Saturday's Saying

Saturday's Saying

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others.
And if you can't help them - 
at least don't hurt them.

- Dalai Lama

Happy weekend to y'all.
Hugs xxx


Happy Friday V15.10

Happy Friday
Another week has come and gone - and it's so crazy how time seems to be flying by faster by the day. We always say that - time flies by so quickly - but it is true. Every year it feels as though it goes by faster than the one before. Don't you think?

The following things made me extremely happy this past week:

1. Seeing "Pan" with my loved ones - such a sweet movie

2. A sushi date - you can always get me with sushi.

3. Some good laughs and great conversations at work.

4. Having fun getting the garden ready for winter.

5. Extra cuddles from my furry kids.

6. Snail mail - need I say more.

7. Christmas knitting.

8. A coffe date with a great friend.

9. Discovering new reads across blogland.

10. Re-connecting with "old" blogging friends - the best!

Now it's your turn to share what made you happy this past week? What's been going on in your neck of the woods that put a smile on your face.

Hugs xxx


Things I love Thursday.

Thursday Faves

Thursday Faves by chrissyza

Again my set is full of my two favorite colors this season - navy and burgundy. But, as you can see them anywhere and everywhere all over stores, it's no wonder I love them so much. The return of plaid is probably one reason why burgundy is such a big hit this year.

And culottes have been all over magazines here in Europe all summer long - I wonder if I can pull them off as my calves aren't the thinnest - I might give it a try, just to see how I feel in them. I remember when I was a kid, about 4 years old, they were really big here in Germany and I had this pair I loved wearing to pre-school. 

It is definitely true, every trend has its comeback - this one I really like!

Do you like culottes? Maybe you already got one? Or is this your first time hearing about them?

Hugs xxx


How I feel in 5 Words.

How are you

1. Accomplished.

2. Hopeful.

3. Excited.

4. Contemplative.

5. Settled.

Things have been steadily going well - knocking on wood over here. I hope it will stay that way and am excited of the things to come.

How are you feeling today? Hope all is well!

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week - thank you for stopping by.

Hugs xxx


Chia Pudding - a recipe

Chia Seeds
I am always on the lookout for ways to make our diet more healthy and have read and heard a lot about chia seeds in the past. A trip to the grocery store and a few tries later it's probably safe to say that we are hooked

The internet is full of recipes and ways to use chia seeds and I am sure most of you have already tried them and have your way of "using" them. I am clearly no food expert, but I thought I'd share one of our favorite ways to eat chia seeds. It's simple and easy, tastes delicious and looks nice, too.

R E C I P E - C H I A   P U D D I N G  à la  C H R I S S Y


- 1 cup milk (almond, soy or real milk - whatever tickles your fancy)
- 1 cup plain low-fat Greek yoghurt 
- 2 tablespoons maple syrup or honey plus 3-4 teaspoons for serving
- 1/4 cup chia seeds
- 1 cup sliced kiwi 
- 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
- 1/2 cup of oatmeal


In a small bowl, gently whisk the milk, yoghurt, 2 tablespoons of syrup or honey, and the vanilla extract until blended. Add the chia seeds and let stand for a few minutes. Stir again to distribute the seeds in case they have settled, cover and refrigerate overnight.

The next day toss the sliced up kiwi in the remaining 3-4 teaspoons of syrup or honey, add 1/4 cup of oatmeal to 2 bowls or glasses (I always keep a few aside for the topping), spoon the pudding in equal amounts on top, add the set aside chia seeds and finally toss the sweetened kiwi slices on top of both bowls or glasses, serve and enjoy.

This is such an easy breakfast on school days and it is also something Leonie can take to school and I can take to the office in a small container for later. It is delicious, it is super healthy and it fills you up to make it to the next meal without sweet treats!

Hope you enjoy our favorite way of adding chia seeds to our healthy diet. 
Do you like chia seeds - chia pudding? How do you prepare them? I'd love to know!

Hugs xxx


The Good. The Random. The Fun.

Fall in Germany
The Good.

The weather has been plain beautiful. Fall has been treating us so good here in southern Germany so far. I have been enjoying our daily walks - the pup and I - so very much. All those colors as far as the eye can see - I cannot get enough of them. Trying to take it all in as long as it lasts.

Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie melt
The Random.

Been melting Christmas Cookie and all kinds of Cinnamon, Cranberry scented melts. Our house smells amazing - everyone coming over notices the good scent around here. The guy at the candle store probably thought I was a crazy lady when I stocked up on melts this week. 

Long walks in the Fall
The Fun.

Again, it's fall related - sorry for the fall overload. Everyday when I get home from work the first thing I do is I take the pup on a walk. That's honestly the best way to unwind from a stressful day at the office. It helps clear my mind and sort through my thoughts and everytime I get back home I feel so much better and relaxed. This has been one of the most fun parts of my everyday these past few weeks.

Now it's your turn - what was the good, the random and the fun of your last week? I would love to hear!

I am linking up with Tamar's The Good. The Random. The Fun. Come on over as well and share!

 photo GRF.2015_zpsjovlasgm.jpg

Hugs and Happy Monday xxx


Project 52 // week 43

Project 52 / Week 43
So, here's the deal, I took a break from blogging over the summer, which basically means Project 52 has a big gap, but on the bright side, I am back and here is week 43, enjoy.

By now you have most likely noticed my love for FALL. I mean, who doesn't love this time of year - unless you live somewhere fall doesn't exist (poor you). Fall leaves - where to begin - they are wonderful, beautiful, colorful, crunchy and everywhere - love taking pics of them. With feet, without feet, from afar or close up, the reds, the yellows, the greens, the orange and even the brown ones. Love, love, love them!

Look at that one up there in the right corner with the rain drops holding on to it - so beautiful - found it on our evening walk with the pup on Friday night around our small local lake - pure bliss!

Well, food was involved this week as well - duh - we had sushi (love sushi) and we also went to our new Subway, it's  super fancy like most of the "fast food" joints here in Europe. 

I got a new old perfume. I had this (Burberry: The Beat) around 2010 during our time in Chicago and never got another after the bottle was empty. I found this one on sale for a super deal I just couldn't pass on. Smelling it feels like home!

The pup loves driving in our small second car we got in early spring this year - it's easier for her to climb in with her arthritis and she loves the secure feeling she has sitting so close to us - she's the BEST! 

That was about it this past week - what were you guys up to? Any good mentionable food you had on your plate lately?

Hugs xxx


Saturday's Saying

Let freedom reign.

Let freedom reign.
The sun never set on so glorious a human achievement.

- Nelson Mandela

Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs xxx


Happy Friday V15.9

Things that made me happy this week.
How was your week? Hope it's been a good one so far and I bet you are as ready as I am for the weekend - unless you have to work during weekends.

My week was pretty sweet - it started off really great and I am still pretty amazed about the things that happened. Here are some of the things that entirley made me happy this past week:

1. a promotion and raise at work on Monday

2. walks in this wonderful fall weather

3. driving in the car with my window down

4. girl's night out tonight

5. snail mail from someone really special

6. a movie date with my man

7. my girl bringing home good grades

8.  a phone call from someone dear to my heart

9. daydreaming about what 2016 will bring

10. a new pair of shoes

What made you happy this week? Maybe something special happened?

Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs xxx


Taking Stock.

eating: sushi
drinking: chai tea
cooking: brussels sprouts
loving: fall weather
reading: all about gardening
playing: SIMS 4 
enjoying: long walks with the pup
watching: Scandal - how did I not watch way sooner
listening: Ryan Adams - 1989
wanting:  a new FitBit Charger HR, I lost mine
wearing: plaid and cardigans
wandering: where 2015 went so fast
needing: more time as a couple
pondering: about adding another pup to the sam
laughing: Ibiza Schlesinger - Freezing Hot
knowing: parenting is tough
realizing: sometimes you gotta take one day at a time
hating: work gossip - keep me out of it
smelling: cinnamon apple
knitting: a new winter hat for my girl
writing: a list of the Christmas pressies I already have

What's been going on in your neck of the woods lately?

Happy Thursday.
Hugs xxx


How I feel in 5 Words.

How are you?

1. Content.

2. Achieving.

3. Focused.

4. Loved.

5. Appreciated.

Things have been going really great lately (knocking on wood). I feel like 2015 will end on a positive note and I am certain that 2016 will be the bomb.

How have you been lately? I hope all is well!

Hugs xxx


It's the little things.

It's the little things.

Life is busy. Our days are packed. We rush from one thing to another. Sometimes losing sight of what's important. Not being in the moment - not taking it all in. Although those moments, even the smallest of them, never come back. I know it can be hard to focus. It's just so easy to be distracted by something else. I have been trying to live more in the moment. To focus on what's important and to take it all in. 

It's the L I T T L E  T H I N G S that count - so we have to try and make them count.

Little things (which aren't really that small when you take a closer look) like:

Sand between your toes.

Birds chirping.

Puppy kisses.

Kitty purrs.

A hug from a loved one.

A stranger's smile.

Compliments from someone special.

A good book.

Singing your favorite song in the shower.

A new skein of wool.

Happy mail.

And so many more things that could happen to you in the twinkling of an eye.

What are some of the L I T T L E  T H I N G S that make you happy? I'd love to know.

Hugs xxx


What tickles your fancy?

A few of my favorite THINGS

A few of my favorite THINGS by chrissyza

Can you guess one of my favorite colors this fall? I just love burgundy, bordeaux or dark red, however you want to call it. I have been shopping for new clothes. YAY. And after re-organizing my closet and putting away those summer clothes, I noticed an awful lot of of it in my current wardrobe. There are a few navy and grey colored items, but this one is clearly in the majority. And you know what, I don't mind one bit!

What's your current favorite color? And do you like plaid? I recently re-discovered it for myself - I used to wear plaid in high school, and I am really liking it! I need a black and white one like the one pictured above.

On a sidetone: that Rituals T'ai Chi foaming shower gel is pure heaven!

Happy Monday, everyone!
Hugs xxx


Sunday's Quote

Sunday's Quote

Wishing you all a happy Sunday!

Hugs xxx


Sunday Shenanigans.

Sundays are for...
Beautiful fall weather + Sunday = Perfection. 

What better way to unwind and fill up your batteries than on a lazy Sunday. Sundays in Germany are slow. All stores are closed, so there's no where you have to be, just a day for the family to spend some quality time together. 

Our Sundays are for:

- sleeping in
- a yummy breakfast without the usual morning hassle
- at least 2 cups of jo
- reading the paper without rushing it
- staying in your pj's as long as you desire
- watching a movie on Netflix
- baking a cake
- preparing a delicious family meal
- taking a long hot shower
- shaving your legs 
- a mani/pedi treatment
- long walks with the pup in the fall sun
- an afternoon cup of coffee and a piece of that cake or two
- catching up on snail mail
- writing letters
- picking a new knitting project
- taking time for blog reading 
- movie night with the man

What are you up to today? Hope the weather is equally wonderful as it was here today. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday.

Hugs xxx


Happy Friday V15.8

Things that made me happy

It's been a stressful but fast week - I have been subbing for my co-worker who is currently on a cruise in the Mediterranean. <hashtag: sigh> Work was much and time was rare, but the weekend is here and no matter how busy I've been, there have been at least a few things that made me happy.

1. Coming home to my furry kids being so happy to see me.

2. Finally watched "Cake" with Jennifer Aniston - so touching.

3. My girl bringing home awesome grades - so proud of her.

4. Janet Jackson's new album - been way too long.

5. Chatting with an old friend - good times.

6. Went on a sushi date with my girl - even better times.

7. Compliments from a colleague about my new scarf - I love scarves.

8. Long walks with the pup in this amazing fall weather.

9. Soon to be new neighbours started building their home next to our lot - exciting.

10. Shopping for a new kitchen - can't wait.

How has your week been? Anything fun, amazing, awesome happen? 
Happy weekend.

Hugs xxx


Taking it all in.

My Girls
So much has been going on this past summer. Family, work, vacation, sickness…well, life. It has been so busy that this little space of mine got put on the back burner. This mostly happens during the summer months, when life takes place more outside of your home. And I must say, I really enjoyed spending time away from the blog to be able to focus more on the 

N O W.

Being a working mom, time is so rare and free time is pure luxury. Leonie is 12 years old now and she so loves spending time with me. We enjoy going out together. We go on shopping sprees, have sushi lunch dates, go to the movies or stay at home perfecting our make up techniques. We laugh together and we cry when watching emotional movies. We dance and sing, we make fun of each other. We love reading together and talk about the story afterward. 

We have so much F U N and I am taking it all in. I am trying to take as much as I can get, because in no time she will not want to go out with her mom any more. She will prefer going out with friends or maybe even a boyfriend, so here I am trying to not let go of my "little girl" just yet, soaking up all I can get from her to make it last forever!

This might sound silly to some. And maybe it even is. But, let me tell you something - I love being silly. Time flies by so fast - don't forget to live in the moment, because it will be gone in no time and it will never come back!

Happy Monday xxx

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