Project 52 | Week 48

Project 52 | Week 48
Germans don't celebrate Thanksgiving - we do. We brought that tradition with us from our time in Chicago. We were very lucky to have been included in the holiday festivities of our dear friends and neighbors from back then. They treated us like family. It was so wonderful of them and we couldn't have been more thankful to have them in our lives.

But we didn't have our turkey yet, because Thanksgiving was during the week and we did not have off from work - instead we went for sushi and had a blast. We will have our turkey on Christmas Day - we kind of made that our tradition - my parents and sister with family will be over and we will have our feast. I cannot wait!

This past week was a busy and fast one. On Saturday we woke up to a snow covered world, but by noon it had already melted away. Nonetheless it was a special surprise. The weekend was filled with puppy walks, grocery shopping, a trip to a new mall in Stuttgart and dinner at our favorite local Greek restaurant.

Hope your week was just as wonderful and you spent Thanksgiving filled with love.

Hugs and happy Monday xxx


Sunday Thoughts | 1. Advent

1. Advent

"You are more than the choices you have made,
You are more than the sum of your past mistakes."

Wishing y'all a wonderful 1. Advent - because after all

tis the time to be JOLLY!

Hugs xxx


Saturday's Saying

Quotes for life

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Hugs xxx


Happy Friday | V15.14

Happy Friday
One week closer to Christmas and the end of the year. Its that time of the year where we start to reminisce about the past months. About everything that has happened, everything we have accomplished and overcome. Did you set yourself goals for the year? I did and I tried to follow them. I guess I did a pretty decent job at it and I will write about it towards the end of the year a bit more. I will also take a look back at the year regarding my One Little Word "Thrive". Did you pick your own OLW as well? 

These past few days have been pretty good - a few things happened that got me thinking, about the whats and whys. A long-forgotten relative reached out to me and I have been trying to process all the emotions that came with it. I will tell you more soon. I just need to figure out where this is heading first.

Nevertheless I do count it to my happy moments, because we only have one family and why dwell on the past when the here and now is what counts! Right?

So, here go my 10 happy moments of this week:

1. Reconnecting with a long-forgotten relative.

2. Music - Adele gives so much - thank you!

3. Flowers from my man - just because!

4. Good laughs with co-workers.

5. A love letter from my girl!

6. Puppy kisses and kitty purrs.

7. A coffee date with my mom. 

8. Catching up on "Revenge" - finally.

9. Sorting through my thoughts on our daily walks.

10. Shopping for shoes.

How has your week been and what are your 10 happy moments you'd like to share?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!
Hugs xxx


Things I love Thursday | Mugs

Mug Shot

Mug Shot by chrissyza

Don't you think Thursdays are great for sharing the things you like? Why this is a good day for that you ask? I have no idea, haha, I just think it fits. Anyway, today I am sharing my love for unique mugs. I am a coffee and tea drinker and I have a special favorite mug for certain things. They change every now and then and I am very particular about it - I don't want anyone else using my current favorite mug. Sound crazy? It probably is - I guess it`s just one of my spleens. 

Do you have a spleen about something like this? Maybe a favorite towel or pair of socks or that one spot on the couch that is absolutely reserved for you?
H A P P Y  T H A N K S G I V I N G  to all my dear friends in the US!!
Hope your week has been nothing but awesome so far!
Hugs xxx


How I feel in 5 Words.

How are you?
It's Wednesday, which means it's time to share our feelings this week. I think the middle of the week is a good place to talk about how it's been going so far. It's been pretty good in my corner of the world (which is southern Germany), how is it in your neck of the woods? 

Today I feel...

1. Inspired.

2. Focused.

3. Understood.

4. Needed.

5. Loved.

Ok, now you - how are you feeling today?

Happy Wednesday!
Hugs xxx

P.S. would you be interested in making this post a weekly link up to share your own? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! Thanx!


Liebster Award | Volume 2

The lovely Ajein from Ajeinomoto has nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thank you so much, Ajein! I have received a Liebster Award before back in April, so this was definitely a nice surprise, because it is always fun receiving credit for what you do!


1. Thank the blog that nominated you.

2. Write 11 random facts about yourself.

3. Answer questions the blogger has made for you.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers with below 200 followers to your own set of questions.


1. I am a perfectionist.

2. I hate wearing socks.

3. I am a TV junkie.

4. Love going to the movies.

5. Not a morning person.

6. Love coffee.

7. Guilty pleasure: diet coke.

8. Teal and purple are my fave colors.

9. I love to travel and want to explore the world.

10. Knitter at heart - a yarn shop is heaven to me.

11. Music has to be loud!


1. When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in September 2010, I wrote a bit about that here.

2. Coffee or tea?

Always coffee, sometimes tea. I don't function without my coffee in the morning and at least one cup during the day. But I enjoy a good cup of tea in between.

3. If you are ever given the chance to travel around the world, what are your top 5 destinations?

India, Japan, Brazil, Afrika, Iceland

4. What makes you smile?

Oh, so many things: my daughter, wagging tales from my furry kids, butterflies, babies, dolphins, generosity, love, a good song, riding the rollercoaster.

5. If you are ever given the chance to be someone else, who would it be?

Doc Brown from Back to the Future - because I would invent time travel and could get the hell out of here. lol

6. Who/ what inspires you to write?

My family, something I saw on tv or something I experienced.

7. Among the Marvel heroes, who suits you the most?

I would say either Kitty Pryde or Captain Marvel.

8. Car or house?

This one is tricky, because I have both and couldn't choose between them, because I need my car to get from A to Z and I wouldn't want to rent anymore either. So - both, I guess!

9. Do you believe in forever?

I definitely do. Not in living forever, but in being connected forever. Be it with your lover or friend. I do believe that some things were meant to be forever.

10. What are you willing to trade if you are ever given a new talent?

Another tough one. What would I give away? Mmh…I am not really sure I would want to trade something in. If I had to, I'd give away my photographic memory, but only if it's worth the new talent!

11. Math, Science or English?

Definitely English and Math. I love languages and I love numbers. But I do enjoy science as well. So maybe a bit of all of them.

(Not sure about the under 200 followers, so stretching the rules here)

1. Alex from The Berger Bungalow

2. Susannah from Simple Moments Stick

3. Ann from Cooking Maniac

4. Alexandra from My Urban Family

5. Sam from Samanthability

6. Shann from Shann Eva's Blog

7. Shana from Shana was Here

8. Jessica from Happily Hughes

10. Katie from Talk Less, Say More

11. Karin from Truncation


1. What do you wish for in 2016?

2. Name some of your favorite movies from this year?

3. Who is your idol? Who do you look up to?

4. Tell us your favorite time of the day.

5. Which season do you like most?

6. Do you have a mantra you live by?

7. What do you want to achieve in life?

8. When you were a child, what did you want to become?

9. Tell us your pet peeves?

10. Do you sing under the shower?

11. What do you hate?

Ok, now it's your turn to answer the questions. In case you are not nominated, do consider yourself nominated and feel free to play along. I would love for anyone taking part to leave the link to your post in the comments, so we can read along!

Hugs xxx


Project 52 | Week 47

Project 52 Week 47
It's been a whirlwind of a week. Work was kind of crazy, but also very good - I really love my job! One highlight of last week was the release of Adele's album - I had pre-ordered it on iTunes and was ecstatic when I received the message that is was finally available for download! Been listening all weekend long and cannot stop. haha Did you have the chance to listen to it? How do you like it?

The weekend was spent with house cleaning and grocery shopping and taking the pup on long walks during the first snowfall of the season which was kind of magical. Waking up to a snow covered world is always something special even if it melts away before you had your first cup of joe. Yep, I sure am ready for the holidays.

How was your week 47 of 2015? Share some of your highlights in the comments!

Wishing y'all a fabulous week! 
Make the best of it - you deserve nothing less!

Hugs xxx


Sunday Thoughts | Music Inspiration

Enjoy - it's beautiful. It's been on my earphones all day and reminds me of when I was young.

Hugs xxx


Saturday's Saying | Anniversary

Picture was taken in the summer of 2009 at Sheboygan Beach, one of my fave trips back then

22 years ago today I gave you my heart - I can't believe it's been that long. I couldn't think of any better partner to brave this thing called life with - love you more than words could ever describe. You bring out the best of me. You make me want to be my best self. Thank you - here's to many more to come!

"Love doesn't make the World go round - 
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile."
- Elisabeth Barrett Browning

Hugs xxx


Happy Friday | V15.13

Happy Friday
Another week has come and gone - I can hardly grasp the fact that the end of the year is coming closer so fast. But I must admit - I am really looking forward to the holidays.

Here are my 10 happy things from the past few days:

1. Helpful co-workers.

2. A coffee date with a friend.

3. My parents taking care of my girl and pets on a long day at the office.

4. Happy Mail from a dear friend.

5. Plans for re-doing our kitchen taking shape.

6. Rectify on Netflix - a great new-to-me show I recently discovered.

7. Adele on my way to work.

8. Berlin travel plans - we just need to set the date.

9. Lunch break at work spent laughing with friends.

10. Shopping for Christmas pressies - almost done.
+ 1 - 11. I was able to re-install the Google Friend Connect which wasn't possible for the past 2 years, since I had deleted it from my old blog and Google then decided to get rid of it! If you decide to click follow - that would really make my day! T H A N K  Y O U ! -->

What are the things that made you extremely happy this week?

Happy Friday.
Hugs xxx


Things I love Thursday | The Cardigan.

Cardigan Love

Cardigan Love by chrissyza

Last week I shared my new re-found love for ponchos and I actually did go on a shopping spree last weekend and got one. I will share a pic of myself wearing it soon. Today I am sharing my love for cardigans. I am not quite sure how many I own, but it is safe to say that I almost wear a different one every day, combined with a top or shirt and topped off with one of my many scarves (I guess they will be a topic here soon as well). 

A cardigan is the ideal way to dress up for work without looking too dressed up. It's comfortable and versatile and can easily be taken off when things heat up a bit. I just love cardigans and cannot wait to finally put one on as soon as the temps go down every single year.

What about you? Do you like cardigans or do you prefer a blazer to get dressed up for work?

Hope your day is wonderful.
Hugs xxx


How I feel in 5 Words.

It's been a good week so far. The weather is becoming more fall/ wintery like and I am loving it. Work has been a bit more stressful as we have been busy with inventory taking for the past few days, which means counting all stock goods, making lists and processing them to our headquarter. As I am responsible for purchasing I am in charge of some of our storage and I cannot tell you how glad I will be once it's done.

Here's how I have been feeling so far:

1. Busy.

2. Reflective.

3. Supported.

4. Excited.

5. Happy.

Now it's your turn. How have you been these past few days?

Happy Wednesday.
Hugs xxx


Why I blog.

Making money from blogging.
I started blogging in September 2010 during our time overseas in the suburbs of Chicago. At first it was just for myself. I was lonely and the mister sparked the idea of keeping some kind of "diary" for me to look back on and to keep me busy.

I had no idea what I was doing. HTML, coding, blog buttons, social media and so on was all unknown territory to me. I started with a blog name "Chrissy in America" (at the time), a header and a more or less acceptable button. I remember being so proud of making that all by myself with the help of blog tutorials.

It wasn't long until I started connecting with other bloggers. New bloggers like me and bloggers that had been there for a long time. Bloggers I looked up to and who made me want to achieve what they had already accomplished with their blogs. 

The more time I spent online the more I learned and the more fun it was. I was really hooked and my blog was always on my mind. No matter what I was doing or where I went, my blog was on my mind as well as the things I could possibly miss while not being online. Haha - it was like a drug. 

It helped me through the hours I spent alone while the mister was at work and Leonie was at school. I connected with so many amazing bloggers. I was able to make a lot of friends, some of which I am still in contact with even now after moving back to Germany. Some of which helped me through the excruciating time after returning to Germany and getting over my extreme homesickness back to the US.

My goal was never really to earn a fortune with my writing. I did write a sponsored post here and there, wrote a review or had ads on my sidebar. I earned a few bucks for some of my writing but never so much as to be able to live from it. And that's ok, it was never my intention. It's fun to do a review if it's about something you are interested in or for a product you enjoy using, but I rather my blog to be personal and relatable for others instead of a commercial for products.

Don't get me wrong - I accept other bloggers wanting to make a career out of it. I understand that they want to earn a decent income from it. I think it is admirable because I know how much work and effort go into a blog. It is just not for me. Now this doesn't mean you will never see a sponsored post over here, only that it will rarely happen.

My main goal is to connect with like-minded bloggers, broaden my horizon and learn more about the world and all cultures.

What about you? Why did you start blogging and when? What are your goals . what do you want to achieve as a blogger?

Hugs xxx


Project 52 | Week 46

Project 52 | Week 46
If you read my blog regularly, you might notice a little change over here. Normally I post my Project 52 updates on Sundays, but like I announced in my post yesterday, I want to take things a little slower on Sundays. I want to be able to take the time and regroup my thoughts, take a look at what's been happening in the past week - not necessarily blog-wise but also looking at what's been happening around us all over the world. Because sometimes life is so busy that we don't really have or take the time to stop and take a look at what's going on, right.

That is why I will post my Project 52 updates on any other day of the week depending on the other topics I want to write about. I guess it's not crucial to set a certain day for this type of post, also because you can find them all on this page in case you are interested in looking back at some of them.

The weather has been a bit more gloomy and rainy this past week here in southern Germany, which didn't hold us back from going on our daily walks though. We've been exploring other areas of the forest we like going to and we have been indulging in some wonderful sunsets due to an earlier evening because of setting the clocks to wintertime.

I hope your week 46 of 2015 was a wonderful one as well - do you do Project 52 posts? If so, please leave a link in the comments. 

Hugs & Happy Monday xxx


Sunday Thoughts

Sunday Thoughts
Normally I would post my Project 52 progress today. But I thought, why not change things up a little bit, after all today is Sunday. What better day to progress what's been going on during the past 7 days, to take a minute and be grateful for being here at all.

We are all aware of what has happened in Paris last night - such devastating news to wake up to. When I realized what was going on after checking on my Facebook feed, I suddenly had this great big lump in my throat - I just cannot comprehend why someone would do something like this. How can anyone be so evil and malicious.

Seriously, what is wrong with the world. What is happening. So much hate. So much terror and torture. So much violence and hatred. Evilness and aggressiveness are so present no matter where you look. I just can't.

I feel so very sorry, devastated and heartbroken for all victims of every crime, no matter if human or animal, from all over the world.

Let's take a minute and be grateful for being here. Stay safe my friends.

Hugs xxx


Saturday's Saying | Praying for Paris

Pray for Paris

Heartbroken over the tragedy of Paris.

Stay safe, friends.
Hugs xxx


Happy Friday V15.12

Happy Friday.
Can you believe it's Friday again? It's been a fast week, although I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately. I am glad the weekend is here, so I can destress and recuperate. Hoping to be back to my usual self in no time. 

Here are 10 things that definitely made my week a good one:

1. As always long walks with the pup. (Guess this will always be on my happy list.)

2. Date night with my man.

3. A co-worker brought coffee for all at the office on Monday - how kind of her!

4. Movie night with the fam - we're on a Twilight craze over here.

5. Hearing about a friend's recovery from a severe illness - smiling big time!

6. Christmas crossed my mind a few times this week - made me kinda giddy.

7. New Christmas trimmings.

8. Losing a pound here and there. (more on that in a separate post)

9. Healthy snacking.

10. Diet coke.

Ok, now it's your turn to share some of your happy moments of this week!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs xxx


Things I love Thursday.

Poncho Heaven

Poncho Heaven by chrissyza

Do you have a poncho or cape? Or would you rather choose a coat or jacket? I have been contemplating getting one but haven't quite decided, so I went through these for inspiration. I used to have one in my early 20's, gosh that makes me sounds so old.

I really like the Missoni Zig Zag Knit Poncho, but it's a bit pricier than I want to invest. I guess I will just have to use my indecisiveness as an excuse to go shopping, ha. 

What do you think? And what is one of your favorite fashion items this fall?

Happy Thursday.
Hugs xxx


How I feel in 5 Words.

How are you?

It's been a bit of a whirlwind so far this week - sleep has been rare, I have no idea, why. Feeling slightly under the weather and fear to be coming down with something. Hope you guys are all ok and your week has been wonderful so far.

1. Exhausted.

2. Tired.

3. Hopefull.

4. Weak.

5. Determined.

How are you today? 

Happy Wednesday.
Hugs xxx


An Introduction.

Just me.
There have been a couple of new readers around lately - WELCOME - so glad you are here! Thank you for stopping by, for reading and for your lovely comments.

I thought I'd share a few facts about myself, because it's always fun getting to know one another a bit better, without having to sift through all those about me pages when time is always so precious and rare, right!

Anyway, without  further ado, here go my 20 facts:

1. I was born and raised mainly in Germany, but did spend 4 years of my very happy childhood (from age 6 to almost 11) in Alabama as my dad was a helicopter pilot in the German Army.

2. My family and I (hubby, daughter and pup + our entire household) moved to the suburbs of Chicago in 2008 and returned to Germany (after adding family member #4, our kitty Miley) in 2011 after 3 hard and emotional, but also amazing, wonderful, and awesome years in Illinois.

3. Coming back to Germany was hard, life here is so different and moving to the country side from the city didn't really help, so I went back to work shortly after returning. Which was the best thing to do. It is so much fun and so satisfying getting recognition for the work I do and socializing with co-workers.

4. I am a knitter at heart - I even once had an Etsy store (Whimsical Poppysmic - which was also the name of my first blog) but with being a working mom, time is rare and so I am now only a knitter for fun. I knit for family and friends and occasionally for myself (selfish knitting is always on the back burner because of all the orders from said family and friends).

5. I have been blogging since September of 2010. I started my first blog to stay connected with family and friends from overseas during our time in the US - little did I know how big a part of my life it would become.

6. I love coffee and going to nice coffee places here in Europe. It's so much fun going to a small cafe with a friend to catch up on life and just enjoy some good company with a nice cup of joe and maybe a piece of cake (wink wink).

7. Cooking from scratch is one of our pastimes. We enjoy being in the kitchen together, preparing a family meal and chatting away. Great way to catch up on each others day.

8. I am a TV junkie. Love watching shows - NETFLIX is my "own personal brand of heroin" like Edward Cullen would say - sorry, for the little Twilight quote - like I said, we recently re-watched the films and they are still kinda stuck in my head.

9. Nature is my escape from stress. As soon as I get home, the pup and I head out for one of our walks. The perfect way to unwind after a busy day at work.

10. Music - not a day goes by without it! Music just quickens every day.

11. Reading is a fave of mine, I just have way too little time for it. I usually read during the holiday season, that's when we have 2 weeks off - the best time to flip through the pages of a book without any deadlines on my mind.

12. I used to be a rider. When I was a teenager I had a "foster horse", not sure that is the right term for it, a horse that belonged to someone else who didn't ride it, so I took care of her and got to ride for free. Her name was "Fatoma", she was an Arabian and my best pal. I'd really love to pick up riding again.

13. I am a sucker for quotes, they have the ability to describe what's going on in your mind in only a few words. 

14. Gardening is one of my hobbies. We have a huge garden around our home and even though it takes a lot of work taking care of it, especially now during fall with all the leaves and brush that need to be cut back and removed, I can totally destress in it. I always leave a few piles of leaves and branches for the hedgehogs that cross our garden, to give them a safe and warm place to stay.

15. I hate wearing socks and try not to as long as the temps allow me to. Of course during winter I wear them, because it's really uncomfortable in most shoes without socks and not to forget the freezing factor.

16. Diet coke is one of my guilty pleasures and I am not denying it! 

17. We recently discovered avocados versatility and love adding them to any meal - so good.

18. I loathe painting my own finger nails - because the right side sucks most of the time and because of my impatience I ruin them before they dry properly which leads to me removing the nail polish before having to start all over again. ha

19. I do not surround myself with "fake friends" any more. I used to, but getting older has the benefit of being able to see things more clearly and I refuse to deal with people that only show up when they need me rather than just to be with me.

20. Last but not least: Once you won me over as a friend, I will stick with you to the end.

Happy Tuesday and sorry this one was so long.

Now it's your turn to share 20 facts about yourself.

Hugs xxx


The Good. The Random. The Fun.

the good
The Good.

If you know me, you know that I kinda love sushi. Leonie and I are both big fans and take any chance we can to go to our favorite sushi place. It is just so good and we love trying new variations every once in a while, although we both certainly have our faves. 

Do you like sushi?

The random
The Random.

We have such a great farmers market in town with so many varieties of fresh produce, homemade food, condiments, teas etc. There is always this one stand with a huge assortment of spices! Oh the smell that comes from that place and the things you can get there. I can never just walk by!

The fun

The Fun.

On Friday night it happened - I introduced my 12 yo to the Twilight Saga and I guess it is safe to say, that she is absolutely hooked! How fun to watch the movies again after quite some time and how fun to watch my daughter's reactions to them. Seeing the films and hearing the soundtracks is bringing back so many memories of our time in the US (that's when they hit theaters), which makes it a bit tough for me, but I am enjoying it nonetheless!

Now tell me, what's been GOOD, RANDOM and FUN in your world lately?

I am linking up with Tamar's The Good. The Random. The Fun. Come and join the fun!

 photo GRF.2015_zpsjovlasgm.jpg

Happy Monday!
Hugs xxx


Project 52 // Week 45

Project 52 // Week 45
And that's a wrap of yet another week. It was fast one since I was able to take Friday off again. My last day off until Christmas which kinda seems long but with time going by so fast, I am certain it will be here in no time.

A little look back on Halloween - Leonie loves doing make up and so this was a great opportunity to try out different looks. This one was her fave and the winner for trick-or-treating. She and her BFF went across town collecting tons of candy (which was then portioned to make sure it doesn't get gobbled up all at once - yep, I am that kind of mom).

Fall has been treating us to some wonderful weather which made for lots of amazing walks through nature. Kyra has been loving the extra time and I have been soaking up all the beautiful colors surrounding us. I just love watching the changes of nature during every season, although this one is by far my fave.

Yummy food was also involved again. We have been indulging in avocados and chia seeds in all kinds of variations and went out to our favorite Thai restaurant - that soup up there was a coconut soup with sprouts and cilantro - very spicy but oh so good!

That about sums up these past few days - now tell me, what's been going on in your neck of the woods?

Happy Sunday
Hugs xxx


Saturday's Saying

Happy Saturday

"Waking up to who you are,
requires letting go of who 
you imagine yourself to be."

-Alan Watts

Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs xxx


Happy Friday V15.11

Happy Friday V15.11
It's Friday, peeps! Yay! Don't get me wrong, I really love my job and I go to the office feeling determined to rock almost every day. And I love that feeling of accomplishment on my way home from work. But I cannot lie, I do love me a weekend with my loved ones, sleeping in, late breakfasts and some fun activities.

This week was a good one - really good. Here are 10 things that made me super happy these past few days.

1. First day of the first month after my promotion - means more cash, baby!

2. Adele's Hello on repeat - still not tired of hearing it.

3. Movie date with my girl - always the best!

4. Extra long fall walks with Kyra, our pup.

5. Kitty purrs next to my face to wake me up in the morning.

6. Planning a new patio for next spring.

7. Kitchen planning is going great as well - cannot wait.

8. New season of The Walking Dead finally on tv here in Germany. At last.

9. Mani pedi session with a girlfriend.

10. Making plans for a weekend trip to Berlin with my man. Soon to happen!

Now it's your turn. How was your week and what put a big fat smile on your face?

Hugs xxx


Stop doing and start being.

This video has been popping up in my Facebook feed a couple of times now and every time I watch it, I get all teary-eyed. It is so true. So sweet. And so important. A To-Don't-Do-List - love it!

Oh, what I would give to hold little baby Leonie just for a few more minutes. Back then, being a young stressed out mom, I probably didn't cherish all those moments as much as I would now. Sometimes I wish I could go back just for a few.

What about you?

Happy Thursday!
Hugs xxx


How I feel in 5 Words.

How I feel in 5 words.
The week has been pretty good so far and it's already Wednesday which means the weekend is coming closer by the day and on top of that, my girl and I have a movie date planned for later today, because the kids here in southern Germany are currently on a one week fall break! 

This week I feel...

1. Happy.

2. Excited.

3. Tired.

4. Content.

5. Focused.

How are you? Hope your week was wonderful so far as well!

Hugs xxx


A look back - October.

October Faves

Today I wanted to share some of the things that kinda rocked my October - because don't we all have certain favorites every now and then?

1. I finally got to see "Still Alice" with Julianne Moore and I really loved it. That speech she holds about "losing her mind", tears people! Such a beautiful film - so many emotions, hope I will never have to deal with something as shattering as Alzheimers disease.

2. The eyebrow powder from Clinique is amazing. I discovered this through a friend while shopping and am so glad I splurged on a better brand - such a difference.

3. Bobbi Brown berry lip color - I have always loved berry tones. I am more of a subtle lip color kinda girl. Nothing too striking for work. This one works wonderful.

4. Fitbit Charge HR - I had been eying with this one for a while. Was it worth the upgrade? I absolutely think so, yes. My old Fitbit hadn't been working properly any more and it was time to replace it. Not disappointed in this one. Do you have one? What do you think?

5. Chia seeds - like I already said, we recently discovered these for ourselves and I have been adding them to our diet here and there. I think these are a really good choice. How do you use them?

6. Last but not least - I really needed this fringe boot from Minnetonka. My old Minnetonka moccasins are really worn out and I didn't want to miss out on their snugness, so I decided on these and am super happy with my decision.

All these things happened during the month of October - guess they are part of the fact that it was a good month. 

What were your favorites throughout the month of October? Please do share!

Happy Tuesday

Hugs xxx


Welcome N O V E M B E R.

Welcome November.

Can you believe it? The second to last month of 2015 is here. Before we know it, Christmas will be here. Well, to be honest, I am kind of happy this year is coming to an end. Not because it wasn't a good one, because actually it was. But I am yearning for a new beginning. The always so anticipated clean cut the beginning of a new year brings with it. The "let's start all over" feel. The chance to make it an even better one.

I am not going to lie, last year, 2014, was a tough one. There was no way 2015 could be any harder on us. But it really proved to be better in any way possible. Career-wise for the both of us, school-wise for our girl, family-wise and everything else. It seems I finally found my peace with being here in Germany, although I'd rather be somewhere else so bad

Maybe one day, my dream of returning to the States will come true after all, but I cannot allow it to hold me back from living any longer. 

Focusing on my career has helped me tremendously and I am really proud of what I have been able to achieve in the past 4 years. Maybe things are really meant to be the way they are - like they always say
Everything happens for a reason

and I guess, it really does. I was probably meant to be right here, right now and just live and be happy and wait for what the future holds for me. Being in the here and now, because it will never come back.

Work towards your dreams. Fight for them. Try to do what you can, to make them come true. 

But, never forget to live along the way. Trust me, it's not worth it!

Now, tell me, what's your dream? What is the one big thing you wished came true one day?

Happy Monday, everyone!
Hugs xxx

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