How To Deal With Rude People

How to react if someone is being rude.
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The easiest way to react when someone is being rude, is to just walk away. Sure that would be easy, but life isn't always that easy and we can't always just walk away from something. Maybe that person is a co-worker we have to deal with on a daily basis. 

No matter where the situation occurs and someone's behavior irks you, it is never a good idea to fight back. We all know that. It would only satisfy the perpetrator and encourage him to carry on with said behaviour. 

Here are some tips for the next time someone tests your boundaries:

Take a deep breath. And stay calm. Count to 10. It will help you speak cleary rather than reacting emotionally.

Don't take the behavior personally. Maybe the offender is going through rough times, family problems, financial problems…etc. what might have evoked his offensive.

Be empathic. If you know that the person is struggling in some way, calmly say something like, "I know life can be tough and stressful, but please don't take your anger out on me. I'd appreciate if you could try and leave that at home. "

Try to encourage a positive reaction. In case you are being yelled at, kindly tell the person to stop yelling and to speak to you in a civilised manner, otherwise you will end the conversation and leave.

Punish with Humor. If someone comments rudely like, "Sorry, but they don't carry your size in that cute little boutique I went to last weekend." counter with a sarcastic "I might not be as thin as you are, but at least I don't have as many wrinkles." Of course, you could just not react to such a stupid comment at all, but sometimes being sarcastic helps a lot - it does for me, because I cannot always just be quiet about everything.

Take steps if necessary. In case someone bothers or bullies you constantly, there is no need in the world to put up with it. If that person is a co-worker or employee, report him to the boss. If he's a class-mate or fellow student, report him to the teacher or principal…and so on. 

Unfortunately no-one can be prevented from having to deal with rude people. It happens to all of us, no matter what age we are or what situation we are in. Like I said at the beginning - the best thing to do is to just walk away and not react in any kind of way. But like I also said - that isn't always possible, so we need to learn a way to deal with it. I hope these tips will help.

Happy Monday
Hugs xxx

J O I N   M E 


Sunday Thoughts

Sunday Thoughts
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Been thinking…we should be more adventurous, more enthusiastic, more willing to take risks, more in the moment, more in the here and now, more open, more able to listen - really listen, more understanding, more helpful, more appreciative, more friendly, more kind, more obliging, more cheerful, more ambitious, more curious, more bold, more content, more considerate, more brave, more whole, more us…

Life is busy. For all of us. We know that. And still we try our best. Day by day. To be our best self. We want good for others. And help wherever we can. Trying to be reliable. Always there. Always present. And even so we forget to listen to ourselves and trust in the person we are. I sometimes find myself wondering if when I look back one day, will I be pleased with what was?

I have to keep reminding myself to be more in the moment. And for example to take the time and listen to my daughter when she comes home from school eager to tell me something, to really take the time to listen. No matter how busy my day was and how much I need a breather - I need to be there in that exact moment before it slips away

Be more in the moment and soak it all in - because it will only be just that - a moment - and once it's gone it will never return.

Happy Sunday xxx

J O I N   M E 


Saturday's Saying | Limits

Saturday's Saying
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Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with love, fun and adventures.

Hugs xxx

J O I N   M E 


Happy Friday | V16.9

Happy Friday.
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Friday has come far too early for me - it seems it was here in a blink of an eye. But doesn't it always feel that way? I guess I will just have to get used to the fact that time seems to never stop flying by. 

As you may know I have been home with the flu the entire week. I am feeling way better but I have to be careful and take it slow, it can be tricky feeling better and doing too much at once. I don't want to risk a fall-back. But I have been going on short walks with the pup - the sun has been spoiling us in the past 2 days and so I just had to get out and breathe some fresh pre-spring air. I can hardly wait for spring to lift my spirits.

Although my week was spent at home and has been rather uneventful, it had tons of happy moments. These are 10 of them:

1. Sunshine

2. Knitting with this wonderful yarn

3. Downton Abbey - finally catching up

4. Being here when Leonie came home from school (usually I come home after her)

5. puppy kisses and kitty purrs (they've been enjoying having me home)

6. Taking it slow - feels good to let go

7. My dear caring husband being so helpful

8. Happy Mail

9. A phone call from a dear friend from Chicago (tears my have been involved)

10. Seeing the first signs of spring

I hope your week was fabulous and you are a-okay! Tell me some of your happy moments!

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Hugs xxx

J O I N   M E 


How I Feel in 5 Words.

How are you?
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The first week of my 40's was off to a really good start. Until, well, until I caught the flu. It started on Monday with a heavy headache. At first I thought it was one of my "migraine days". So, I didn't think much of it, took my meds and went back to bed after calling in. Yesterday morning the pain still wasn't gone, what got me worried. Usually a migraine is gone by the next morning. So, I called in again and went to see my doc. He then confirmed what I had suspected. I have the flu. Great. I stopped at the pharmacy on my way home to stock up on the prescribed meds and now it's just waiting it out, drinking lots of tea and doing nothing. Well, I am not too ill to knit and I have been finally catching up on Downton Abbey, so it isn't all that bad really.

Here is how I am today:

1. Congested.

2. Tired.

3. Aching.

4. Guilty Conscience (for not being at work).

5. Hopeful.

How are you? I hope not sick at home with the flu or something else. 
Happy Wednesday!

Hugs xxx

J O I N   M E 


Tuesday Thoughts | What's On Your Mind

What's on your mind.
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First I would like to thank you all for your comments and emails regarding my post from yesterday about "10 Things I Learned in My 30's" - how fun to read about your experiences in life and finding out how old some of you are. How encouraging this thing called BLOGGING is. It lifts me on a daily basis.

I have been thinking a lot lately. As you may know I am an over-thinker, not as much as I used to be, but it's just in me to think too much. I put too much thought into about anything. I even overthink about thinking. HA

But aren't our thoughts our escape from the daily life? If we can't escape reality for a while through our thoughts - how can we? I love letting my thoughts wander off to the what if's and why's. Don't you?

Lately I have been thinking about:

- How on earth will Leonie be 13 in May? Where did that 5 year old girl with the chubby cheeks go? Gosh, I miss her sometimes!

- There are still so many places I want to explore. Iceland, Norway, Australia, Japan, Africa, America, The Maldives…and so many more places. I hope to be able to travel more as the years go by. 

- The mister and I have been a couple for almost 23 years now, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

- Leonie and the mister are dying to spend the summer in Great Britain - I guess I am overruled.

- I am currently planning another trip for spring break. Leonie so wants to go to Amsterdam - she and I have been wanting to go ever since seeing "The Fault in Our Stars" - I so want to show her the city. I have visited before but it's been almost 20 years. So looking forward to this.

Now it's your turn - what's been on your mind lately? Please do share!

Happy Tuesday - Hugs xxx

J O I N   M E 


10 Things I Learned In My 30's

10 Things I Learned in My 30's
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Looking back on those 10 years of my 30's made me think a lot. So much has happened during that time. We moved to the US when I was 32 and returned after my 35th birthday. I would say that this was the most important and influencing time in my 30's, maybe even of my life. A lot has happened since returning to Germany, Leonie has turned into a pre-teen, I picked up my career again after being a sahm during the time overseas, and life in general has changed immensely.

Looking back on my 20's when I was this young, inexperienced and reluctant woman trying to figure things out, I can say that my 30's turned me into someone totally different. Becoming a mom at age 28 certainly played a big role in shaping the person I am today. 

My 30's taught me a lot. They were awesome, eventful and full of all the emotions there are. Sometimes hard and gut-wrenching, making it difficult for me to see clear. But now that I have accepted who I am and where I am, life can only get better day by day.

Here are 10 Things I learned in my 30's:

1. Not everyone has to like you.
When I was younger I felt appalled when someone didn't like me and I would question myself over and over again, why they didn't. What did I possibly do wrong for that person to not like me. I questioned myself.
Well - turns out, the ones that don't like me, don't matter. And that's absolutely okay.

2. You are perfect the way you are.
Some are tall, some are short. Some skinny and some not. Who cares. You are you. You are wonderful. Accept that! Period.

3. You don't need other people's approval.
Do what you feel is right. As a mom, as a woman, as a friend, as a co-worker… Of course advice can be helpful in making decisions. But, don't rely on others to tell you what to do, especially not if you think your way is the better way.

4. Listen to your gut feeling.
We have this feeling deep down inside - this voice within telling us what's right for us. Listen to it! It won't fail you.

5. Arguments can be beneficial.
Nobody likes arguments. They bring something negative. Not always though. Arguments can help you grow. They can make you see things differently. Maybe even open your eyes. Let them happen and learn from them.

6. Voice your opinion.
We all have an opinion. Speak it out and believe in it. And in case you find out that your opinion is wrong along the way - than learn from that. But never be afraid to have your own opinion.

7. Aim for your goals.
Dreams - we all have them. We have this picture in our heads of how we want our life / our future to be. No matter how unattainable they may seem at one point or another - try to reach them. Try to work towards them, even if it may take time. Never give up on them.

8. Accept what is.
Returning to Germany after our time in America - living in the suburbs of Chicago - was one of the hardest things for me. I wasn't ready to let go of our life in the US. I struggled hard back in our old home. I was so homesick (and still sometimes am) - it hurt. I have come to terms with the fact that life is what it is right now. It's best for us to be here. Best for our daughter's education and for our parents who are now at an age where they rely on us. I have accepted that it is what it is for now. I am working hard though to make my future the one I dream of. Hoping to return "home" one day.

9. Let go.
Holding onto something makes you bitter. No matter what you are clenching to, may it be your past (like in my case - see #8), or a lost friendship, an argument that didn't turn out the way you had expected…Don't do it. Just don't. Let go of it. Process it the best way you can and then pack it up and send it away. You don't need it. It will only bring you down if you keep it. Let go.

10. Forgive.
Holding grudges isn't good. It may be for a while - for as long as it takes you to figure out what you want to do with it, but on the long run, it won't bring you any further. It will hold you back from being content - no one wants that. I have learned to forgive. Now that doesn't mean I forget. Some things just cannot be forgotten. But everything can be forgiven. Trust me.

I will always cherish my 30's and I am letting go of them with one crying and one laughing eye (this is a German saying), because it is a bit bittersweet. So much has happened in those 10 years. So many things that shaped me and turned me into the person I am today. I hope to keep learning, to live lots of adventures and that my future will be the one I dream of.

Here's to the next decade of my life.

Hugs xxx

J O I N   M E 


Thank You For The Birthday Wishes

Thank you
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First of all I want to thank all of you for the birthday wishes, for your sweet comments, your kind emails and the snail mail I received. My birthday weekend was wonderful and the first 2 days of my 40's were awesome.

I got lots of wonderful presents from my loved ones and friends, cards with heartfelt words and packages brought to my doorstep that made my heart jump for joy. I must say my 40's are off to a great start and I am excited to see what the next 10 years will bring to my life. 

Wishing you all a wonderful day - make the best of it.

Hugs xxx

J O I N   M E 


Happy Friday | V16.8 - Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Friday V16.8
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Guys, today's the today - today's my 40th B I R T H D A Y - I feel fabulous and cannot wait to see what the next 10 years will bring to my life. Milestone birthdays can feel somewhat intimidating - like one day you get scared a bit about it and cannot believe how old you are (say WHAT?!) and the next day you are absolutely content about the fact of getting older and accept it for what it is.

I'm glad we all feel the same way about it - I have gotten so many encouraging comments and emails regarding my birthday today - and it's true, it's just a number and I am going to embrace it. We should concentrate on who we are, where we are in life and with whom we spend our time!

Here are a few things that made me extra happy this week:

1. Enjoying my last week in my 30's.

2. Receiving an early birthday present from my loves.

3. Finding out about a yarn outlet not far away = shopping galore.

4. Casting on for a summer shawl with my new addi needles.

5. Movie night with the fam - we watched Goosebumps with Jack Black.

6. Coffee date with a friend.

7. Lots of happy mail.

8. Emails from people dear to me.

9. Flowers for my birthday - yellow and pink tulips!

10. My birthday today. Looking forward to having lots of fun.

Now it's your turn - what made you happy this past week?

I am linking up with these two wonderful ladies: 

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Have a fab weekend!
Hugs xxx

J O I N   M E 


How I Feel in 5 Words

How are you?
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Wednesday, February 17th is here - 2 more days in my 30's until saying hello to the big 4-0 on Friday. I'm not afraid or anything, it just feels like a big step. It probably is, but everything will be the same come Saturday, I am sure of that. Although, not everything...I will be in my 40's then. haha But, who cares - you're only as old as you feel, right? At least that's what a German saying states.

Anyway - how am I today? Well, let's see:

1. Excited.

2. Satisfied.

3. Achieving.

4. Anxious.

5. Tired.

# 5 somehow always makes the list - maybe it's this time of year or the weather - maybe it's even the hormones, I don't know, but I have been so tired lately. All of the time.

I might go grab another coffee while you tell me how you are today in the comments below.

Hugs xxx
J O I N   M E 


Tuesday Thoughts

What are you thinking?

Doesn't it feel like there is this looong week still ahead of us? Even though I will only work until Thursday, it feels like it will take forever to me. I don't know what it is, and even though time seems to be flying by in general, lately the weeks have been dragging along with the weekends coming and going before I even really noticed.

So, tell me, what's on your mind today?

This is what's on mine right now:

1. I am so tired - I think I need another cup of coffee.

2. My work computer is so slow. Why is my work computer so slow?

3. I wonder if anyone can make it faster?

4. Is it 3 pm yet?

5. I would love to knit a few rows with my new Malabrigo lace - but my knitting's at home and I am at work.

6. What will we have for dinner? I might have to get that whole meal-planning thing going.

7. How many steps did I make yet?

8. All of my co-workers now have a Fitbit since I got mine. Copy cats - HA.

9. Is it 3 pm yet?

10. I need some groceries before driving home this afternoon.

11. I hate grocery shopping.

Ok, your turn - what's been on your mind throughout the day today?

Happy Tuesday xxx

J O I N   M E 


Let's Go On A Coffee Date

Let's have coffee
I have seen these kind of posts on some of my favorite blogs in the past few weeks and I really like the idea, so i thought, I'd give it a try as well.
If we were to go on a coffee date, I would aks you how you are and how your weekend was. I'd probably ask if you did something special for Valentine's Day. Then I'd go on to tell you that my dad's birthday is on Valentine's Day and that we celebrated with the family. It was his 69th birthday, so kind of a special one.
I would also tell you that I received an early birthday present from my loves, something I have had my eye on for quite some time and I am more than excited to put to use soon! I'd then go on about my recent trip to a yarn outlet last Saturday on which I splurged on some delicious skeins of yarn and now need to figure out what to cast on for first.
I'd ask you how 2016 has been for you so far - if it is what you expected on NYE or if things aren't going so well at the moment. I would listen and maybe give an advice if needed or just be there for you if there is something you feel the need to talk about.
I am a good listener. I like giving time to whomever I am talking to. Time to get off their chest whatever it is they need to say. But I also request that time for myself in return. Is that selfish? Probably, but there are always two sides and every side consists of giving and taking, right?
I'd probably also complain about it just being Monday today with a long week ahead, but on the other hand I'd be happy about the fact that I took Friday off to celebrate being 40.
Now it's your turn - what would you tell me if we were on a coffee date? Are you a good listener?
Happy Monday - hugs xxx

J O I N   M E 


Happy Friday | V16.7

Happy Friday

Yay, another week is coming to an end and I am so looking forward to this weekend. Not necessarily because of Valentine's Day, but because it's also my dad's birthday on the 14th.
It's been a busy and loooong week and I will not miss it, but it also had its happy moments and here they are:
1. A few snowflakes in the sunshine on our daily walks
2. A lunch date with a dear friend
3. Re-connecting with someone from way back when
4. Successfully finishing up a project at work
5. Showing office gossip the cold shoulder
6. A trip to the mall with my girl
7. Re-decorating the family room
8. Organizing pictures for a new picture wall
9. Happy mail
10. Found out a dear friend had to be hospitalized but thankfully all is well! (LG Ruth)
How has your week been? I hope all is well! Share some of your happy moments with me!
Hugs xxx

J O I N   M E 


Things I Love Thursday


Today wasn't really off to a great start. I don't know what it was but once I arrived at the office things kind of started going downhill for a while. It made me want to jump back into my car and get the hell out of there. I felt like running away. But, I didn't, I stayed and suddenly things started to fall into place again. Glad I didn't give up.

It's Thursday guys! One more day and the weekend is here - wohoo! Feels like I have been living for the weekends only these past few weeks - but I simply cannot wait to get cozy on my couch with my soft new malabrigo yarn and get started on a lovely new knitting project.

Now tell me something totally off topic - what are your plans for Valentine's Day?

Hugs xxx

J O I N   M E 


How I Feel in 5 Words.

How are you?
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It's Wednesday which means we're halfway to the weekend and it means that today we share how we are. Just because. So, how has your week been so far? Mine was ok, not tremendously great, but okay. Here's how I am today:

1. Tired.

2. Anxious.

3. Content.

4. Hopeful.

5. Settled.

I haven't been sleeping well due to the moon - that planet always messes up my sleep once a month - but I know it will only be a few days and then it will be back to normal. Anxious - I ordered a few skeins of Malabrigo yarn and they came in the mail yesterday (pics are to follow soon) and I cannot wait to finish up my current knitting project (I'm knitting a pair of socks) to finally cast on that soft merino wool!

Okay, now you - if you could sum up your feelings in 5 words - which would they be?

Happy Wednesday - hugs xxx
J O I N   M E 


5 Pet Peeves

(image source)

My dear friend San, a fellow German blogger living in the US wrote about 5 of her pet peeves last week and I loved it! I just have to copy it! Thanks for the inspiration, Süße!

I guess we all have 'em, PET PEEVES, just like I wrote about my biggest pet peeve the other day, there are smaller ones and then there are the ones that can drive us crazy. Today I am sharing 5 of my pet peeves:

1. Gossip - I hate it. Period. As I work in an office environment, there is always gossip. Always. And oddly enough it's always the same type of person starting it. People always talk about others. Especially us women. What is it that we can't not talk behind each other's backs? I just don't get it. I hate it and I want no part of it. Whenever I feel gossip starting, I either leave the room or try to blend out the conversation and keep on with my work. I don't let others drag me into any of it. Ever. I might have in the past - way back when - but I learned my lesson and I learned it well. I don't gossip - if something bothers me, I tell the person directly and try to work things out.

2. Bullying - Similar to #1, but different. There is a great deal of bullying at my daughter's school. The "weaker" not so popular kids get "picked out" by some group of others and then they don't let go anymore. Teasing and laughing, pushing, pulling at hoodies, making hurtful comments about appearance and outfit, trying to put the entire focus on this one person, "their victim", to not have anyone put their attention on them. It feels to me like it's only getting worse. It was different when I was a kid. I want to make it stop! And again, it's always the same type of person being the bully and the same type of person being picked as the victim. 

3. Coins - I cannot stand the smell of them, so I try not having to touch any. If I however have to, I feel this huge desire to wash my hands immediately. Whenever I pay cash, which is more the norm here in Germany, I always ask the cashier to put the change directly into my wallet and hold it open into their direction, so they can drop the coins straight into it. Weird? Probably. But, whatever.

4. Magazines - If I buy a magazine and don't have the time to flip through the pages right away, I set it aside, so that no one else can read it before me. I can't stand it if someone flipped through the pages before me. I can't really tell you why, I just want me to be the first.

5. Nosiness - Germans are very nosy. Especially if you live in the countryside in a smaller town like we do. They see everything, they know everything and they will watch you for as long as it takes to see and know everything. Like for example when I pull up into our driveway you can bet your bottom dollar that my next door neighbor will be at her window to look over and see a) who is coming, b) is that person coming alone, c) will said person unload anything from the car, d) how does the person look today and most of all e) how long has the person been gone! I can tell you, it's AWFUL and I don't get it. It makes me shake my head every time, but there is just nothing you can do about it. Wait, there is one thing - you can LAUGH about it, because it's freaking funny.

Now, what are your pet peeves? What drives you mad, makes you angry or cringe? Tell me!

Happy Tuesday - Hugs xxx

J O I N   M E 


Polyvore | Create and Share Collages in a Heartbeat

 photo polyvore_zpsttfkklat.jpg

In case you stop by over here on a regular basis, you have probably noticed how much I enjoy making collages and sharing things I like in my "Things I love Thursday" posts. When I got started blogging a helpful fellow blogger (sadly I cannot remember who it was) pointed me to this wonderful website called Polyvore. I had tried making similar collages and they just didn't turn out the way they looked on other blogs. She noticed and offered me her advice (one of the things I love about blogging)! 

In the past few weeks I have been asked about my collages and how I make them. So, I thought I'd share my "secret" officially and for all my lovely readers today. Polyvore.com helps me create my fun collages. Signing up is super easy, it's free, Polyvore allows you to share your sets on the social media linked to your account directly and it provides you with customizable codes for your blog.


Once you are logged in you can get going. Create sets at your hearts content. I simply use it to create and to get inspired, but you can also use this social media just like any other - to become popular, gain followers, join or create groups or even contests. 

It's more fashion based, but you can create sets about furniture, beauty products, decorations ideas etc. like I did in the past as well. But if you are a fashion or beauty blogger, it's probably the right place to search inspiration, discover trends and share them, as well as inspiring others.

Do keep in mind that like any other social media interaction, this one takes time and a lot of work to grow, one of the reasons I stick to the creating and sharing part and put my focus on other social media, but I guess this is a great way to spread the word as well.

I hope this was helpful to those looking for a fun and easy way to create collages for your blog - you can follow me here and in case you decide to join - shoot me the link to your profile so I can follow back!

Happy Monday xxx

J O I N   M E 

Please note: this is not a sponsored post and all my opions.


Sunday Thoughts | Let go

Letting go is hard.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend -
enjoy where ever you may be and what ever you might be doing.

Hugs xxx

J O I N   M E 


Happy Friday | V16.6

(image source)

Friday is finally here - it's been an emotionally draining week with everything going on and I am so looking forward to a little unwinding. But despite all the not so good things that have been happening, there has been a lot of good and happy moments as well. Today I am sharing 10 of them with you - just like every Friday.

1. Getting Kyra's cyst results back negative - no cancer!

2. Her healing process is going so great - makes me so super happy!

3. Kyra taking all her meds without the twink of an eye - such a trooper!

4. Charlie Puth's new album Nine Track Mind.

5. A coffee date with my BFF - yes, you still have BFF's with almost 40 - HA!

6. My parents dog-sitting, so Kyra is okay while I'm at work.

7. Ordering new Malabrigo yarn - cannot wait for it to get here.

8. Parent-teacher conferences went awesome! Leonie is such a great student!

9. Contemplating replacing our second car with something bigger.

10. Nachos.

How was your week and what were some of your HAPPY MOMENTS?

I am linking up with these two wonderful ladies: 

Happy Friday Link up

Hugs xxx

J O I N   M E 


Things I Love Thursday | City Girl

City Girl

City Girl by chrissyza 

I figured since everyone and their mother seems to be posting about Valentine's, I would share an outfit I'd really enjoy having in my wardrobe. I don't know what it is about the colors, but they kind of got me and now I think I need a green blouse like this one. And I love wide-legged pants. A little jewellery here, a cute bag there, a bit lipstick, mascara and blush and you are good to go.

I have to admit though, I was contemplating sharing something Valentine's Day related at first. But, you must know, Valentine's isn't as big a deal here in Germany as it is in the States or Canada. I don't know about other countries, but here we kind of go from Christmas straight to the Easter products in the aisles of the grocery stores. I do miss strolling through the Valentine's section at Target (oh, how I miss thee), Walgreens or CVS and such. It was always so much fun. 

Also putting together Valentine's for school - Leonie always loved that part the most. Kids don't do that here. Kind of makes me sad - it is a fun day and it's nice to show your affection for someone, maybe Germans are a bit uptight when it comes to their feelings, I don't know - all I know is, I am not and we absolutely "celebrating" Valentine's at home!

With that being said - love and hugs xxx

J O I N   M E 


How I Feel in 5 Words.

How are you?
(image source)
Wednesday is here again and I cannot believe how fast the first month of this year has flown by. 16 more days to my birthday (not that I'm counting) and 2 more days to the weekend - thank goodness. A lot has been going on in our family this week so far and I am really ready for a break.
Today I am:
1. exhausted
2. drained
3. worried
4. anxious
5. hopeful
Our pup had a surgery on Monday, there was a cyst on her neck which we had removed. She is doing fine though, thank god, and is healing very well. The biopsy came back negative - no cancer!! My IL's pup had to be put down yesterday - we had seen it coming, she was almost 16 and just old and had gotten too weak to even stand up - so the vet came by yesterday after we all said our last good byes. So sorry. So sad.
Tell me - How Are You Today?
Hope your week is better - happy Wednesday!
Hugs xxx
J O I N   M E 

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