Happy Friday V15.8

Happy Friday
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-  It's the weekend!
- BBQ with the fam
- shopping for a new car
- movie night with my man
- a trip to our local pool
- staying up late - sleeping in
- meeting friends for iced coffee

What are your plans for the weekend?

Hugs xxx


Summer of 2015 // V15.1

Summer around here has been busy. School won't be out until the end of the month, so there has been a lot of studying for Leonie. Last tests are being written to sum up grades before sending home report cards. Somehow they all seem to fit them in towards the end which basically means there is a test or exam of some sort almost every day. On top of that there is a book report to be finished by Monday and a little play that needs to be rehearsed. Phew…

Work has been killing me - so much to do in addition to subbing for co-workers while they are on vacation. The temps have been in the 100's for days and there is no air-conditioning at the office. It has been hell! I won't be off for our vacation until August 19th, so I guess that means to hang in there as good as possible.

Our evenings have been spent at our local outside pool to cool off, which has been so much fun. Tons of people but also tons of friends there - such a great way to unwind from a "hard day's work". 

It has been hard for me to squeeze in online time - life is just so busy during the summer - I bet you can all agree. Hoping you all are enjoying your summer - what are you up to?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs xxx

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