Project 52 // Week 19 - 22

Project 52 // Week 19-20
Project 52 // Week 21-22

As you might already know and probably have noticed, I haven't really been around a lot lately. Which means a lot of photos have piled up. Here is a collection of the past few weeks. 

A lot of green has been going on - what can I say, I just enjoy spending time in my yard! I love watching everything grow. So much fun. I also enjoy sitting in between all the greens with a book or my summer shawl which is about to be completed after some serious frogging and yarn untangling. I cannot wait to get that off my needles - new yarn is already waiting to be turned into yet another cute summer shawl!

Well, it's the weekend - yesterday was the mister's birthday - we spent the evening at a wonderful Greek restaurant in the city. Such good food - I hardly made it home, I was so stuffed. Back on the sofa we watched Man of Steel on Netflix - great movie. I hit the hay shortly after being super exhausted from this 4-day but so packed week at work.

I am off to start a new book - The last Days of Rabbit Hayes by Anna McPartlin. Have you read it? Can't wait to get started. 

Happy Weekend!
Hugs xxx


Awkward & Awesome

Ducks in a pond at the park


  • at the grocery store buying cottage cheese and the lady at the cash register asking me "who in the world would buy cottage cheese" - uh, me if that's ok with you. Thank you.
  • a neighbor watching the mister enter our driveway commenting on my daughter sitting next to my husband who picked her up from a friend's house - uh, and this concerns him why?! (what he didn't know is that I was in the backyard "hidden" behind our privacy fence hearing everything he said)
  • walking the pup and not really moving forward because all she wants to do is eat grass and roll over in it


  • watched "A World Beyond" with the family last Monday and we really liked it - great story
  • listening to Taylor Swift on my way to work in the morning - really awesome!
  • Re-runs of Pirates of the Caribbean - so much fun
  • loving my new bike - riding absolutely helps clear my mind
  • weekend ice cream dates with my favorite people 
  • the weekend is almost here, guys, one more day! yay

What's been awkward and awesome in your world lately? Hope your week has been fab so far!

Hugs xxx


Thoughts on being a mom

Time flies. You say that a lot when you're a mom. Watching your child grow up way too fast. You wish you could hit the pause button every now and then to slow things down. At first when everyone tells you to cherish every moment and to live in the moment because time passes by so fast, you don't believe it. But as the years go by and your child goes from baby to toddler, enters preschool and then gradeschool until you have a teenager stuck right in the middle of puberty. 

Whoa - where has time gone. 

Sometimes I look at Leonie and ask myself that exact question. Did I cherish every moment? Did I take it all in, so there's enough there when she's grown up? Do I remember her baby scent and the touch of her soft squishy skin? Did I do everything I could have done? Did I do it right? Am I still? This truly brings tears to my eyes.

I know I didn't cherish every moment the way I should have. I couldn't. Being a mom requires so much. It takes control of your whole being and sometimes there just isn't enough time to really take it all in. Sometimes life is too busy and stressful to be in that exact moment the way you should be. 

Life can be overwhelming. Forcing you to rush through a moment. To rush through a day, or two and sometimes even a few more. It's ok. That's normal. No one has the time to truly take it all in the entire time. Don't be so hard on yourself. Don't judge everything you do. You're doing a great job. Keep up the good work. 

Us moms and dads we work intuitively. One look at your children shows you that you are doing everything right. So, no worries - you are taking it all in. Sometimes you just don't know.

Hugs xxx


Currently // May

Life Lately

So, yeah, here I am again and it feels like a million years since my last post. Ok, not quite THAT long, but you get the idea. What can I say, life is busy and at the end of the day there is just not that much time left for my online life at the moment. I'll take what I can get and I will take it as it is, right now. I know it will change again. I guess this time of year with the weather and all (although it has been raining on and off these past few days) we just tend to spend more time outdoors in real life rather than sitting in front of a computer, after sitting in front of a computer at work for over 6 hours before that. At least in my case. So, enough of that - here's what's been going on over here lately:

listening: Balbina - a German artist I cannot seem to get enough of these days

reading: a few tabloids and gardening magazines

eating: fresh pineapple and salads

wearing: SANDALS!!

laughing: Chris D'Elia - anyone else?

riding: my new mountain bike feeling like a teenager all over again

drinking: iced tea with crushed ice 

knitting: still working on that one summer shawl - had to frog a few rows…argh

watching: A World Beyond with the family yesterday - enjoyed it a lot

also watching: Bad Blood - Taylor Swift

What's been going on in your lives lately? I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend - we, too, had a bank holiday here yesterday, so we were able to enjoy a 3-day-weekend. Ah, pure bliss!

Wishing y'all a fab week!

Hugs xxx


Project 52 // Week 19 + 20

Project 52 // Week 19 + 20
The past two weeks were filled with pretty much everything. Leonie celebrated her 12th birthday, I can't believe she is already 12. Feels like we just brought her home and now we're right in the middle of being in the middle of puberty. Whoa, I can tell you, it's intense

Pup and kitty are content as always being with their humans enjoying life to the fullest and they so deserve it! Giving love unconditionally and endlessly. They are awesome and I wouldn't want to miss life with them (cat puke and picking up dog poo included, HA). 

My garden - ah, I am so in love and enjoy spending time there. I love seeing the plants I brought home grow and thrive, I enjoy digging in the soil, bringing life to it. It's really rewarding seeing a plant turn into something beautiful right in front of your eyes. Is this a sign of getting older? Maybe, but who cares…I love it!

Coffee breaks have been enjoyed on the patio, listening to the sweet sounds of nature. A bee flying by, watching ants build a home and take care of their own. A sparrow built his nest under our roof shingles and since yesterday you can hear the babies screaming for food - so amazing! 

So, what's been going on in your neck of the woods these past 2 weeks? Any bird babies chirping under your roof?

Hugs and Happy Sunday xxx


Happy Friday V15.7

Happy Friday V15.7
I have been really absent lately. But I am not going to apologize for it. Sometimes life just takes over and leaves no extra time for other things. Blogging had to be put on the back burner, even though I have really missed it and every single one of you.

I hope to be around more often again. I have some serious catching up to do - I want to know what's been going on in your lives these past few days. Hope all is well and life has been treating you good!

10 Things I am Happy about this Week

1. Another 4-day weekend due to Father's Day here in Germany yesterday, I have the day off today.

2. A shopping trip to the city with my girl later today.

3. My Alliums (s. pic above) are blooming all over my garden and they make my heart full.

4. Knitting on the patio enjoying the silence and listening to the sounds of nature.

5. Friends stopping by just because.

6. Kitty purrs next to me when I wake up in the morning.

7. Getting to meet a friend's new born baby girl - Johanna.

8. BBQ with the family.

9. Tickets to go see a German comedian this summer.

10. Daydreaming about our upcoming vacation the the Baltic Sea in August.

So, what are you happy about this week? 

Happy Friday.
Hugs xxx


Happy Birthday, Leonie!

Happy Birthday!
Yesterday was a big day - my girl, Leonie, turned 12! Whoa - I cannot believe it's already been twelve years since we brought her into this world. It's been a whirlwind ever since she was born. I am proud to be her mom and get to watch her grow up, helping shape the person she is becoming. 

I might be a bit biased, of course, I am her mom, but she is one hell of a wonderful person, she has a loving and giving soul, cares for others and you can always rely on her. She is awesome and I cannot wait to see where life will lead her.

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y

We love you more than words can say!

Hugs xxx


Kyra // She has my Heart

This is Kyra. Our Greek pup. We adopted her back in 2007. She had just arrived at the pet shelter from Greece. Someone wanted to "get rid" of her on the island but a merciful man rescued her and lots of other stray dogs that had been "thrown away" for various reasons.

She was very anxious when we first met her. She had been harmed and had already suffered a lot at a very young age. She had been broken, when all she was looking for was love.

We took her on a walk to get to know her. First her tail was squeezed between her legs under her belly. She was scared. During the walk though it came out from underneath her body and she held it proudly into the air. We were sold.

We brought her home. To give her the love she so deserved. And ever since she has been giving nothing back but love. She is one of the kindest souls I know. She is so special and dear to us. We love her more than words could ever describe. 

We love watching her grow old with us. We have been through a lot together. Not to mention moving overseas with her only to return to Germany after 3 years. She was such a trooper on both flights. She's the best.

We have been lucky to spend so many years with her already and I hope there are many more to come. I cannot imagine a life without her. She just has my heart.

Love you, Kiki.

Hugs xxx


Be Kind - Make a difference

Be Kind

It's so easy to not be kind. People tend to rush through the day, not looking left or right, just doing their thing not paying attention to others. Being rude, hateful and hurtful. Being aggressive, forcing one to react offended and bitter.

Nothing good comes from such behaviour. It only makes everyone even more rude, hurtful, bitter and offended. Why not try and be kind. It's such a good feeling putting a smile on someone's face. Maybe you let someone go first at the check out. Or you held the door open for the person behind you. It's so easy.

This world we live in…we can make it a better place. We can be there for one another. We don't have to be weird, rude or hurtful. We don't have to be mean, bully or talk bad behind someone's back. Be kind and you will receive nothing but KINDNESS in return.

Make a difference, be the first and you will see what happens.

Hugs xxx


MacroMonday // The Bee's Knees

I shot this bee on my daily walk with the pup - I just had my iPhone on hand, but I couldn't not choose this one for today's MacroMonday over at Britta's blog.

I hope your week is/ was off to a good start - enjoy it!

Hugs xxx


Project 52 // Week 18

Project 52 // Week 18
It's been a fast week. I was sick at home with the stomach flu from Monday til Wednesday. Went back to work on Thursday and now enjoyed a 3-day-weekend due to a national holiday on Friday. I have been fighting a migraine for 3 whole days - I don't know how many painkillers it will take to finally get rid of it. It's been awful.

The weather has been rainy and gloomy, guess that's where the migraine comes from, but I still went outside to get fresh air. I am hoping to be better by tomorrow. Nonetheless we have been trying to make the most of 3 days off. Friday we opened BBQ season with our first grilled dinner of the year. My parents were over and we had a bliss. Thankfully I was able to "fade out" my massive headache for a few hours, it did come back during the night and took over my sleep.

Saturday was spent running errands, groceries and such necessities, a trip to the hardware store and some planting and mulching in our backyard later in the afternoon. Dinner consisted of leftovers from the day before - we threw some steaks onto the grill, I whipped up a salad and we had some French baguette with it.

It has been raining on and off today, but we did squeeze in a trip to a nearby carnival. Leonie and the mister went on some rides - the mister is now recovering on the sofa - I guess when you get older your stomach just doesn't appreciate such adventures. We are now back to relaxing before the weekend comes to an end and the normal stuff begins again tomorrow.

So, tell me, how has your weekend been so far? I hope it's a migraine free one!

Hugs xxx


Happy Friday V15.6

Welcome May
10 Things I am Happy about this Week

1. May is here, which means the weather will get better and better

2. a 3-day-weekend due to a national holiday today

3. my girl's 12th birthday on May 8th

4. being better after battling the stomach flu at the beginning of the week

5. first BBQ of the year is about to go down

6. laying in the sun

7. fresh mulch = love the smell of it

8. allium all over my garden

10. sleeping in

What's been good about your week and made you happy?

Hugs xxx

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