Taking Stock // The Sickies Edition

Taking Stock

It's been rough week so far. Thank goodness Leonie is doing so much better! She was even able to go back to school 2 days ago. My recovery, on the other side is, taking a bit longer. The tricky thing is one day you feel so much better and think you are on the mend, only to find out the next day, that your body was playing tricks on you. I guess I will use the weekend to gain back some of my strength and hope to be back to normal by Monday. Until then, here are the things that are keeping me sane in one way or the other:

watching: Dexter, Dexter and even more Dexter thanks to Netflix
listening: Nick Jonas, I really like his new album, sounds so grown up
eating: chicken noodle soup
drinking: tea, tea and wait, well, yeah - tea
knitting: the Homage Lace Shawl
looking: at the constant snow fall outside my window
waiting: for it to melt away again, so it can snow again (that's what's the weather's been like this week)
reading: a lot about arthritis/ arthrosis to learn more about it and help our pup feel better
wanting: to get out of the house 
having: a severe case of cabin fever
enjoying: being able to breathe through my nose - it's not stuffy right now!
smelling: nothing thanks to my sinus infection
hoping: to be better by Monday, so I can head back to work
wearing: warm socks all week long, even though I despise wearing socks, HA
following: the doc's instructions on taking my meds
wandering: who the German bachelor will choose (when you're sick you'll watch anything)

Now, how has your week been? Hope you are doing fine! Take care!
Hugs xxx


Being sick sucks // Take care of yourself!

Being Healthy is so important!
There is with no doubt a greater treasure than your health. That is something I have really learned throughout these past few months. It has been the winter season of sickness for us. There has never before been a winter in which we have been so struck by the sickies. Especially Leonie and I have been battling several flus this season. And no matter where you look - people are sick everywhere. Why is that? What is happening? I thought we were prepared properly immune system-wise for the cold season. Well, I guess that was a mistake. 

Thankfully Leonie is already on the mend, the meds kicked in so fast that she is already doing so much better! Makes my heart happy to see that my girl isn't suffering anymore. I hate when she is sick and there is nothing I can really do. So glad I took her to see the doctor and he gave her the right medicine. Looks as though I will need a few more days to feel the same way, but I started getting sick 3 days after her, so I should be fine during the next few days.

Guys, take care of yourselves. If you aren't feeling well, listen to your body and don't wait too long to do something! The daughter of a friend of mine didn't listen to the signs of her body and is now hospitalized with a severe case of pneumonia. Don't be lightheaded and ignore what your body is trying to tell you. Watch out for yourselves!

Happy Wednesday and thank you a million for all the kind well wishes! 
You guys are the best!
Hugs xxx


Sick Day

This is pretty much how I feel today. The doctor diagnosed a bronchitis for both Leonie and I. Leonie is even off worse with prospective pneumonia - we're both on antibiotics coughing and sneezing the day away. So please excuse that I will be a bit absent from the internet today.

Have a great day and thank you all so much for all the well wishes yesterday!

Hugs xxx


MacroMonday // Glass Beads - Glasperlen

A new week is here which means it's time for a new edition of MacroMonday - joining in with Steffi from glasklar & kunterbunt once again. Today's macros are from my bead case, these beautiful glass beads in mint and olive hues - I think they are pretty whimsical, don't you?

My choices were limited this time around as I am still home with the flu. It has gotten worse, so I will be off to see the doctor later today. I don't know exactly what it is this winter season, but everyone seems to be sick all the time. It's either the flu with an awful cough keeping you up all night or it's the stomach flu draining your body of fluids. It's crazy - we've never been so affected by either one of them ever before. And to think that we are outside a lot, no matter what weather, one would think our immune system was a bit stronger. 

Hoping your week is off to e healthy start. Take care.
Hugs xxx


Project 52 // Capturing Week 4

Project 52 / Week 4
It's been a fast week - I took Tuesday off from work, because my old position at work had already been assigned to someone else and my new position didn't start before Wednesday, so I decided to take a day off. It's crazy how those days off go by on a whim. You plan on doing so many things and then you can barely get half of them done.

Snow decided to come back last night, I shot the pic of the footprints on our morning walk today. I think they belong to a deer. The 2 cent pic was taken while I was playing around with my new macro rings for MacroMonday. Same thing goes for the jar filled with squinkies. The orchid, well, I just can't help myself, I just have to snap em every now and then. 

The goat in the lower right pic is from a framed Chinese calendar my sister brought back for me from her 3 year stay in Shanghai. And since it is the Chinese year of the sheep/goat, I just had to shoot the goat. Maybe I'll show a pic of the entire frame next week - it's pretty neat.

We've been having a mild case of the sickies these past few days. Leonie started with coughing and a light fever and somehow I must have decided to join her sometime during the night from Friday to Saturday - ergo this weekend is spent drinking lots of tea and snuggling under blankets while knitting a pair of socks for myself. 

How was your week 4? What were you up to? Is it snowing in your part of the world?

Happy Sunday, friends and thanks for stopping by!
Hugs xxx


National Handwriting Day // January 23rd 2015

National Handwriting Day

Yesterday was national handwriting day. Well - not here in Germany, but as I consider myself part American, I do pay attention to the national celebration days (is that even how you call them), because I think they are fun. This one is especially appealing to me, because I love to write. I enjoy jotting down notes, I love writing letters or scribbling a quote onto something at work for me to see it for encouragement throughout the day.

I saw photos about national handwriting day pop up in my Instagram feed yesterday and they put a smile on my face in an instant. I knew I just had to write about my love of writing. I mean, it is kind of obvious that a blogger is fond of writing. But that's not the point - the point is to write something with a pen on a piece of paper. duh

Isn't it just so much fun to write something on a good piece of paper with a "special" pen? I have this thing for fountain pens. I prefer LAMY. Always have. Here in Germany children write with fountain pens at school. From grade 1 to grade 4 they have to write cursive. It is important to know how to properly write. There are even different kinds of cursive and the part of Germany you come from defines which type your child has to learn. 

Leonie, my daughter, and I enjoy browsing the pen and paper section of a store. We never leave without purchasing at least one new pen or a few postcards to write and send out or maybe even a new notebook. Notebooks - how much fun it is to leaf through the fresh and clean pages imagining all the things you can fill them with.

Do you write - maybe you have pen pals and write on a regular basis? Or maybe you simply enjoy writing things down in a special to you place to remind you of certain things?

I have a few pen pals - and speaking of, I should really get to writing, because I have some catching up to do!

Happy weekend xxx


Friday Finds // For the Home

For the Home

For the Home by chrissyza 

This week's Friday Finds are a collection of pretty things for your home. I have an affinity for browsing the net searching for things that inspire me. Be it clothing, home decor, quotes, words or about anything that catches my eye. It's a fun way to get inspiration for ideas to make little changes here and there to spruce up your everyday.
Isn't that origami bird pillow amazing? I have this thing for origami. I've tried it myself and I have to say that it is somewhat relaxing to fold those little colored paper squares. Although I also have to admit that it can be a bit frustrating if the end result hardly resembles the sample. Well, I guess it's the thought that counts, right?

So, what have you been up to this week 4 of 2015? Any origami folding happening in you neck of the woods? haha

Happy Friday xxx


Thursday // Awkward & Awesome

Awkward & Awesome

- This young fellow driving behind me the other day. It was getting dark, the streets were covered in snow and it was a bit slippery. He drove so close that I could barely see his head lights in my rear mirror. I was worried that if I had to hit the breaks he wouldn't be able to stop on time and hit me. Man, that kind of driving is so aggravating - keep your distance!

- I have this one co-worker from another department - she cannot stand that I was the one who got promoted since she has been with the company far longer that I have. It's not about skills for her - she thinks she is the one deserving a raise and not me, the much younger co-worker. I guess some people just don't have any sense of self-evaluation at all.

- Why is it that when I cast on for a new knitting project I am already dreaming about the next one and can't wait to get this one finished so I can start with the next new one. Can I have another pair of hands, please? haha


- Becoming a member of this wonderful and fun group Authentic Bloggers and connecting with so many amazing bloggers from all over the world! I have been so busy adding blog links to my feedly, checking out new Instagram peeps etc. So much fun!

- My new job - it's so much fun. Sorry for constantly talking about it - it's just that my career is a very important part of my life and I am super happy with the way this year got started. Keep it up 2015!

- Went to the library yesterday to finally get this audio book, because it makes knitting and "reading" so much easier for me, and as Leonie and I were entering I caught a glimpse of a lady at the check out that seemed so familiar. I didn't recognize her at first but after looking again I did. We used to go to the same play group with our kids when they were 2 years old - that was 10 years ago. And we sometimes met at the park or babysat our kids. When we moved to the States we lost sight of each other and got out of touch, but here she was. She instantly hugged me and we spent the next 30 minutes or so chatting about the last 10 years. So much fun catching up and setting a date for lunch soon!

How has your week been so far? Anything exciting going on?
Happy Thursday - Hugs xxx


New Year // New Job

New Job

Today was the first day at my new job and it was awesome. It's with the same company but in a different department. My old job was a position within the sales department. I was a customer account representative responsible for customers' inquiries, offers, confirmations of purchase orders, delivery dates etc. It was fun, but not really diversified. Although there is something comforting about a daily routine, I do like a little challenge here and there to not get bored. After all I spend a good amount of time at work, so why not have fun doing my job?!

I have been writing about job-related changes before and at first I was talking about a position at another company I had been offered, until my current superior called me into his office to make me yet another even better offer for an opening. I am now head of purchasing. Yay. And as far as I can tell after the first few hours into this new position is that I absolutely love it already. I couldn't be more happy. My new co-workers are really nice, I bet we will get along really well.

I was a bit antsy this morning in the car on my way to work. I already new all the people I am now working closely with, but never really had much to do with them, so I wasn't sure how they would be. I must say my worries were absolutely arbitrary, because they are all super nice and accepted me from the first minute.

I am excited to see where this new chapter of my life is heading - I have a feeling this could be really good!

How was your day? Did anything exciting rock your world today?

Hugs xxx

P.S. And remember to come on over to Authentic Bloggers.


Authentic Bloggers // Come and join us.

Authentic Bloggers

I have been blogging for plus minus 6 years now. And I have seen it all. When I first got started I was stoked by all the beautiful blogs that were out there with their neat designs, hundreds and thousands of followers, perfect pictures and beautiful homes. Of course I wanted that as well. Everyone did. Blogging became my main part of the day. Time spent away from the computer was filled with worries I would miss out on something or not be part of something special. And I have seen a lot of blogs come and go.

At the time it was all about the numbers. How many followers, how many pageviews you had, the number of comments per post, bounce rate, seo, choosing the right title and the right labels. Having giveaways with several follow options, sponsor ads, raffelcopter, social media links, online bullying - (yes, I was bullied and accused of stealing someone else's idea)…phew 

It was exhausting.

Life itself had been put a bit on the back burner. All that counted was my online life. Until one day I noticed that it was wrong. I was missing out on real life versus spending my free time in front of a screen. It wasn't about all of the things I mentioned above. Those weren't important. My real life was important. Seeing my daughter grow up and spending quality time with my loved ones - that's what matters most!

Being a blogger is fun. I love my online space and I enjoy sharing my life, thoughts and ideas with my dear online friends. But it's not so much about the blogging and having a perfect layout anymore - it's about doing what I love. No matter how many people read it or like it. It's about me.

I have been lucky to connect with this wonderful Facebook group called "Authentic Bloggers" - a group of like minded bloggers sharing their thoughts with others appreciating what they do. Krysten from "Why Girls are Weird" brought this awesome group to life. Within this group we talk about everything and support each other. Be it job-related or something personal, we share our thoughts on blogging, we talk about our families, our struggles and we share the fun stuff.

Are you a blogger and are on Facebook looking for others to connect with? Perfect! We are looking for bloggers who are passionate about what they do and want to be an active part of the group! Come on over and request to become a member of Authentic Bloggers - we'd love to have you!

Happy Blogging!
Hugs xxx


MacroMonday // Orchid


"A warm smile is the universal language of kindness."
- William Arthur Ward

Linking up with Steffi from glasklar & kunterbunt.
Happy Monday.
Hugs xxx


Project 52 // Capturing Week 3

It's been a "normal" week again - the first normal week of the year. Normal schedule, no holidays, normal craziness. Leonie had several tests at school, one of which was Geography ergo the globe. She studied the continents, the oceans, and how to define the location of a certain place on the globe or a map, the degrees of latitude and longitude, the location of the equator etc. She did well and is in high hopes of a good grade. 

The pup has still been a bit under weather due to the trouble with her joints - we went to the vet and had her examined who put her on antibiotics and some pain killers, but I think she is on the mend and on the way to her normal self again. It's always so heartbreaking when your pets suffer and you can't really tell what's wrong because they can't tell you. I am just not a normal person when they are not ok, so I am very glad she is doing a bit better. 

Yesterday we went on a sushi date with our girl. Leonie loves sushi and we love trying out new kinds every once in a while! Afterwards we strolled through our local mall, it's just a small mall, but we had fun nevertheless. Today will be spent LAZY. The husband and daughter went to an indoor waterpark and I am trying to catch up on blog reading and will probably cast on for another shawl after that.

What are you up to today? Any fun plans? Due tell!

Hugs and happy Sunday xxx


Taking Stock

Taking Stock

loving: this!
knitting: yet another fair isles winter hat 
cooking: pasta with homemade pesto
drinking: chai latte
wanting: Spring, now!
playing: MUJO - APP of the week = addiction
wasting: too many thoughts on undeserving others
enjoying: the weekend - sleeping in, yay!
listening: Jon Hopkins "Asleep Versions" - so mesmerizing
wandering: how my new position at work will be
hoping: for the rain to STOP
marveling: fair isles patterns as I make them up
needing: ME-TIME
smelling: my new perfume from Narcisso Rodriguez
wearing: chucks
following: my guidelines for a better me (more on that  next week)
noticing: who really is your friend when it comes down to it
knowing: time does heal wounds
thinking: I should take more time for reading
giggling: about kitty paws massaging my belly in bed to wake me up
watching: Dexter for the first time - LOVE IT
observing: how others see me

So, what have you been up to so far this year? And what are your plans for the weekend? Hope it's a good one!

Hugs xxx


Friday Finds // Weekly Links

Friday Finds

Can it get any more delicious than this banoffee pavlova?

How awesome is this cute jute bobble basket? And it's crochet!

Love this print - it's so true! Would look great in our bathroom.

My daughter and I want to travel to Amsterdam this year. It's only a 6-hour-drive away from us - so come spring, come the tulips, we will be hitting the road!

These tricks used for levitation shots are amazing!

Rachel Baran's photography is exceptionally beautiful!

Have you seen the trailer to American Sniper or did you already watch it in theatres?

My heart melts seeing these pics - there is nothing better than adopting a pet!

How would you like spending a weekend here? So romantic!

Speaking of romantic - love letters, guys! Me as a linguaphile swoons over these words!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
Hugs xxx


True Story // I have a thing for OXYMORONS

I am a Linguaphile.
I am a linguaphile - I love words and languages. My first language is German, duh what with being born and mostly raised in Germany. My second language is English. We moved to the States for the first time when I was 6 and returned when I was almost 11 - so English is kind of like a first language to me as well. My third language is French. Starting 7th grade I picked French and maintained studying until I graduated from high school. I let it "slumber" for the next few years until I picked it back up for my job.

I would love to learn another language sometime, maybe Italian or Spanish. I am not sure yet, but I definitely want to learn more languages in the future. Do you speak more than one language? Which one?

I love words and especially those we don't really use that often on a daily basis. How do you call those words? Loanwords? I enjoy using them and I love finding new words to use for my writing on my blog or for letters. Sometimes I even write short stories to maybe someday write a whole book and that's where I can make use of new-to-me found words.

And it's really true - I have a thing for OXYMORONS:

oxymoron (plural oxymorons or oxymora)
  1. figure of speech in which two words with opposing meanings are used together intentionally for effect.

True story for example is an oxymoron already. These are some of my favorites:

another one                            spitfire
ice water                                lonesome
permanent change                  highland
sleep walk                              ironwood
silent alarm                            earthstar
terribly nice                            houseboat
pretty ugly                              nightlight
modern history                       seashore
hopelessly optimistic               weekday

Do you like using words you find interesting? Words that others, like me, might even have to google to figure out their meaning? I love googling for new words!

Happy Thursday, friends!
Hugs xxx


How I feel Wednesday // in five photos

Melissa a dear fellow blogger from so about what I said does these posts on Wednesdays. I always enjoy them very much and come to think of it - I never did one of my own. Why haven't I you might ask. Well, to be quite honest, I have no idea. So, without further ado - here is my "How I feel (in 5 photos) Wednesday":

Will you take my heart?

City Streets

Desert Sky

Coffee all Day

Winter Forest
Image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

"Life isn't about finding yourself -
Life is about creating yourself."

- George Bernhard Shaw

Happy Wednesday


Advancement // As part of my OLW THRIVE

Thrive - OLW
As part of my journey with my One Little Word® THRIVE I am aiming for growth and development in many aspects of my life. One of which would be my career. I want to move on and I want to advance professionally. In 2014 I felt like I was running in circles all the time hardly moving forward.

I knew I needed a change in order to find progress and so I started looking for another position - a position which would grant me the possibility of growing in the direction I wanted things to go. At first it was very discouraging as I didn't seem to find the right match. There was always a catch. Boy it is so hard looking for a part time position which gives you room to advance career-wise. 

Then in early fall I finally found a job opening that seemed promising. It looked as though it combined everything I was looking for. It was challenging because it included new/ different responsibilities than my job before. The hours were ok and the pay was, well, let's just say it had room for improvement, but seemed ok at that point. 

One day after my interview I got a call - the call - they wanted to hire me from the spot. Yay! I was ├╝ber-happy, but also felt weird somehow. Something didn't seem quite right, it all went so smooth,  too smooth. But in order to thrive you just have to take risks, right? 

A few days later I sat in the office of my current supervisor and told him about the career opportunity. He was shocked. He didn't want to let me go. He made me an offer I just could not reject! Guys, I got a new job within the company I was and still am with, and it is all I wanted and more. Great working hours - a bit more than before and that is exactly what I wanted now that Leonie is getting older and school days are getting longer. The pay is - whoa! And the best thing is, I am starting my new position next week! woohoo - I am so excited and cannot wait to move on to this next chapter of my career!

I've said it before and I am saying it again - 2015 will be amazing!

Is there something new and exciting going on in your life? Maybe you got promoted or you are moving? Maybe you found out that your family is growing? 

Happy Tuesday, friends xxx


MacroMonday // Frozen

This is my first edition of MacroMonday of 2015. I stumbled upon this fun photography linkup late last fall on Steffi's blog glasklar & kunterbunt - a dear fellow German blogger. If you are into photography, especially macros, you should definitely head on over and join in on the fun!

"Or if the secret ministry of frost shall hang them up in silent icicles,
quietly shining at the quiet moon."

- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Happy Monday!
Hugs xxx


Project 52 // Capturing Week 2

Project 52 Week 2
Week 2 was a fast one due to the holiday we had here in southern Germany on the 6th. So, returning to work on Wednesday calling for a short week at the office was very appreciated. It made it a lot easier getting back into the swing of things, especially with the sleep situation I had last week thanks to the full moon. I am now back to a normal-to-me sleep schedule, I have always had trouble falling asleep - I might have to look into that a bit deeper, maybe I should change some of my eating habits or overthink my caffeine intake along the day. mmh…

Well, as always the weekend has come and gone way too fast, but let's not complain - it's been a good one and nothing lasts forever, right?

Are you doing Project 52? Or may Project 365? Leave a link in the comments, so I can come over to see your photo(s) of week 2! You can find all my Project 52 posts over here.

Wishing you all a nice Sunday!
Hugs xxx


5 Things // Vol. 01

It's Saturday and the weather here in southern Germany is anything but nice. It's super windy with rain which melted all the snow, it's cold and just not comfortable to go outside. The perfect weather to    nestle down in a cozy blanket on the couch with a new knitting project on my needles and a good movie on tv. But, first things first:

Here are my first 5 things of 2015

1. Our home away from home - Chicago. It's been on my mind a lot these past few days. I guess it's the melancholy a new year brings along. We are planning a trip there this year! YIKES!

2. I have been a lot better at using my "big" camera. I now take it on walks with the pup and leave my iPhone at home on purpose, so I don't get distracted from taking photos with my dslr.

3. There is this little lake near our home and we love going there for walks. Especially Kyra, our pup, loves walking alongside the water's edge occasionally jumping into it.

4. SPRING - I cannot wait for it. It's weird, but once the holidays are over I have this longing for warmer weather, green grass and bursting buds everywhere. For now, some tulips will have to do.

5. Leonie, our daughter is well on her way to becoming a teenager, but there are still signs of childhood in her room which I treasure dearly.

Isn't it the little things that help keep us going even if there a bumps ahead? For example peeking into my daughter's room seeing her in everything that's there always puts a smile on my face! And seeing those tulips on the kitchen table when I enter the room immediately makes my heart happy.  Or finding little "treasures" along the way to capture with my lens when taking the pup for a walk and then looking at my photos on the computer screen making them even more special with a few personal touches.

What makes your heart happy when you are feeling bit down? Is there something that makes your heart happy only by the sight of it?

Have a wonderful weekend no matter where you are or what you're up to!
Hugs xxx


Friday Finds // Weekly Links

Friday Finds

Week 2 of 2015 has come and gone - I know, I say this every year, but time just seems to keep on flying by. I'm glad it's Friday though, it's been a rough week sleep-wise, so I sure need some extra snoozes this weekend. Here are some things I found around the internet you might like as well:

These amazing photos of Trey Ratcliff are so breathtakingly beautiful, they make me want to travel the world right away.

How cute are these Japanese stamps for the year of the sheep - on the one from 12 years ago the sheep is knitting and on this year's stamp the sheep is wearing its knitted scarf.

I love puzzles - if you're like me, you will like this as well! Enjoy.

Simple and yet so delicious! Greek Quinoa Dinner Omelet!

Knitting can be tricky and a good tip here or there is very helpful. Here are some things every knitter should know.

Speaking of knitting - in case you prefer crochet, have you ever done interlocked crochet? So pretty.

Now that the holidays are behind us, my longing for Spring is even bigger than before!

Have you ever thought about naming your photos?

So - how was your week? Did you do anything fun?

Hugs xxx


Co-Workers // The 'evil' force at the office.

:: image source:: editing by The Brave Wanderer

Do you have a co-worker that likes passing his work on to you? Someone who doesn't like doing his job and thinks you don't notice him taking advantage of your collegial spirit towards others. Watching you struggle with getting everything done on time, sitting there playing solitaire or browsing the internet while you do his work?

Yes, you do have a co-worker like the one described above? Well, congratulations and welcome to the club. I even have two of those "nice" co-workers sitting in an office together with. They both try and pass their work on to me. And the funny thing about it is, that when one of them leaves the room, the other starts blaspheming about the other one trying to pass on their work to me.  How coniving is that?

Why are people so devious? And how can they live with themselves being that way? Don't they have a guilty conscience at all? I just don't get it. You know, I am the type of person who enjoys their job. Wouldn't it be awful going to a job every single day which you don't enjoy? Maybe even despise? I like having a desk full of work in the morning and leaving a clean workspace behind when it's time to go home in the afternoon. I don't enjoy sitting around having nothing to do, so I tend to ask my co-workers to give me some of their work, once I am done with mine. I am a fast worker and have been told several times to slow down. But I just can't. I have to work at a certain "speed" otherwise I go nuts! There is nothing more annoying to me than having hours left at the office with nothing to do. So, I literally ask for work. 

And that's where they come in. 

They try to take advantage of that. It's like they work slow on purpose only to hand me their pile of paper once I am done with mine. And sometimes I will help them and do some of their work, because I am a team player. But not all the time. Don't want to pamper them, do I?! Just kidding, I am not a mean person, not per se. It's just that if I do their work for them all the time, what do they have left to do? Why let them browse the internet or do their private 'paper work' all the time, when they are at the office for a purpose and they get paid for it. 

They even wander off sometimes having to "get something from the archives" which takes them forever and if you're lucky, you will run into them in the hallway chatting with another co-worker from another department. I just love their faces when they feel caught.

I do have some nice co-workers though! Not just those two. Thank goodness! I guess they are the exception to the rule - how sad would it be if there were only co-workers that are manipulative in one way or another. Today was just one of those days at the office where both of them tried passing on their piles of work to me, because they just didn't want to do it. Today was also a day where I said NO - which I really need to do more often! 

Happy Thursday, friends!
Hugs xxx


Full Moon // You turn me into a LUNAtic.

Full Moon
:: source ::

I haven't slept well in days. It's always the same during a full moon. Once the moon is full I can't get any rest during the night. It keeps my awake. It keeps my mind so busy. Once the moon is waning again, I can finally sleep again. According to this calendar of this year's moon phases the moon is in a waning phase starting today, which means in all likelihood I will sleep tonight.

But why is it, that a full moon keeps some people awake? Even our kitty couldn't find any rest last night and kept playing with her little mouse toy all night long (which added to me going nuts, ha). Some studies say that we take longer to fall asleep and our sleep is lighter - there are lots of different explanations online. None of which are really proven. I know that I can hardly fall asleep during a full moon no matter how tired I am and in the morning I feel like I haven't slept at all. I just hope that I can find some rest tonight, because I am really starting to turn into a LUNAtic zombie over here. 

How about you - does a full moon affect your sleep or does it bother you at all?

Happy Wednesday, friends
Hugs xxx


Currently // Vol. 01

Today is the last day of my 2 week long winter vacation. I can't quite believe it's already over, feels like Christmas has just been here. But then again, I know it will be a good thing being back to a "normal" schedule again. School will start again tomorrow as well - yesterday and today were off, because today is a national holiday here in southern Germany, Epiphany. A nice little perk we get living in this area.

So, currently I am enjoying the last few hours of this day, snuggled up in a blanket, having a cup of joe watching the fog crawl in upon us outside my office window. It's amazing how you can actually watch it coming closer covering us with a blanket of clouds.

Last night I cast on for another winter hat - not a fair isle pattern this time - currently I am obsessed with cables, so this one will be a cable one. I might even open up an Etsy shop again, I've been getting so many requests for winter hats. We'll see. We also finished seasons 1-3 of "American Horror Story" on Netflix and got started watching "Orphan Black" - is anyone else watching that show?

This morning I started a new book, Seven Days for an Eternity by Marc Levy (anyone read it already?) - it's been sitting on my nightstand for way too long and after several people had recommended it to me, I finally got started. I am not on Goodreads, yet, but I think signing up is only a matter of time. Are you on Goodreads? 

Now, this puts me in kind of a dilemma though, because I can either read or knit, not both at the same time, or how do you manage to do both at the same time? Maybe I should switch to audio books. ha But, honestly, how do you do both at the same time? Please share your tricks!

Happy reading!
Hugs xxx


You unfollowed me. // Does that me you don't like me?

Like - Unlike

How do you feel when someone unfollows you on a social platform? Do you feel offended or are you sad? Maybe your feelings are hurt and you ask yourself why that person decided to unfollow you? I used to be offended when I noticed that someone unfollowed me, no matter the social platform. I just recently noticed that some of my followers on Instagram had decided to unfollow my account. I did not unfollow them in return. After all it is everyone's decision which accounts they want to follow or not. Maybe they were bored by my photos. Maybe they were just "cleaning out" their feed because it can get busy in there when you follow a bunch of people. 

I like following other accounts that are appealing to me in some kind of way. Either I enjoy their amazing photography from around the world, or I admire their talent in painting or sewing or any other craft. I might follow an account because I also follow that person's blog and enjoy keeping up with them. After all it's a big community this online world. And from time to time - I too go through my followings and maybe hit the unfollow button for some reason or another. There is nothing wrong about unfollowing someone. 

Of course, I ask myself why someone unfollowed me, be it on IG, Facebook or my blog. I ask myself because, if it was due to something I did "wrong", something I could do better or different, I would like to do just that in order to make my feed more appealing. Although for the most part I do all of this (my blog, Facebook, IG, twitter etc.) for myself - it's undeniable that I enjoy others acknowledging what I do by commenting and following - don't we all!

I do not have any hard feelings if someone decides to not wanting to be a part of my journey any longer and hits unfollow. Honestly, I don't blame them! How do you feel about that? I would really love to know!

Happy Monday, friends xxx


Project 52 / Capturing Week 1

Project 52 Week 1

Week 1 was spent lazy, squeezing in some extra snoozes (especially from the furry family members) and taking several walks with the pup. We enjoyed the snow that surprised us during Christmas but has disappeared since. I made some time for knitting while binge watching Netflix with my girls. Christmas has been packed away and I feel like I can breathe again in our home. Somehow it always seems a bit cluttered after having the Christmas decor out for a while and packing it all away somehow has something very liberating. Don't you think?

Now, tell me, how was your first week of 2015? Did you have to head back to work already or were you able to start the year a bit slower as well?

Hugs xxx


How we like spending a rainy Saturday

life lately
(don't mind the sloppy handwriting - I am still figuring things out with my new wacom tablet)

Being on vacation is so wonderful. We chose this to be a lazy one spent at home and I am so loving it. Today we decided to stay at home, binge watching our favorite shows on Netflix, knitting a new hat for my girl cozied up underneath our fluffy new blankets we got for Christmas. Just the way to spend a rainy snowy Saturday. 

Our pup and kitty don't mind cuddling up on the sofa next to us, sneaking in some extra snoozes. Our kitty watching the birds surrounding the bird feeder on our patio and our pup snoring the day away. She has been having some issues with her joints (the perks of reaching a certain age) and so a warm blanket is perfectly fine for her.

How do you spend rainy and gloomy days? I bet you don't mind staying in underneath a comfy blanket either, do you?

Enjoy your weekend, friends!
Hugs xxx


January Thoughts

january thoughts

The beginning of a year is always filled with a certain amount of melancholy. It's like you're in a haze not yet sure where the road will lead you. Normally that first day of the new year feels weird, letting go of the past and welcoming the new can be hard. For me this year came with great anticipation, I couldn't wait to let go of the old year and yet, even though things still feel like they did a few days ago, I know change is happening. It just takes a while and it sure doesn't come on its own - you have to do something in order for things to change.

Once the first few weeks have passed by, it will show where you are headed. A big milestone for me will be my birthday on February 19th - I will be 39 this year. One more year until I reach the big 40 and I really want to make this year count. Maybe I will even come up with one of those "40 before 40" lists - some simple things I could accomplish until I reach my 2016 birthday.

But for now I am getting used to writing 2015 and enjoying a few more days off, until I head back to the office on January 7th and Leonie goes back to school. Sleeping in and late breakfasts have been a favorite of ours this past week and I can tell you, I could really get used to that!

What have you been up to? How was your first day of 2015? Do you feel like in a haze as well? 

Hugs xxx

photo taken by me and edited using picmonkey handwriting by me using my Wacom tablet

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