2014 // It's a Wrap.

2014 wrap up

Here it is - the last day of the year. Doesn't it always feel kind of weird saying good bye to an entire year? How fun is it to look back on what was! And what better way than with photos. Thank goodness to Instagram we have plenty material to choose from. 

As you can see, I put together some of my favorites from the past 12 months, making sure to include at least 2 for each month. And while I was going through all those memories, I realized it wasn't all that bad after all. Sometimes we just ponder on the negative which makes the positive disappear in the background, but it was there throughout the year and I will always cherish all those wonderful moments in my heart.

My OLW for 2015 is thrive. Which means that this little blog of mine will hopefully grow and develop as well. I have some plans for The Brave Wanderer, one of them being to bring back the 52 weeks photography project. I had participated from 2011 to 2013 and decided to take a break in 2014, but I must admit that I kind of missed it, since photography is playing a bigger role in my life now. So you can look forward to more photography posts in the future.

I also want to show more of my crafting, especially the knitting part. Maybe I'll post some tutorials, videos for beginners, offer some free patterns and lots more. And I would love to feature a guest writer over here more frequently. Anyone interested can either leave a comment or email me - I would love to have you!

For now I am saying F A R E W E L L to 2014 and welcoming the N E W  Y E A R with excitement. 2015 I am so looking forward to you and cannot wait to get started! With that being said I am wishing you all a 

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R 

all the best for 2015 - may all your D R E A M S come true! See you on the other side!

Hugs xxx


a new year // a new start

The New Year is right around the corner. I can hardly believe it. Feels like a weight being lifted from my shoulders. The weight of 2014. Now we are off to a new start. Doesn't a new year always feel like a clean slate, a new canvas that is waiting to be painted on? I love a new start. A new start equals a new chance - a do over to make it better this time.

new year

I will always treasure 2014 with all it's struggles, demanding my everlasting strength. 2014 is my year of endurance. I will remember both the good and the bad and I will look back at it as a year which has taught me so much. I learned a lot about who you can really rely on when it counts. Who your real friends are when the going gets tough. 2014 has shown me that there is no greater treasure than family. My family has given me unmeasurable strength and support throughout this past year - I don't think I would have made it without them.

2014 has made me a stronger person. I see things clearer now. I approach things differently. And although I sometimes thought I couldn't make it, I know now that those were the moments that formed me the most. I am now ready for something new and I can feel it - 2015 will be a good one. We will start the New Year quietly with some friends, wishing 2014 farewell and welcoming the New Year with laughter and happiness, filled with love from the beginning. 

Remember: Don't dwell on the past - look into the future and make the best of it! A new Year is on the way and the possibilities are endless!

Enjoy the last 2 days of 2014 and be prepared for an awesome 2015! What are you most looking forward to in the New Year?

Hugs xxx


One Little Word 2015 // thrive


This time around my One Little Word® did not come to me on it's own. It didn't "choose" me. This year I was looking for a word, searching for one I felt like it could be able to lead me threw the new year. 

2015 will be all about progress and growth for me - there are so many things I want to accomplish, whether it be family-wise, career-wise or just regarding me as a person. I want to develop in many different ways and so I felt the word THRIVE was the perfect choice this time around. It best describes and combines what I want 2015 to be.

I have come to terms with the fact that our future will take place here in the south of Germany for now. No one can tell what the future holds in store for us and we don't know where the road will lead us in the end, but for now we are here which I absolutely consent with. I want to start enjoying building our future in the here and now. I wish for 2015 to be a year filled with happiness, growth and success.

I like how it fits in with my past OLWs: BELIEVE in 2012, CHANGE in 2013 and STRENGTH in 2014 all of which I blogged about on my old blog. I am looking forward to experiencing the new year with a new word.

Do you pick your One Little Word and if so, which one did you choose for the new year?

Hugs xxx


FAREWELL 2014 // a new beginning

December Walk

I particularly like the past few days of a year. They feel like some sort of closure with the anticipation of the new increasing. Kind of like there is something amazing around the corner to the new year. I enjoy taking time to reminisce about what was and dream about how things will develop/ I wish them to develop over the next 12 months. 

For me the best place to think is on a walk with my girl. Especially in the wee morning hours when everyone else is still sound asleep, that's when the magic happens. Yesterday morning I snuck out of my bed at 7:30 am, put on my walking shoes, bundled up and off we went. We quietly left the house heading towards the fields surrounding us - she loves running without a leash. As soon as we were up on that hill, I let her loose and off she went. The ground was frozen, the sun was shining and there was nothing holding us back.

Oh, how I love those moments. We just walk with no finish line in sight. There are no limits. Nature around is here in the south of Germany is beautiful. We live in a valley surrounded by hills. The view from up there is just breath taking. It's the best scenery for letting go of things and starting out new.

2014 has been a tough one for so many. No matter where I look, I hear people complaining about how hard it has been on them. It truly was a challenging one in so many ways for so many souls. Here's to hoping 2015 will be the best one yet. Despite the hardships you had to face this past year or maybe are still fighting your way through them - from the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best for the new year!

Tell me - what are you looking forward to in 2015? 

Hugs xxx


Frohe Weihnachten // merry & happy


Crazy how time goes by, right? Didn't we just decorate the tree and wrap the gifts? It's weird how the anticipation of something makes us forget how fast it will be over once it's finally here. It's always the same, isn't it?

We've had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas with our families indulging in delicious food and drinks and feeling content with all that is. Lots of presents have been wrapped only to be ripped open a few hours later. Big smiles and dozens of hugs involved. It was simply wonderful.

I hope your Christmas was just as magical as ours!

Hugs xxx




I saw this on San's blog the other day and thought that it was really fun. I just have to give it a go as well. This seems to be floating around the internet wildly, but I have no idea where it came from. Anyhow without further ado - here we go:

FOUR NAMES that people call me other than my real name (Christina):

- Chrissy (well, duh)
- Honey (that's how the mister calls me)
- Bolli (my sister started calling me this when I was in 6th grade, it kinda stuck with me)
- Mama, mom (does that count?)

FOUR JOBS i've had

- cashier at an wildlife park as a student
- helper at a parquet floor producing company during college (worst job ever)
- optometrist
- industrial business management assistant

FOUR MOVIES I've watched more than once:

- Bram Stroker's Dracula
- The Family Stone
- The Holiday (just the other day)
- Coraline

FOUR BOOKS I recommend

- Silver Linings by Matthew Quick
- See Jane Run by Joy Fielding
- The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer (yes, I read them all, but it's been a while)
- The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

FOUR PLACES I've lived

- Bückeburg, Germany
- Ft. Rucker, Alabama USA
- Bad Mergentheim, Germany
- Chicago, Illinois

FOUR PLACES I've visited

- Paris, France
- London, UK
- Pitlochry, Scotland
- New York City, New York

FOUR THINGS I prefer not to eat:

- liver
- stinky cheese
- hot and spicy food
- onions


- sushi
- pasta
- salad
- fresh pineapple


- The Walking Dead
- Grey's Anatomy
- House of Cards
- Homeland

FOUR THINGS I am looking forward to this year:

- my new job/ position
- good news
- a more positive outlook on things
- moving forward

FOUR THINGS I'm always saying:

- No way.
- What?!
- Not now.
- I'm so tired.

This was really fun. I like these type of posts where you get to know a person a bit better. And it's also interesting for me to come back and read what was on my mind at the time I wrote the post. So. if you feel like it, follow along and share your FOUR THINGS with the blog world! Leave a link in the comments - I'd love to come over and read them!

Happy Monday - 2 more days til Christmas!
HO HO HO xxx


Leave out the Negative. // In with the POSITIVE.

Emmett Fox-Quote

I know - it's hard. It's hard to not have negative thoughts at times. This past year has been filled with lots and lots of negative thoughts. I am very lucky to have such a supportive family - they never cease to lift me up when I feel down. There is nothing better than family and friends that understand you. People who get you and know exactly how to "take" you and how to respond to you.

2015 will be a positive one - I just know it. I feel it in my guts. This one will be better and I am starting the new year with lots of positive thoughts surrounded by positive people. I cannot wait to get started, although I am trying not to get my hopes up too high - I know how hard the fall feels when your dreams get shattered. But enough of that. Period.

I am hoping for all of us that 2015 will be a wonderful, fabulous, happy, lucky and healthy one. Wishing all of us good luck with whatever it is we want to achieve and sending out tons of positive vibes for anyone in need of some! Catch them and don't let them pass you by!

Happy 4th Advent, dear friends! xxx


Saturday's Quote // perhaps…means a little bit more...

Happy 4th Advent weekend!


Friday // Faves

Can you believe it's the last Friday before Christmas? How did time go by so fast? Crazy! Today was the last day of school for 2014 - now the kids are off until January 7th, because of the holiday, Epiphany on January 6th. I will be off until the 7th of January after Tuesday next week. Can. Not. Wait.

I put together some things that recently caught my eye and I bet you will enjoy one or the other just as much as I do:

This sign. Must have!

A warpfield - kind of confusing.

Casting on - a video tutorial for beginners.

These are some of the most wonderful photos of 2014 - enjoy!

This is true.

How amazing is this?

Which one is your favorite?

If you're a sucker for quotes like me, you will love these!

Happy Friday xxx


Featured Writer // San @ the in between is mine

I would like to introduce to you, San, my dear friend from the in between is mine. San is also from Germany but she has been living in America for quite some time now. We met through our blogs and have been friends ever since. Click on over to find out more about her and become friends.

As an German expat living in California, a lot of holiday traditions have blurred together a bit over the years, but I thought it would be nice to share a bit of the differences and how we have combined Christmas traditions in our home.

In Germany, we put up our Christmas tree maybe a couple of days before Christmas. And then we don’t decorate it until Christmas eve morning. It’s a big no-no to decorate beforehand (at least in my family).  In the US, the tree goes up as soon as the Thanksgiving turkey has been finished. I love to see Christmas trees in the windows during the Christmas season, so I don’t mind that the tradition is a bit different here. However, we put up our tree (tiny as it may be!) right after Thanksgiving on the 1st Sunday of advent, which usually does marks the beginning of the holiday season for me, but so far our tree only has lights and we won’t fully decorate our tree until Christmas eve morning and I am looking forward to it with giddy excitement! Hot coffee, Christmas music and hanging ornaments on Christmas morning is one of my favorite Christmas traditions!

In case you didn’t know, in Germany we celebrate Christmas on the 24th (and then we get not one, but two more holidays for more family time and fun afterwards). There usually is a big Christmas dinner and gifts are exchanged afterwards. No waiting for the morning of the 25th!

Which leads me to another difference: in Germany, the gifts are usually brought by the Christkind (christ child) and not by Santa Claus. We do have a figure called Weihnachtsmann (Christmas man) but to be honest, if you would press me to explain how the Christkind and the Weihnachtsmann relate, I’d have no clue (and I’d have a hard time explaining this to my niece and nephew. I hope they don’t ask… or I need to get an answer on how she handles the dilemma from my sister!) I’ve heard before that the Santa Claus was originally derived from Saint Nicholas, a greek bishop and gift-giver of Myra. In Germany, St. Nicholas has his own ‘holiday’ on December, 6th when he fills the shoes that kids cleaned and put in front of the door the night before.
My husband and I have often traveled to Germany for the holidays and celebrated Christmas the German way. We have, however, decided to do a little bit of both in our home this year, since we’re not traveling overseas. We’ll celebrate Christmas Eve, but also will have Christmas stockings that we’ll empty on Christmas Day! Why not combine traditions and have twice the fun, right?

Germany is also famous for its Christmas markets. They usually start four weeks before Christmas and run until Christmas eve. And I mean, run every single day. They’re a huge part of the German Christmas festivities and they’re always packed! Obviously they also attract a lot of tourists from other countries.  The Christmas markets are very different from the only-a-weekend-long Christmas markets I have encountered here in the US, but I do love the fact that the tradition has been adopted by so many other countries, because to be honest, they’re one of the best things about the holiday season, IMHO.

While in the US turkey is traditionally served for Thanksgiving (and I am not sure if there is a traditional American Christmas meal, is there?), in Germany there is the tradition of preparing a  Christmas goose. To be honest, we’ve never done this in my family (my Dad usually cooks for Christmas eve and thinks up a new, exciting 3-course meal every year!), but I know that some people have goose and I also know that other people have other tradition Christmas eve meals (like Fondu and there even is a tradition of making a really simple meal of potato salad and sausage). I think we’ll come up with our own version of a Christmas meal this year, but I have not decided what it will be yet.

The time between Christmas and New Year’s is called “zwischen den Jahren” (between the years) and I like that expression. It’s a time when the old year is almost over and all the festivities are behind us, but before we celebrate the start of the new year. It’s a time to be quiet, reflect and just anticipate the beginning of a new year. Most people take this time off between Christmas and New Year’s (if they can) and I am lucky that I’ll be able to do the same this year.

What are your favorite traditions for Christmas? Do you live in a binational relationship or are an expat living in a foreign country? Do you have combined traditions or have come up with your own? What’s your favorite Christmas food? I’d love to hear!

Thanks for hosting me on your blog, Chrissy, and happy holidays to you and yours and, of course, all of Chrissy's readers!


MacroMonday // Frozen

Even though the lovely Steffi from glasklar & kunterbunt is taking a winter break from MacroMonday (I really hope you're enjoying it, Steffi), I just can't help myself but to post a macro shot every now and then.

Now you've probably already noticed that these berries aren't really frozen, they aren't even real. But they belong to my annual Christmas decoration and I find them so whimsy, aren't they? Sitting there circled in by elks (or moose for that matter) embracing a candle. So christmassy.

I hope your week has been off to a good start. Are you all getting into the holiday spirit, yet? For me I guess the Christmas spirit will arrive on my last day of work before a 2 week break next Tuesday. I cannot wait. I think I have never been in more need of a vacation then this time around. It's been a draining year and I am really looking forward to 2015.

Happy Monday, y'all!
Hugs xxx


Do Over // Would you choose it?

My employer's annual Christmas party was on Friday night. We all met at a restaurant nearby to enjoy some delicious drinks and some even more delicious food. It was all very scrumptious and we had some great laughs and even better talks.

I enjoy getting to know the people I work with every day a bit better in a more private atmosphere. At work all we do is discuss, well - work. Delivery dates and prices, quantities and quality. You do get the chance to squeeze in a few private topics here and there, like when a co-worker of mine became a daddy for the third time past spring or when another co-worker moved into his brand new home and was all proud and everything. But that about covers it, because there is just no time for more.

Company gatherings give you the chance to connect on a whole different level and it's really fun getting to know that person behind phone extension #49 etc. I arrived a bit early due to dropping of my girl at my parents, because surprisingly the mister's Christmas party took place that same night. We were greeted with some cocktails and got seated shortly after. I didn't really plan in advance who I would sit with, it kind of just happened and somehow I ended up sitting with the perfect group of people.

We all hadn't really talked about a lot of personal things before and there was even a new co-worker sitting with us, we all didn't really get to know, yet. Turns out he comes from the same corner of Germany I was born at - near Hannover, so we clicked right away and went on about all the funny differences between the more northern Germans like us and the southern Germans like the ones living here. It was so funny and we laughed a lot - even the locals had their laughs listening to us.

It was a fun night and of course we didn't just tell jokes, we also had some serious discussions. In fact, one of my co-workers started talking about why he had never moved away from here, where he was born and raised, and went on that he regretted it deeply. He asked me all about the years I was able to live overseas in the US and picked up on the melancholy in my words. He told me how impressed he was about my enthusiasm and that he could hear how much I desired to go back one day. He missed having a chance like that in his life or never making an effort to change things and that if he could go back in time, he would do it all different.

This got me thinking. Would I change anything, if I had the chance to rewind and start over once more? Would I make other decisions? Would I change where I am today, not only location-wise (we all know I'd rather be in the States) but character-wise? Would I want to change how I am? Would I want to change who I am?

Quite frankly, I don't know. Honestly, I have often wished to go back to a certain point in my life and I had it all played out in my mind what I would do, what I would change and how I wanted it to be. But, what if all the steps I took so far and all the things I have done so far have made me become the person I am today? And what if that would all be gone if I changed a single thing! Would I want that?

No, definitely not. I wouldn't want to change who I am or who I am with. I like the person I have become so far and I am eager to see what else is hidden inside of me - just waiting to come out. I am looking forward to getting to know myself a bit better every single day coming and I wouldn't want to miss seeing my growth that originates from my actions. I am a firm believer of THINGS WERE MEANT TO BE and I know that if you keep your eyes open and believe in yourself, things will turn out the right way - your way.

What would you do, if you could go back in time? Would you change something? Would you do it all differently or would you do it all again?

Happy 3. Advent! xxx


Weekend // Link Love

I am excited about this and about this movie.

I love my Uggs, there, I said it. I really do, no matter what they say.

This looks amazing.

In case you're bored, head on over here.

Math - yay!

OMG - I love my pup! These are hilarious!

Love this four leaf lace panel pattern.

Speaking of - these falling leaves are equally gorgeous.

Love this and it might be better than the original.

Taylor Swift is 25 - love her secret sessions.

This is beautiful!

Happy weekend xxx


Tomorrow will be better. // Hang in there.

Happy Thursday, dear friends. I hope your week has been nothing short of awesomeness. I know things can be hard and we all have to go through tough times at some point, but I also know that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to be strong enough to make it there. So, pull through and keep looking forward to all the good things awaiting you!

Hugs xxx


Featured Writer // Katrin @ Land of Candy Canes

This week I would like to introduce to you one of my blogging besties - Katrin from Land of Candy Canes. She is a fellow German who has also lived in the States for several years. She loves books and I admire how enthusiastic she is about reading. Animals and their well-being are very important to her which shows that she has her heart at the right spot. Pay her a visit - you will not regret it!

Hello Chrissy's readers,

I feel so honored to be able to write a post for you. When Chrissy asked me I did not hesitate for a second. Chrissy is a dear friend of mine and I never miss one of her posts. It immediately "clicked" when I checked out her blog for the first time. Not just because we are both Germans who lived in America for quite some time. 

I guess we all know that life can be pretty stressful and often annoying. Which is why I think it is important to concentrate on the things that make us happy....and spend as much time doing these things. I know we often have to do things in life that we do not enjoy so much. Which is why it is even more important to find a balance and do the things we love. For me that means reading, cuddling with my pets, spending time outdoors, doing crafty things...and even more reading. So today I want to share my winter reading list with you. 

I am a huge book worm and I usually spend every free minute reading. Or browsing through bookstores searching for even more reading material. Flea markets are always a good place to find lots of books without having to pay the full price. Which can be very helpful when you cannot stop yourself from buying books. My pile of books that I want to read is growing bigger and bigger. Sometimes it is hard to find as much time for reading as I want to. But here are some of the books I want to read this winter. 

On December 18th I will finally be able to hold this gem in my hands. I have to explain that probably at least 85% of the books which I read for pleasure are crime novels...and most of them either Scandinavian or Icelandic crime. Arnaldur Indriðason is one of my most favorite crime writers of all time and I always wait impatiently for his new books to come out. I highly recommend his Icelandic crime novels because they are not only highly addictive but you can also learn a lot about a fascinating country which I would love to visit as soon as possible. If you are looking for crime fiction I also recommend the books by Håkan Nesser, Henning Mankell, Åke Edwardson, Yrsa Sigurðardóttir and Jussi Adler-Olsen...just to name a few. Most of their books have been translated into English. 

I recently started reading this book and normally I would have finished it in one setting but I have too many other things on my plate right now to read many hours straight. I find the TV show "Girls" highly entertaining which is why I decided to pick this book up and it did not disappoint me so far.  I also got the audio version of the book just because I want Lena Dunham to read it to me. But I usually prefer reading myself. 

I immediately bought this book when it got published because I wanted to find out more about Don Tillman and Rosie after reading "The Rosie Project". I found the idea of the first book brilliant although some parts of the book were cut a little short in my opinion. By all means, I want to find out what happens to this hilarious couple....life got in my way and I have not even started the book yet, but it is on top of my to-be-read-pile (which is huge). I am always happy when I find books to enjoy which are not crime-related. It does not happen too often.

This is actually the first book of a quadrilogy about forensic anthropologist David Hunter. Yes, more crime. As I told you, I read a lot of crime. These books have been waiting for me to start reading them forever and it's finally time. They sound very intriguing and as a big fan of the TV show "Bones" I have to read about the cases of another forensic anthropologist. I do not think that my winter will be boring at all. 

Animals and animal rights play an important role in my life. I grew up loving animals and taking care of animals in need. I stopped eating meat when I was 11 years old and now I have been vegan for years. So I find it very important to educate myself about animal rights and the truth about the egg, meat and dairy industry. I have read this book before, but it is time for a re-read. I never understood why society decided to love one animal but torture the other. If you want to read more about animal rights, veganism, the meat industry and all its secrets I also recommend "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer. Some facts may be upsetting to read but they definitely open your eyes and make you re-think some common practices. 

And now I am curious: which books are on your reading list? I would love to get some more recommendations. What genre do you prefer? What are your all time favorite books?

Chrissy, thank you for giving me the opportunity to write a guest post! And for being a wonderful friend!


Adventure is out there // go and find YOURS.

My girl has a new hobby. She has been wanting to learn how to play the guitar for quite some time now and even though this would have been a great gift for Christmas, we just couldn't hold back and got her her very first own guitar. It's black and it's beautiful.

Now, I don't play the guitar or any other instrument for that matter and I regret it. When I was in kindergarten I learned to play the recorder, but didn't we all at some point? Most kids here in Germany learn to play it in Kindergarten and elementary school. But I lost my interest and unfortunately my parents didn't pursue finding out if there is a musician somewhere inside of me.

Stefan, the mister, however did learn how to play the guitar. Electrical guitar, but I guess it's somehow the same thing to some point. He will start teaching Leonie how to play and we are also looking into getting lessons for her. She has been tinkering around on it a bit and I love peeking into her room to watch her. She is a natural.

I love that we are in a position where we can help make dreams like this one come true. I love encouraging her to do the things she dreams of and I enjoy helping pursue them. Who knows where things like this will lead her one day. Every one started at some point and from there on it is up to you what you make of it.

So, go out there and find your own little adventure that will help bring you a step closer to achieving your dreams!

Hugs and happy Tuesday xxx


2. Advent // Christmas wish list

Have you made a wish list? Do you even make one? I don't really. Because let's face it, at some point Christmas isn't really about us anymore, right? Once you have a family of your own, Christmas revolves around the kids. The hubs and I do give each other something small, but we don't go all out about gifts for each other. Now, as I write this, it kind of makes me sad…although Christmas shouldn't be about the gifts in the first place. But, it is nice to get something thoughtful.

Well, anyway, I put together this lovely treasury on Etsy, because I haven't made one in forever. I truly enjoy browsing all those amazing handmade shops which kind of got me in the mood for making a wish list. Any of those items in my list would make me one happy camper if they somehow found their way underneath our Christmas tree. 

Speaking of - we put up our tree yesterday. If you follow me on Instagram you were able to catch a few glimpses of it already. It's a real tree, just like mentioned before and it smells so good, which really got me in the mood for Christmas (although the mulled wine I drank while decorating may have been involved in the mood thing as well).

Wishing you all a wonderful 2. Advent - hope all is well where ever you may be!
Hugs xxx


High 5 for Friday // Happy weekend

Friday, there you are - been waiting for you this whole week, so glad to see you again. I am looking forward to a few things this Friday and I would like to share some of them with you. 

1. Sleeping in. I just love to sleep and I am by no means an earlier riser unless required. And in addition I don't like going to bed early. I like those last hours of a day, they are so relaxing and soothing and I love spending them on the sofa, knitting and watching Netflix. Lately we have been binge watching "Orange is the new Black" and we are hooked. Have you seen it? How do you like it? 

2. Christmas shopping and strolling over our Christmas market. Looking forward to some hot mulled wine, roasted almonds and maybe a snowflake or two. Not so sure the snow part will happen, though, but it would be kind of nice.

3. Long walks with the pup and coming home to a cup of hot chocolate to warm up. I enjoy bundling up to take Kyra on long walks during this time of the year. I prefer it over walking in the heat of summer - it's just so much more cozy.

4. Blog reading. I have some serious catching up to do. My free time during the week is spread very thin, sometimes I feel like I can hardly keep up, let alone have enough time to sit down and read. So, thank you for bearing with me!

5. Going to the movies. Not really sure which movie we will be seeing, but we are in desperate need of a date night, so I guess any movie will do.

What are you looking forward this Friday? Any fun plans for the weekend ahead?

Whatever it is you will be doing, enjoy every minute of it!
Hugs xxx


Thursday Thoughts // My brain feels scattered

Finally the weekend is around the corner, I am so relieved. Work has been nothing but busy these days with the year coming to an end. So many loose ends that need to be tied work-wise, so many things that still have to be taken care of. When the alarm goes off in the morning my reflex is to pull the cover over my head and never come out again. I am glad that the year is winding down and I am looking forward to a 2 week vacation before heading back to work on January 7th 2015. 

I will be returning to a new to me workplace. So many things have been happening in the past few weeks - I can hardly fathom every one of them right now. I will fill you all in on the job thing and everything else once I was able to wrap my mind around it. No worries, all is good or so it seems, it's just a bit too soon to write it all out.

So, are your Christmas trees up by now? Ours isn't. We haven't even gotten one. We always get a real tree, although we were very close to purchasing a fake tree. But, I just cannot do without the scent of fur needles throughout our home. There is something so cozy and comforting about it. Don't you think? We do have a small fake tree for Leonie's dresser - it's just so cute with its tiny lights and trimmings.

Today is one of those days where my brain feels scattered and so full with tons of things. I always overthink everything. I even overthink my thoughts. I should really work on that. Maybe my new one little word for 2015 will assist me with that. Have you picked your one little word, yet? I haven't, but my word for 2014 was STRENGTH and boy was that a match! I picked it when I was still blogging over at Whimsical Poppysmic and I will re-post about it once I announce my new word.

Well, what has been going on in your world this week? Is your brain scattered as well? Is this time of year stressful for you? 

Nevertheless - happy Thursday xxx


Featured Writer // Julie @ Just Julie Ann

Today I would like you to meet Julie Ann from Just Julie Ann. I have known her for a long time - I think we met online when we both were still at the beginning of blogging. Julie is a very creative and stylish mom from Illinois and I love reading her fashion posts as well as seeing pics of her adorable family. Hop on over if you want to get to know her better - you can find all important links at the bottom of this post!

Mad for Plaid

I didn't used to love plaid. It's true. Despite the fact that my husband's entire closet is full of patterned button downs, I never loved them for myself. Then I started seeing posts on Pinterest about how to incorporate plaid without looking like a lumberjack, and I was hooked. Plaid is incredible versatile and not to mention cozy looking for these cold fall and winter days. Whether you want to just incorporate plaid into your wardrobe slowly or make it the focus of your outfit, here is some inspiration for you!




I have several plaid scarves (buffalo checked ones being my favorite!) and I love how easy they are to layer with a neutral outfit. Plus, here in Central Illinois, I need the extra warmth! If you want to start small, try a headband. Here is one of my favorite shops for headbands! The other fantastic think about plaid is that it is so easy to begin pattern mixing with. I love plaid paired with leopard print, with stripes, and even with herringbone. You can't really mess it up. Trust me. Add some skinny jeans and booties or leggings and moccasins, and you too, can rock the plaid trend! 

  What print are you shy of?


Welcome December // Looking back.

So, here it is, December 1st. With this year winding down thoughts are running through my head reminiscing about all the things that have happened throughout the past 11 months. It has been a tough one, this year 2014. It has really challenged me in so many ways possible and I am glad that I somehow made it through. One thing I have definitely learned this past year, is that there is always, always a way, a solution, a better ending and a meaning to everything. 

I am trying to focus on the positive changes that are happening. A new career path has been offered to me and I am in high hopes that this is it. I will tell you more about it soon. In my current position I am only substituting for someone on parental leave - she will be back in a few weeks and because the company isn't hiring at the moment there is no other position for me, which means I have to go. 

But, the new job I got offered sounds amazing and it seems to have lots of possibilities for professional development for me which I am loving! I will start on January 7th, so I still have some time to sort things out, brain-wise and emotionally, because it will be hard leaving the current job which has grown on me, especially my two co-workers.

To me, December is the month for looking back just a bit to be able to look into the future with a brighter perspective and a positive outlook on things.

Happy December 1st dear friends!

Hugs xxx

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