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Every Day is a new Chance.

Make the best of each day every day!

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Happy Friday | V16.5

Choose Happy

Guys, it's Friday! Aren't you so happy about that? I sure am. Although it's been a really good week, I am so ready for the weekend. I've had an awful lot of work at the office because my co-worker had to call in sick with the stomach flu and so I had to sub for her while still dealing with my own workload. So, yay to the weekend.

Here are 10 of my HAPPY MOMENTS this week:

1. Girl's night out

2. Dinner at an awesome Chinese restaurant

3. Movie night with my man

4. Warmer temps and the sunshine

5. Puppy walks after work

6. Flowers just because

7. Yarn shopping

8. Good laughs at the office

9. Commendations from my boss

10. Hugs from my girl

I am looking forward to a fun, relaxing and slow weekend!

How was your week and what are your plans for the weekend?

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Free Photo Editing Services For Your Blog

Free Photo Editing Services I use for my Blog

I have been blogging for well over 5 years now (2 of which I have been blogging at The Brave Wanderer) and I have learned so much during this entire time. I like keeping things simple and easy, but I do want the photos I use on my blog to fulfill certain requirements I set for myself. 

▶︎ Either they are taken by myself like about 90% of the photos I use, or I download photos from sites like e.g. Pixabay or unsplash where photos are shared for you to legally use without risking a copyright infringement. I also make sure to always link back to it's origin to give credit to the right person, website etc.

▶︎ I want all my photos to have the same size and to reach across the entire width of my blog post. I guess you can say I am a bit of a neat freak when it comes to that.

▶︎ And it is important to me that editing, uploading and sharing my photos is as easy and fast as can be. Ain't nobody got time to waste, right!

▶︎ I also want them to look appealing in a certain way. I want them to "speak" to my readers.

I have been using a few different Free Services on the Internet - tried out various options and got "stuck" on the following 3 - they are my go to Photo Editing Services:

1. PicMonkey: It is safe to say that I edit 99% of my photos on PicMonkey using solely the free version, although I have been contemplating signing up for Royale just to get even more out of it and considering the amount of editing I do on this site. It is simple and fast to upload a pic from your computer and edit to your heart's content. They make it super easy to whip up a collage - I made all my Project 52 collages using this service. I have been having a few issues with saving directly, so I just right click the photo when I'm done and save to my hard drive.

2. Photobucket: This I have been using for years - I think I started using this website when I first started blogging. You sign up for a free account, log into it and can start uploading pics, editing them and all the links you need for your website are there on the right side for you to grab. This is awesome when you need a code for your website to implement a blog button or just a pic for your readers to click in order for a link to take them somewhere else. Love it!

3. Flickr: Last but not least, Flickr. A great place to store your photos - I signed up for it when I was part of the 30 Days of Lists Challenge a few years ago. I don't use it as often as the other 2, but it is a really great place to store, edit and share your photos with others. I love that you can follow one another and get alerts when one of your friends uploads a new pic.

Do you use any of the above services for your blog / website? Are there any other Free Services you would recommend that I do not know of? Please share in the comments! I enjoy learning about new things!

Happy Thursday, guys - hugs xxx

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How I feel in 5 Words.

Let me know how you are today.

It's Wednesday, guys. We made it to the middle of another week. Time just flies by and in no time January will be over. Wednesdays seem to be this unspoken goal, once you've made it there the weekend isn't far. Kind of sad to think the weekends are one of our favorite goals, right? I guess that's just the way it is - and didn't they say having goals was essential. Huh?

Well, however, this week is way better on the emotional side. The sun has been out for quite some time in the past few days and I have to admit that it has a great part in my mood being so much better! Here's how I am on this wonderful Wednesday in southern Germany:

1. Cheerful.

2. Reflective.

3. Relaxed.

4. Motivated.

5. Grateful.

How are you today? I hope your week has been nothing but good so far!

Hugs xxx

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My Top 5 Favorite Soups

Soup Recipes
(Image source)

It's the perfect season for soups. One of my current favorites as you can see in #2 is a Coconut Thai soup - so delicious! I have been searching Pinterest for new, quick and easy recipes to make at home. I love cooking from scratch whenever I have the time to and I always end up cooking double the portion to put half of it into the freezer - that way I can make sure my loved ones can have a hearty meal whenever I am not around or don't have the time to cook.

Today I am sharing my Top 5 Favorite Soups this winter:

1. Shrimp Won Ton Soup - whenever we go out for Chinese food, I just have to order it! Those little dumplings surrounded by fresh vegetables are just so good! This version filled with ground meat also sounds very delicious.

2. Thai Coconut Curry Soup - I love the hot and spicy of a coconut curry soup. Also a must order whenever we go to our favorite Thai restaurant.

3. Potato Soup - Like this light and creamy version - doesn't it sound and look so mouth watering.

4. Creamy Roasted Tomato Soup - Tomatoes - yes! Roasted - yes! Creamy - yes! Everything about this recipe is yes!

5. Chicken Noodle Soup - You just can't list your favorite soups without adding the all time fave! I have always loved it since I can remember and it will always be a favorite for sure!

You can also find all of the links to the recipes on my Pinterest board Food Love as well as lots of other yummy things to cook and eat! ENJOY!

Are you a soup lover as well? Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by - hugs xxx

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My life | Currently...

Taking Stock
Life is busy as it is, so taking stock of what's going on isn't the baddest idea and makes it so much fun to take a look back every now and then. So, here goes…

making: a picture wall in the family room
cooking: spaghetti bolognese
drinking: diet coke
reading: knitting patterns - deciding on my next project
wanting: a nespresso coffee maker
looking: out the office window
playing: lifeline on iPhone
wishing: for peace
enjoying: me-time
waiting: for the sheets to be dry
liking: Forever on Amazon Prime
wandering: what 40 will feel like
loving: kitty purrs next to me
hoping: for sunshine
needing: a vacation
smelling: cinnamon 
wearing: cardigans
following: my OLW
noticing: people are good after all
knowing: 2016 rocks
thinking: about Chicago
feeling: content
bookmarking: tons of interesting pages
opening: happy mail
giggling: so many cute animal videos on Facebook
crying: memories...

How is your life currently? What are you doing? What makes you happy and what brings you to tears?

Happy Monday - make the best of this new week!
Hugs xxx


Sunday Thoughts | Weirdness

Sunday Thoughts
Wishing y'all a happy Sunday!
Hugs xxx
 photo 1f562f81-4da9-45b5-961b-e360c782aaba_zps32878197.png photo bl_zps8sstwlng.png


Saturdays are for...

Chicago's Cloud Gate

This is my reflection in "The Bean" (Cloud Gate) of Chicago in the summer of 2009. It was taken during my sister-in-law's 2 week visit. The both of us went downtown for some shopping and exploring. It was one of the most glorious days during our 3 years in the suburbs of Chicago! I loved strolling through the city with her all by myself! Such a wonderful day!

Anyway, as the title states, here is what Saturdays are for:

- Memories: sometimes I just have to let them "happen", even if they might be painful. Memories are what we are made of. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't be where we are at right this moment. And the pain lessens - believe me!

- Sleeping in: The everyday hassle has us all. Whether we are at home, have to go to school or head out to work, the alarm goes off and we start "functioning". Saturdays are made for not having to function all the time!

- Errands: Since all stores are closed on Sundays here in Germany, Saturday is the main day for running errands, going on shopping sprees or doing something else. I understand why stores are closed, I get it, but I would still love them to be open! I really miss that about the US - we used to love going on shopping sprees on a Sunday.

- Brunch: We love breakfast, but during the week it is a) too early to eat a lot and b) too stressful as it is to make a "big" breakfast. So on the weekends we go all out and sort of celebrate breakfast. And because of #2 our breakfasts are mostly later than usual, so we just turn it into a brunch and skip lunch later on.

- Family Fun: We normally do stuff as a family. I guess that'll change as Leonie gets older, but we as long as she is still up for it, we love venturing out on Saturdays- all the 3 of us. Today we went to a crafting fair with tons of handmade vendors who also have Etsy or Dawanda shops and it was so much fun!

- Music: In the car and loud! We all love music. And somehow we all have the same music taste. Currently we are listening to the new JB album!

- Eating out: When we're out and about we usually eat out on our way. Today we had some delicious Pad Thai at a new Asian restaurant we "found" after leaving the craft fair!

All in all I love me a lazy weekend and sneaking in some time for knitting and listening to an audio book while doing so. Any suggestions on a book I should read listen to?

How do you like spending your Saturdays? 

Hugs xxx


Happy Friday | V16.4

Happy Friday
 (image source)
Another week is in the books - can you believe it's already January 22nd? Four weeks from today I will be 40. Forty! Wow, I can hardly believe that there will no longer be a 3 in first postition of my age. Not that I am afraid of getting older - it's quite the contrary, I enjoy getting older, because I am so different from that young, anxious, unexperienced and someitmes stupid 20-something I once was!

It's been a whirlwind of a week. So much has been going on, at work, at home, with family. There is never a dull moment when you are a full-time working mom (there isn't one when being a SAHM either - just to make that clear - been there, done that! You stay at home moms rock!!) taking care of everything and having a big family which can sometimes be so demanding. Nonetheless my week has had ist HAPPY MOMENTS, see for yourself:

1. Mozart in the Jungle season 2

2. Puppy walks in the snow

3. Chinese take out just because

4. Justin Bieber's new Album (did I just type that?)

5. Baby news from a friend

6. Baby news from my cousin

7. Compliments at work

8. Great laughs during lunch break

9. Coffee date with a dear friend

10. Sending out some happy mail

As you can see the pup, food, music and TV are always kind of part of my happy moments.

What were yours?
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Hope your week was wonderful and your Weekend will be even better!
Hugs xxx


Things I Love Thursday

Color and Letter Studies

Color and Letter Studies by chrissyza

Just a collection of the things that tickle my fancy. Loving the colors and as you can see I have a thing for lettering, signs and light bulbs. Isn't that KitchenAid gorgeous! I really enjoy putting together these collages searching for things I like and it is so much fun using Polyvore. You can find me here and flip through my sets from the past few years or you can set up your own account and follow along! Are you already on Polyvore? Leave me your link, so I can follow you!

Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday - yay, only one more day and the weekend is here!

Hugs xxx


How I feel in 5 Words.

How I feel in 5 words.
Even though the snow looks really nice and everything - I don't really enjoy the way below zero temps at all. Walking the pup is really hard when the icy cold wind seems to cut through your face. And even though you are bundled to the nines, it feels like you just didn't put on enough layers.

I do love looking at a winter wonderful from the inside. And I also enjoy walks in the snow as long as the sun is shining and there are no freezing winds. But, we don't always get what we want and although the weather is taking its toll on me, I do feel pretty good.

1. Content.

2. Accomplished.

3. Appreciated.

4. Tired.

5. Anxious.

I guess that's not too shabby, considering that the new year started off with the flu for me and I am not totally recovered. It is really hard getting better when the entire office seems to be sneezing and coughing. But I am taking my vitamins and am drinking lots of tea. I'm sure once I get a few more rays of sun I will be fine!

How are you today? Hope all is well! Please do share in the comments!
Hugs xxx


6 Things Every New Mother Should Know.

6 Things Every New Mother Should Know.

Although it has been a while for me since becoming a mom (almost 13 years to be precise), I do get asked for advice quite often. Mostly one of my co-workers either a soon-to-be mom or dad ask me how things were for me when I was about to have a baby. They ask how I handled things, how the hubby and I got it all figured out when we were young parents or they want to know what they can do about the baby having gas or not wanting to drink and so on and so forth.

When it comes to new moms or soon-to-be moms, I notice that there is this certain amount of anxiety involved. The kind of anxiety I felt as well when I was pregnant and also after giving birth. Us moms want everything to be perfect when having a baby. We paint this picture in our heads of how we want it to be / how we think it will be once the baby is here. But - most of the time things are totally different what makes us fall into a deep dark hole which is so hard to drag ourselves back out of into the light.

So, today I am sharing 6 Things Every New Mom Should Know to make it through those first few weeks which can be really hard:

1. Don't be so hard on YOURSELF.
Things do not need to be perfect. You do not have to be perfect. Not your abilities as a mom - after all it's a learning process - and your body doesn't have to be either! You just made a human being and gave birth - how on earth can your body be perfect after everything it went through!? Give yourself some time. Rest. Sleep. Take care of yourself. It will all be ok. Just breathe and enjoy this new stage of your life! These first few weeks go by so fast and they will never come back!

2. Listen to your Instincts.
Everyone suddenly seems to know exactly what you need and most of all what your baby needs. They tell you to do it this way. They tell you to do it that way. They know better, after all they already have one or more children. So you better listen to what they are telling you - NOT! If I learned one thing after becoming a mom - my gut was always right - ALWAYS! I had to learn the hard way, but in the end my inner feeling never failed me!

3. It's okay to let go and cry.
Becoming a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done. In every way possible. Being a mom is the hardest thing I am doing every single day. It's hard. It wears you down. And you know what - you don't have to pretend that everything is fine when it's not. You are allowed to break down and cry. In fact, you have to. Let it all out. Otherwise it will eat you up. And it is totally okay to let go!

4. Breastfeeding is great, but…
Sometimes it just doesn't work out. It didn't for me. I tried. I tried hard. For several weeks I tried. I pumped milk, I tried to feed my baby. It was a battle. And in the end I had to give in. And it was okay. It was okay for myself and it was okay for my baby. 

5. Don't forget about your partner.
He is there for you. He was during the entire pregnancy enduring all hormonal outbreaks, he was during delivery holding your hand and crying with you. And he is now. My husband was awesome when Leonie was born. I had a c-section and he was right there by my side! He took all the burden off of my shoulders and has been an amazing dad from day one! Let your partner help. Let him be there for you. But also be there for him - this is all new for him as well. He has to learn it all with you and the baby! Let him know how awesome he is doing and let him know how much you love him!

6. Take time for yourself.
Take naps when you can. Make it a point to take a shower, put on fresh clothes and take time to eat wholesome meals. Take a few minutes to go outside for a bit, read a few pages of a book or do something else just for yourself. It is important to take this time to stay sane!

Being a mom has taught me that this journey is filled with ups and downs. Every time I think I got this, it all seems to change and there I am again trying to figure it all out. I do try and stick to these points to this day. I listen to my instincts when it comes to parenting and my child. I take time for my partner and we try to make at least one date night a month. I sometimes have a hard time doing something for myself, but I try and sometimes I manage. But one thing I know for sure is, rather than being a perfect mother, I am trying o be the best mother I can by doing the best I can.

Do you have some advice for new moms as well - maybe something that helped you?

Happy Tuesday!
Hugs xxx


Winter has finally arrived in southern Germany.

Winter in southern Germany
We woke up to the first snow of 2016 on Friday morning. The commute to work was adventurous but I managed. It just kept on snowing while I was at the office and didn't slow down much on my way home. Needless to say the pup was ecstatic to get out when I returned home. There was some serious rolling over in the snow during the entire walk - I think the walk consisted more of that than of actual walking. I did manage to get in 5000 steps though.

On Saturday morning the snow seemed to have vanished almost completely - this is how it looked outside when I got up - 2 hours later we were in the midst of a winter wonderland again. It kept snowing all day long as it did the entire night - at least that's what it looked like on Sunday when I opened the blinds. Most of the pics above where taken on our morning walk through a nearby forest - it was really wonderful.

I would have loved to have a white Christmas, but I'll take this as well. I just love going on walks in the fresh crisp air after a snow fall. 

Do you have snow where you live? Or maybe you live in sunny California or in the middle of summer all the way in Australia? Please share how the weather is in your corner of the world!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!
Happy Monday - hugs xxx


Sunday Thoughts | Where the wild things are.

Where the Wild Things are

Hope your weekend is wonderful! Take care.
Hugs xxx


Saturday's Saying | V16.3

Quotes for Life

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!
Hugs xxx


Happy Friday | V16.2

Happy Friday | V16.2
It's Friday - thank goodness. This week has been one hell of a ride and I am more than happy to see it going. My dear friend, Branson put into words how the past few days have been for me as well as for so many others, as I learned. She said "I think it is just that post-new-year-excitement-mid-winter-funk" and she is so right!

I guess it's really that - we were all super stoked about the new year, new beginning, new possibilities and so on and now that everything is back to normal and nothing has really changed yet, we might feel a slight bit of disappointment. 

I am sure though that things will turn out much better - we just have to give it more time. And I guess starting the new year off with the flu wasn't really the best way. - BUT, enough of that - although the week has been more of the shitty kind, it did have its happy moments and here they are:

1. Music, Music, Music - what would I do without.

2. Coming home to my furry girls - they are the best!

3. Family dinners.

4. Helping Leonie rearrange her room.

5. Kind colleagues.

6. Sunshine through the office window.

7. Walking the pup.

8. Laughs during coffee break.

9. Emails from someone dear to me.

10. Happy mail.

Let's hope next week will be much better - here's to an amazing weekend.

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Come and join the fun and share your HAPPY MOMENTS!
Hugs xxx


The one where I love GOLD and YELLOW.


Maybe it's the forecasted snow we are supposed to get, maybe the gloomy weather from the past few days inspired me, no matter what it was, I was in the mood for golden, yellow tones. You know I have a thing for color collections.

As you can also see on the blog - a few small design changes of the golden kind - I don't know why, but I needed them. Hope you like them. I was even thinking of maybe getting a complete new design over here. maybe it's time for a change. I don't know - we'll see.

BTW, have you ever tried L'Occitane products?`Their handlotions like the one pictured above are wonderful. They are available in various scents and make your hands really smooth. One thing I really appreciate in a handlotion is when it quickly dries and doesn't leave an oily greasy feel to your handpalms. I cannot stand having greasy hands after applying a lotion - these truly do the trick for me.

Now tell me, how has your week been so far? Aren't you glad Friday is so close?! I know I am!

Enjoy your day!
Hugs xxx


How I feel in 5 Words.

How I feel in 5 Words.
It's Wednesday, which is a good thing. I guess? It means 2 more days of work and the weekend ist here. Good thing I only work til noon on Fridays - cannot wait for this week to be over. Not really feeling it today. But I am sure it's the weather (it's always the weather) or maybe I haven't completely gotten rid of the flu from last week. Maybe it's hormones...who knows.
Anyway - there are a ton of feelings as you can see, let's sum them up, shall we:
1. Dizzy.
2. Tired.
3. Anxious.
4. Lazy.
5. Content.
As you can see #5 clearly states something positive - I guess that's as good as it gets today.
Now it's your turn! How are you on this wonderful Wednesday? Please let me know and cheer me up, will you?!
Hugs xxx


10 Things that help you stay inspired as a Blogger.

10 things to help you stay inspired as a Blogger.
We've all been there. Writer's block. Nothing there in our heads - no ideas, no words, no pictures. Nothing. This is especially hard for us bloggers. We want to provide interesting content for our readers as often and as much as possible. But there are those days when we just cannot seem to come up with something. When this happens to me and there is no way I will be able to whip up a blog post with something substantial there are some things I do to try and find some inspiration, things you can do, too, to spark an idea for your next awesome post.

Here are 10 things to help you stay inspired or to get inspiration back:

1. Make a list of positive things. 
Write down everything that comes to your mind and puts a smile on your face. Either a feeling, an item, a song or movie, something nice someone said to you, a scent you like, or a sound that calms you. Really anything positive you can think of. I am sure some of those things you will write down will instantly inspire you to write.

2. Listen to your favorite music.
Music always helps to inspire me. Whenever I am down or seem to have lost track, I put in my earplugs, turn on my music and let it carry me away. Try it - it really helps.

3. Always carry pen and paper with you.
I never really thought I would need this when I started blogging. I was sure to be full of ideas that would pour out of me whenever I'd sit in front of my computer. Little did I know how wrong I was. Somehow I get the best ideas when I am anywhere but in front of my computer. That's why I have a pen and a little notebook with me at all times, to scribble down my ideas whenever wherever.

4. Go for a walk.
You want to write a post but just can't seem to find the right words? Get up and go outside for a walk. You will be amazed how nature can inspire you. Take a good look around. Breathe in the fresh air and I am sure you will return to your computer more inspired than before ready to type those words.

5. Bring your camera with you.
I have mine with me most of the time, whenever I don't I use the camera of my iPhone. There is not one day where I won't snap a pic or two because I could probably use it for my blog. I don't even recognize weird looks from others wondering why I am taking a pic of something they don't find photo worthy. I guess that's just what we bloggers do.

6. Browse the Internet.
Learn from others. Take advice. Read. Read and read even more. Visit blogs that inspire you. Go to sites like Stumbleupon and start stumbling. I bet you will find more than one thing to inspire you.

7. Flip through a magazine.
I love getting inspired by my favorite magazine. The colors, the trends, the fashion, home decor and life tips. Those are all things I can use for my one creativity. When I flip through a magazine I find so many things to write down that I can hardly keep up.

8. Develop a blog routine.
Post certain things on certain days, like I do on Wednesdays or Fridays - that way your readers will know what they are in for on those special days. Maybe they are even looking forward to those days, because they enjoy these posts most. 

9. Write a list type post.
Like this one. These kind of posts always seem to work, and they are easy to type up even if you want to deliver quality content. I know I love reading these kind of posts - they are easy and fun to read and promise to give me a certain kind of information I am interested in.

10. Be genuine. Be yourself.
Don't write in a way you wouldn't speak. I am sure your readers will notice that it's not you. And don't write about something just for the sake of it. If you don't feel it or if you don't stand behind it 100%, don't write it. It won't inspire your readers and sure won't satisfy you as a blogger. Stay true to your beliefs and the rest will fall into place.

And don't forget - don't force it. If there happens to be a day or two, maybe even more where you just don't feel it, leave it - walk away and come back when you are ready again. No one will blame you or leave - we've all been there! After all, we are all in this together!

I hope this helps you in one way or another. Do you have any other tips I didn't mention? I would love to hear them! 

Happy Tuesday - hugs xxx


What are your favorite TV shows?

Do you love watching TV as much as we do? Or should I say streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. Yes, we are subscribed to both - what can I say, we just couldn't not. They both give us the opportunity to watch our favorite shows and movies in the original version. English. No subbing. No bad translations of the original. We just love watching as much as possible in the original English version. And both Netflix, which offers all shows, movies, documentaries etc. both in German and the original version and Amazon Prime, which doesn't offer everything in the original version, but pretty much everything we enjoy watching.

So, here's a list of some of our recent favorite shows (in no particular order):

We're a bit behind here in Germany - it normally takes longer for the new seasons to air on TV let a lone be available on streaming services, so we are currently eagerly awaiting season 3 to be available.

I literally binge watched the first 2 seasons and cannot wait for season 3 to be available. Love this show - have you seen it?

We just got started with this show and are in the middle of season 1 - pretty intense and you kind of go from accusing one person to another.

4. Grimm

This show has been on German TV for well over 2 years now and I started watching season 1, but then kinda lost track. We started watching again in December and are now currently in the middle of season 3. 

We really like this show and cannot wait for the next season to finally be available.

This started airing on German TV, even in the original version, 2 Christmases ago and when I was in the middle of season 2 they just stopped showing it. It was nowhere else to be found on TV and I didn't want to buy the dvd's. So, I waited and then forgot about it, until I discovered it on Amazon Prime. Needless to say that I started watching again and am now in season 3.

Great show, great actors (I have actually been to Selfridges in London years ago) and I might have fallen for Jeremy Piven just a little bit.

This is one of our most favorite - the next season can't come soon enough.

I really enjoyed seasons 1-3 but am now struggling a bit with season 4 after Aiden's death and the return of Emily's father - we'll see.

10. Fargo

Season 1 was so much fun to watch but we are now struggling to re-connect with the show in season 2. I guess we'll just have to give it some time because it's a new story plot.

We have also been watching Sherlock, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Meet Saul, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Pretty Little Liars, The Wife and some more. Not all at the same time, though. We like finishing one show before we start the next one. 

What are your favorite shows and do you binge watch and get totally upset when you went through all episodes way too fast and have to wait way too long for the next season?

Happy Monday
Hugs xxx


Sunday Thoughts | Coffee Date

Coffe Date
Sometimes all it takes to be happy is a good cup of coffee and something sweet to go with it.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Here's to a great new week ahead!

Hugs xxx


Saturday's Saying | V16.2

Saturday's Saying
Think about it.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
Hugs xxx


Happy Friday | V16.1

Happy Friday
Took this photo on one of our morning walks. I love the morning. Everything is still quiet and calm as the day is slowly awakening and anything seems possible. Week one of 2016 is done and again it is a bit scary how fast time flies. The holidays were wonderful and we had so much fun, but I am glad they are over and we can head back to a normal everyday routine. The flu I caught right after NYE has weakened me and I hope this coming weekend will help me get back my strength. Hope you are all ok!

The first week of the year has had it's happy moments for sure - here are my top 10:

1. Sleeping in and an extra day off.

2. Puppy walks.

3. Knitting, knitting, knitting.

4. Coldplay's new album.

5. My daughter Leonie doing her chores.

6. Cozy family movie nights.

7. Sushi take-out for lunch, just because.

8. A manicure - heavenly to get pampered.

9. Finally found the perfect shoulder bag.

10. New light fixtures for the hallway.

I really hope your first week was off to a great start - how is the whole getting back to a normal routine thing working for you so far?

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Things I love Thursday | City Girl

City Girl

This is an outfit I would wear when going to town on a shopping spree with my girls. We try to make at least one day a month were we all meet and do something together. We love going shopping combined with a sushi lunch and a stop at our favorite pastry shop for a cup of joe and something delicious (no calorie counting when out with the girls). Sometimes we go out for dinner and a movie, sometimes we meet for breakfast at a local bakery (if work allows me to). I really cherish those dates even though it's sometimes hard to find a day that fits for all of us, but when we do make it, we always have a blast!

I must admit I am a huge fan of those boots. The mister gave me my 3rd pair for Christmas - the one pictured above (Bailey Button Mini) in the color chocolate and I cannot tell how excited I was am. I really think they are the most comfortable, versatile boots; except for hiking, I do have hiking boots. But for the everyday outfit, and I know a lot of you don't like them, but for me they are just perfect. I have been having issues with my feet ever since my pregnancy, not to mention my arthritis diagnosis 2 years ago. So I just love the way you can easily slip them on, wear them without socks (if you know me, you know I hate wearing socks) and enjoy their comfiness all day long.

I hope your week is going well so far! What would your city outfit look like? 
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How I feel in 5 Words.

How I feel in 5 words.
Here it is, my first "How I feel in 5 Words" post. Did you know that Melissa Blake from "So about what I said" inspired these posts with her "How I feel in 5 photos" posts? I love how she showcases her emotions through pictures and quotes. You know I am a sucker for quotes. I just changed things up a bit for myself - words are more articulate (of course they are) and I needed a more direct way to describe how I feel. So, there's that and here is how I am today:

1. Sad.

2. Content.

3. Excited.

4. Congested.

5. Positive.

I am quite sad my holiday break is over. I will head back to the office tomorrow. Content, because I had a wonderful 2 week break. Excited to see my beloved co-workers again to chat about our holidays. Congested, yeah, I kinda came down with the flu a bit. I have been drinking tea and getting as much rest as I can the past 3 days and today is the first day I feel a lot better. Positive, well, with the new Year and all the possibilities seem endless.

Happy Wednesday.
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