yet, HA).

Today I came across a bucket list on one of my favorite German magazines. It's a list of things a woman should really do at some point in her life. But, not that kind of list to build up any extra pressure in addition to all the things we ladies already have to tackle every day - it's more a list to remind us of finding joy in the little things instead of always aiming for something big.

Have you already done any of these? If So, cross them off right now! Haha So, here goes the list:

1. Do something childish like jumping through rain puddles or riding on a carousel.

  I sure can check this one off, done both of them more than once and probably hundreds of other childish stuff.

2. Take silly pics in a photo booth.

I guess we've all done this at some point, right? If not, what are you waiting for?

3. Fall in love head over heels.


4. Revive an old friendship.

Yeah, done that, but it didn't last long.

5. Go out and dance until the morning hours.

Oh, yes. It's been a while, but it was tons of fun.

6. Travel solo. 

I did that before becoming a mom.

7. Go shopping in New York.

Well, technically I already did that, only that I was about 8 years old at the time. Does that count?

8. Get a tattoo or piercing.

I really want a tattoo - it's just got to be the right place and the right time, I guess. But it will happen.

9. Quit your job.

Yep. Been there, done that.

10. Have sex at unusual places.

11. Smile at a stranger.

All the time.

12. Nude swimming in the ocean.

Nope. Haven't done that.

13. Let a stone bounce over water.

We did that all the time as kids.

14. Hold a speech in front of others.

My job requires me to do so frequently.

15. Change a flat tire.

Yes, I already had to do it and it was hard, but I did it.

16. Go without your cellphone and any social media for a week.

I did and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. In fact it was kind of freeing.

17. Go camping.

When I was a kid we had a trailer and went camping in Florida at the beach (Daytona Beach) all the time during the weekends.

18. Ride on a roller-coaster.

Yes, ma'am!

19. Let a fortune teller predict your future.

I'm kind of superstitious, so, no, I have never done this and probably won't ever.

20. Learn a new language.

My first language is German and I also speak English and French. I'd love to learn at least one more language.

21. Donate blood.

Sure, did that several times before.

22. Forgive someone.

I guess we've all had to do this one before, right?

23. Write a poem.

I love quotes and poems, so I sure have written some of my own.

24. Travel on the Orient-Express.

I haven't, yet, but this is something I really want to do some day.

25. Spend a weekend in a monastery.

This is something I really feel like doing.

26. Spend New Year's alone.

Haven't done this and don't want to, unless my husband is at least there.

27. Live abroad for a few years.

Oh, yes, I sure have done that! Best time so far.

28. Get up way early to see the sunrise.

I've done this a couple of times, to take photos.

29. Go to the Opera or a Ballet.

I saw the Nutcracker a few years ago, and I've been to a couple of musicals.

30. Take a trip in a hot air balloon.

Now this is something I really, really want to do. Just as much as sky-diving.

Well, I guess the list is endless. And there are certainly lots of things I still want to do and I really hope I have enough time to cross them all off my list.

Is there something special you would put on your bucket list? Something you feel you really have to do? Tell me, I'd really love to know.

Hugs xxx


Guest Posting // Come on over!

Today I am guest posting over at Barbie Swihart's amazing blog. I am talking about letting go of the past and reaching forward. Come on over of you will, I doubt you will be disappointed! I met Barbie during 31 Days and was fascinated by her encouraging words right away. It's so adjuvant knowing there are others going through tough times as well and understanding your point of view because of that or despite that.

I am always so grateful to be able to connect with other, like-minded people from all over the world. Oh, how blogging did enrich my life in so many ways! Thank you all for that.

Happy Wednesday.
Hugs xxx


Taking Stock // in pictures

I thought it would be fun to share what's been going on lately by showing you in pictures. In case you follow me on Instagram you probably already know all these photos, but I'll share them anyway. Hope you enjoy!

I got a new lamp for our dining room table. The old one was…well…old and I couldn't stand it any more. When I saw this one flipping through the pages of a magazine I just had to have it.

I love orchids and have a few of them. They are spread all over our home. This one here just started blooming again, there is another strand full of buds behind these blossoms waiting to pop open.

Ericas, aren't they just so cute! The typical autumn flower and just so adorable!

Found this fella in the same online store I got the lamp at and just couldn't resist. He is now overlooking our family room and I think he fits in just perfectly.

Christmas knitting is in full swing - I am working on several projects at the same time and blocking my finished projects alongside. Handmade gifts are so special, don't you think?

Autumn is also the perfect time of year for risotto. There is nothing better than a warm and solid meal when coming in from the cold. This one was a mushroom risotto made from scratch and let me just say, it was scrumptious! Do you like risotto? Or what is your favourite fall meal? We also love stews and soups during this time of the year. What about you?

Other than that we have been watching Fargo Season 1 on Netflix - have you watched it? What do you think? 

Happy Tuesday xxx


MacroMonday // Handarbeiten - Needlecraft

It's Monday. Boo. I wish there was a day between Saturday and Sunday. Really, I do! Don't you agree? I am glad my morning at the office is over and I can tend to my Christmas knitting and crochet. I finished up another hat last night (pictures to follow) and am now working on some new felted slippers and granny squares for another project. So today I am sharing few pics of my needlecraft for MacroMonday. 

Are you making any DIY Christmas presents this year? If so, what are you making? I am linking up with glasklar & kunterbunt. Happy Monday!

Hugs xxx


Sunday's Quote // Keep Moving.

Hoping your weekend has been nothing but fun so far. 
Enjoy your Sunday and don't forget to keep moving forward!

Hugs xxx


Put on some lipstick - it's Friday!

It's finally Friday and I am really happy about it. This past week has been a bit stressful as I am still recovering from last week, the body just needs time to get healthy again after having to deal with a disease such as shingles. But I am feeling a lot better already just a little weak, being sick really drains you. And on top of that one of my co-workers was on vacation for the past 10 days, so I had to substitute for her and she's one of those employees with a huge mess on her desk which I had to struggle through. I bet you can now see why I am so dang happy about it being Friday! I am dreaming of sleeping in tomorrow, having a divine breakfast and then spend the day knitting away on some Christmas presents!

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs xxx


Life is an ADVENTURE - go and find it!

What a great way to look at life - as an ADVENTURE. We never know what tomorrow might bring. We never know what will happen or whom we might meet. Something unforeseeable could happen. Something that could change our lives forever. Maybe you'll win the lottery. Maybe you will meet an old friend from way back when. You might have to face a challenge you never thought possible. It could be something devastating or something you might not make it through without coming out as a different person than before. Who knows. 

We all go through a lot daily. Every one has their own struggles and challenges to face. Some of us could be lucky and something amazing might happen to them. If that is the case - make sure to ENJOY every single minute of it and treasure it inside your heart to help you when the going gets tough again. Some of us might be struggling right now. Whatever it is you are dealing with today. No matter what challenge you are fighting your way through at the moment - just know that there will be better times again and you will come out of this as a much stronger and wiser person than you are now. Maybe the thought of that will help you get though it.

I know it can be tough believing that it will get better in time. There is always a HIGH after a LOW - that's what my husband always tells me when I struggle. He keeps reminding me to brush it off. He encourages me to not pay attention to the negative things too much and to try and focus on the good. Because somehow somewhere there is always something good surrounding us, we just have to hold our head up high and look for it. It's there, we just have to find it.

Give it a try. Try to see the GOOD. It's right there waiting for you! Take this post as your GOOD today if you like - see it as a whole bunch of GOOD coming from me straight to you - just for you!

Hugs xxx


5 Things // Tuesday

It's only November 4th and I already miss 31 Days, it was so much fun being committed to one topic and to write something about it daily. But it also feels good just to let go and write about what ever's on my mind. Today I am sharing 5 Things I currently adore.

1. This Christmas wreath is so simple and yet so chic. I can totally see this on my front door and I guess it will happen soon! Stay tuned for more on this!

2. This speckled shrug from Lion Brand Yarn is beautiful and it might be the next project I will cast on once I finished all the fair isle hats I am knitting at the moment. 

3. How cute is this Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder from Spark & Chemistry.

4. Mini hangers made from paper clips from AY - so adorable!

5. We love chalkboards and this is an awesome tip! DIY chalkboard lettering from Sincerely, Sara d.

What are your 5 Things at the moment? Maybe you shared them on your blog. Please leave a link in the comments, so I can come over!

Hugs and happy Tuesday xxx


MacroMonday // Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas belong to my favorite garden flowers. I have a few of them in my backyard and every year I add at least one new one. There are various kinds and I have had a few of them in my garden, not all kinds are suitable for the same spot though - I had to learn that the hard way. But I have found the ones I love most and learned that they prefer a shady place.

Today I am sharing some photos I took from a dried blossom I brought in from my flower bed. I always try and keep at least one dried blossom every year - I love decorating them in our home. I think they are still beautiful, even when they are all dried out. Don't you think?

I am linking up with glasklar & kunterbunt for MacroMonday again. Hop on over and join in on the fun!  Happy Monday

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Sunday's Quote

Sundays are quiet around the world of blogging. Most bloggers I know don't blog on the weekends. They might schedule a post or two to take time off for their "private" lives. I for my part take advantage of the silence and hop from one blog to another to see what's been going on in their neck of the woods during the past week.

I like sharing a good quote or two on Sundays, because I am a sucker for good quotes. I think I might have even "infected" my daughter - she loves quotes and has them spread all over the walls of her room. 

What about you? Do you blog on the weekends? Or are you a post scheduler to take time off for other things? And what about quotes? Do you like them or do you think they are humbug? Please share your thoughts!

Happy Sunday xxx


November // What I like about you.

November 1st - crazy how time flies by. 2014 is coming to an end and I am super eager to welcome 2015 into our lives. Hoping for a better more positive year for all of us. Today I would like to share what I am looking forward to in November.

:: I am loving the weather - finally I can wear all the scarves there are and put on my cozy cardigans.

:: Crunchy leaves on our daily walks. 

:: Fresh winds and crisp air.

:: Changing colors outside my window - so beautiful.

:: Getting cozy on the sofa with a cup of chai tea and some knitting needles.

:: Watching Netflix without feeling guilty not working in the garden, because the garden is ready for winter season. 

:: Meeting a deer family in the forest startled by the sound of our stomping feet.

:: A rustling fire in the evening.

:: Feeling more and more giddy about holiday season.

Oh, the list is endless. I could go on and on about what I love during this time of the year. What is your favourite season and what do you particularly love about it?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Hugs xxx

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