Birthday Surprise | A Gyrocopter Flight

Gyrocopter Flight / Helicopter
Yesterday was the mister's 44th birthday. And you know how it goes with picking a gift. The older we get and the longer you know someone, the harder it can be to really surprise one another. I mean I am always up for jewellery, just saying. But, isn't is sometimes hard to figure out what to give? I love giving unique gifts. Showing the person that I really thought about what to give. Not to just have something. Anything. I want it to be special.

And after a co-worker of mine recently had the chance to fly with a gyrocopter and told us at the office all about it, I knew that this was gonna be it. Especially since the mister was a helicopter mechanic during his years serving at the Germany Army. He has always been into flying and I can even remember him telling me that he would love to try this not too long ago.

So, I looked this up online and found someone who offered flights in Rothenburg ob der Tauber which is about 30 minutes away from our home. He hooked me up with all the information, emailed me all the details and we set the date for today. I didn't tell the mister about this. He didn't find out until arriving at the airport. He had no idea and when we told him what we "got" for him, he was totally over the moon and couldn't believe it!

Nailed it!

Gyrocopter Flight
After a few instructions from the pilot whose name was also Stefan just like the mister's, they took off for a 30 minute flight along the valley of The Romantic Road. They even flew over our home and he was able to take a few pics of it from above! 

It was really hard keeping this a secret for over 2 weeks, but it was so worth it! And I think it's safe to say that the surprise was a huge success! We did get a few other little surprises like a few new polo shirts, fancy showering foam etc. but the flight was the absolute winner!

What was your biggest birthday surprise you ever got or maybe even gave to someone else?

Happy Monday xxx


Happy Friday | V16.21

Happy Friday | V16.21

A fun week is slowly coming to an end. We tried to not let the weather dampen our mood too much. We didn't always succeed, but in the end it's been a pretty fun week. Here are some of my our Happy Moments of the past few days:

1. Looking at the stars

3. Watching Wildlife

4. Sushi

5. Shopping in the city

6. Sunny weather after all

7. New shrubs for my garden

8. My peonies ready to burst open

9. Puppy kisses

10. Happy Mail

All in all this past week had tons of Happy Moments thanks to my peeps and I am glad I didn't let the rain get to me. 

Now it's your turn, what are some of your Happy Moments this week so far?

Linking up with these beauties! LindsayKrystenCharlotte.

Happy almost weekend xxx


Things I Am Loving This Month

May Favorites

May Favorites by chrissyza 

I thought I'd share some of the things I am loving this month. I really enjoy seeing what you guys like and share on your blogs, so here goes:

I got 2 new pairs of shoes: a pair of new Nikes in grey (I already got those last month) and let me just tell you, wearing them feels like walking on clouds. I think it is safe to say that they are by far the most comfortable sneakers I have ever owned.

And I got a new pair of Birks. I usually go for the Gizeh, but I thought this time I'd go with the more classic version, the Arizona. We do have a Birkenstock outlet about 10 minutes away from us, so I will not completely eliminate the thought of getting another pair sometime later this summer.

The wooden ampersand - my daughter knows how much I adore them and when she saw one like the one pictured above on sale, she got it for me. She just knows me.

The Chicago print: I can never have too many Chicago prints and pics and as I am in the process of putting together prints and pics for a picture wall in our family room, the mister thought this one would fit perfectly. This one is actually from Target, but he somehow found it somewhere here in Germany.

I am not much of a make up fanatic and I keep things to a limit, but I do need a concealer these days (we're all getting older guys and those dark circles ain't pretty) and this one from Urban Decay really works wonders for me. It also lasts pretty long, so I don't have to worry about that at work.

Applying body lotion after every shower is something I am really bad at. It takes so long and I hate the feeling when putting on clothes and they stick to my body because I didn't wait long enough. This body wash is perfect for those days when I don't have the time to wait.

I fell in love with that Pandora ring while strolling through the city a few weeks ago. There is this little Pandora flagship store (which used to be a Swatch store) and it was on display. I must have mentioned how much I liked it, because the mister got it for our wedding anniversary at the end of April for me. Yay.

And last but not least my new perfume from Narciso Rodriguez. I already shared this in March, that's when I got it, but I just had to share it again. I think I might have found my scent. I have never had a perfume that suits me so well. And I have never been asked what scent I'm wearing as often as I have been lately. I don't wear it every day. I like switching things around. And I don't like being wasteful with it…but I really think this could be the scent I will wear forever.

What are some of your favorites this month? And have you found that one scent for yourself, too?

Hugs xxx


How I Feel In 5 Words.

It's been raining from day one of my week long vacation. Plans had to be cancelled and changed which was actually a real bummer. But we are trying to make the best of it heading to the Planetarium of Stuttgart today. The weather is said to clear up during the day and by Friday the temps should be somewhere around the 70's at least. 

I met a co-worker at the grocery store yesterday who also took this week off as our kids still have a week of vacation left. He had plans of going on bike rides and to the park with his 3 kids but that didn't work out - he was pretty bummed out as well. We laughed about it and tried to brush it off, both hoping for the forecast to be true, so we at least have a sunny weekend ahead.

Well, those are just the things that can happen. Life. We'll have to try and make the best of it, which will definitely include a movie night at home tonight.

Today I am:

1. Optimistic.

2. Disappointed.

3. Positive.

4. Content.

5. Amused.

A lot going on in the emotion department. Oh well…

What about you? How are you today and how is the weather in your corner of the world? Is it playing tricks on you as well?

Happy Wednesday, guys xxx


Change Of Plans

Change Of Plans

You might remember that we were planning a trip to Berlin for this week. The hotel was booked and everything was planned out for 3 days of fun in the capital city of Germany. And then, well, then weather happened. It was fine until Sunday - the temps were in the low 80's with a light breeze - it would have been perfect for a trip to the city. 

But, then on Monday we woke up to temps in the high 50's and rain. Constant rain. Without end. I checked the weather app on my iPhone, I checked the weather channel and I looked at the online forecast for the next few days - and they all predicted no change for the entire week. Well, awesome. 

Who wants to walk around a city in the pouring rain. There would be no picture taking possible, looking at outdoor sights like the Holocaust Memorial wouldn't be much fun either, walking around the shopping miles or going to the park wouldn't be either.

So, long story short, we cancelled our trip and will delay it to another time, probably some time during summer - the weather might be a bit more steady then. Well, it better be.

We will just do some other activities during our week off, like going to an indoor water park, visiting the planetarium or going to a new mall in Stuttgart, because I promised Leonie the chance to spend some of her birthday money she got.

We'll make the best of it and are looking forward to lots of quality time together and cannot wait to take that trip to Berlin later this year. 

Did you ever decide to cancel a trip due to bad weather or because of something else?

Hugs xxx


Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

It's been a fun weekend. The temps were in the low 80's, the sun was shining constantly and we had a blast spending most of our time outdoors. Saturday included a trip to the hardware store to get a few things for our backyard. We are in the process of putting up a new privacy fence, the mister is building it on his own, so he needed some supplies. I took the chance to stock up on some flowers for my pots on the patio and I also added a few shrubs for the garden.

Yesterday was spent tending to my flower beds, weeding, pruning some bushes and my buxus. I love buxus and the way you can "form" it. We replaced the stone border around our flower beds, because the old one had been grown in over the years, so we decided to get a new border and replace the old one. We didn't quite finish all of it though, because there is a lot to replace and we were in the blazing sun and couldn't take it anymore at some point. 

But I am really pleased with how far we've gotten and I have to keep looking at it, because everything looks so neat after a good cleaning up. Now the plants can "breathe" again and new things can grow.

Ok, now tell me, how was your weekend and what were you up to?

Happy Monday xxx


Happy Friday | V16.20

Happy Friday | V16.20

Crazy to think another week is already coming to an end, time is flying by and summer's almost here. Don't those raspberries just look delicious. They are one of my favorite fruits - I planted a few raspberry bushes in my garden a few years ago and they keep spreading and growing - I pick them and eat them straight from the plant! Love it!

It's been a short work week here in Germany, but it oddly felt like forever. I am so looking forward to having next week off and hopefully to a fun getaway.

Here are some of my HAPPY MOMENTS this week:

1. New plants for my garden

2. Riding my new bike

3. Walks with the pup in the sun.

4. Movie date with my girl (Angry Birds)

5. Popcorn

6. One pant size down

7. Popsicles

8. Fresh cut grass

9. New eye shadow and lipstick

10. Planning the mister's birthday surprise

Ok, what about you? What were some of your Happy Moments in the past few days?

Linking up with these beauties! LindsayKrystenCharlotte.

Happy Friday xxx


Blogging Habits

If you are anything like me, you didn't really know what you were doing when you started blogging. And that is absolutely ok and normal. No one is perfect at something when getting started. But over time you learn. You see things others do, you read about it and you try it out for yourself. 

I remember when I started my first blog back in 2010 other bloggers weren't that open about how they did things. These days you can find so many helpful tips and tutorials on other blogs, it's literally amazing and also a lot of fun, because I love learning new things and trying them out on my blog.

But beside learning things like html, link ups, blog buttons, social media buttons etc. you also start developing habits and a schedule. You figure out what kind of posts suit you best and you find out what your readers love about you and your blog.

Some bloggers have a firm schedule - they blog about one certain topic every week on a specific day, like I post my "How I Feel In 5 Words" and I have learned that a lot of my readers are looking forward to that exact post and let me tell you, I love that!

I also did the Project 52 for a few years in a row and loved the routine of showcasing my week in photos once every week. I just figured I needed to take a break from it, because things can get a little boring and need some changing up every once in a while.

Another habit of mine is that I try and sit down on Sundays to write my posts for the coming week. I never schedule more than one week in advance, because otherwise it would be impossible for me as a lifestyle blogger to blog about current things. Things that just happened which I want to share with you. 

What are some of your blogging habits? Do you write according to a strict schedule?

Happy Thursday xxx


How I Feel In 5 Words.

How are you?

Since it's a short work week for us here in Germany, I am feeling pretty good today, as it is only my second work day this week. Things have been a bit slower at the office in the past few days, so I have no reason to complain.

Today I feel:

1. Relaxed.

2. Content.

3. Excited.

4. Fulfilled.

5. Open.

I took next week off since the kids here are on vacation for 2 weeks and we are planning a trip to Berlin - so I am pretty stoked about that! I will tell you more when things are final!

Now let me know how you are today and how your week has been so far?

Happy Wednesday xxx


How I Stay Motivated

How To Stay Motivated.
Life is busy and sometimes a little overwhelming. It can be hard to stay focused and it can be even harder to stay motivated. It's strange, at times you can be so full of energy and ideas that you wish the day had more hours for you to get it all done. Other times you feel tired and empty and you have to push yourself to keep going, which can be a really hard task when there is no motivation at all.
Those are the times where you would rather crawl back into bed, let the world be the world and just sleep it off. But, as we all know, it's not that easy and hardly anyone can afford to just "sleep it off", so we have to find ways to motivate ourselves. There are some easy things I do, whenever I feel this lack of energy.
1. Take a walk with the dog or ride my bike.
2. Listen to a favorite song.
3. Have a cup of coffee or tea.
4. Flip through the pages of a magazine.

5. Call a friend.

6. Gardening - I love spending time in my backyard.

7. Read a chapter of my current book.

8. Visit my local craft store - always so inspiring.

These are all simple ways to feel inspired - nothing fancy, but at least one of them help me most of the time.

What are things you do to stay motivated or to get motivation back?

Hugs xxx


Taking Stock

What's been going on in my life lately.

Sometimes it feels good to make a list of the things that are going on in your life at that moment - it can help keep things in perspective. And it is also fun to come back at a later time to see what you were doing, say, a year ago or so.

So, here's what's been going on in my neck of the woods lately:

watching: The Night Manager and Wayward Pines

reading: Imagine Me Gone by Adam Hassett

knitting: baby shoes for my new niece

listening: The Lumineers

cooking: Asparagus - it's the season here in Germany

drinking: Green Tea

planting: bamboo and hydrangeas

wondering: when the temps will become more steady

staring: at the rain

wishing: it would go away and let the sun out

remembering: summer camp way back when

hoping: for a smooth ride through Leonie's teenage years

There are certainly a lot more things going on and on my mind, but these are the ones I want to remember.

So, what's currently going on in your neck of the woods - what are you up to and what is on your mind?

Happy Monday xxx


Happy Friday | V16.19

Happy Friday
(image source )

Here in Germany we have another 3 day weekend ahead of us due to a bank holiday on Monday next week. I cannot say I'm hating it. It's been a really good week and even though it's been packed with appointments, it was a successful and quick one. I am looking forward to spending quality time with the family and relaxing during the next 3 days.
Here are some of the Happy Moments of my week:
1. Riding my new bike.
2. Cut and Color = a whole new me.
3. Girl's night out today.
4. Movie date with my girl.
5. A new pair of Birkenstocks.
6. BBQ for dinner.
7. Adding new plants to my garden.
8. Knitting another summer shawl.
9. In- and outgoing happy mail.
10. De-cluttering my closet.
Ok, now it's your turn - what were some of your Happy Moments this week?
Linking up with these beauties! LindsayKrystenCharlotte.

Hugs xxx


How I Feel In 5 Words.

How are you?

Wednesday - one of my favorite days for a few reasons. One of them being that it's the middle of the work week, meaning the weekend is coming closer. Ah, the weekends. Time to let go, to unwind. Can. Not. Wait. Just like every week.

Today is a good one. In fact the entire week has been rather good so far. Yeah, it's been a pretty good week. Knocking on wood over here to make sure it stays that way.

Today I am:

1. Confident.

2. Delighted.

3. Fresh.

4. Touched.

5. Amiable.

Ok, now you - how are you today and how has your week been so far?

Hugs xxx


Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday Thoughts
The long weekend was wonderful. 4 days off is just pure bliss and was so much needed to unwind and get my mind off of things at work. Being a working mom things can sometimes consume you in ways that leave no room or air to breathe. At least that’s how it can feel at times.
When I’m at home with my girl, spending quality time, I can literally feel how we both are in a much better mood once we let go of the daily stress and just inhale the sweetness of free time.
It’s Tuesday today. Kind of a weird day. The past weekend not really far away, the coming one all the more. But we’ve been blessed with such amazing weather and temps these past few days. Blue skies and the sun shining – what more can one ask for.
Things that are on my mind today:
-       Looking forward to dinner on the patio tonight.
-       Got a new bike on Mother’s Day and can’t wait to go on a short ride this evening.
-       Open windows at the office – fresh air streaming in.
-       Lumineers - Ophelia
-       Coffee break with a friend at work
Ok, now you - what is on your mind today?
Happy Tuesday xxx


Happy Birthday To My Girl.

Happy Birthday to my girl
Today is Leonie's 13th birthday. My girl is officially a teenager. Wow, wasn't she just born? And now she is already 13 years old! We always say how time flies by - watching your kids grow up really gives meaning to that saying. Crazy how time flies by!

I am very grateful and proud to be her mom. I love watching her grow up and the person she is turning into as she gets older. She cares for others, is always there to help, she's a true friend you can rely on once you have her heart and she is one hell of a daughter.

I love her to the moon and back and even more. She is my all and I wish her the best of everything always.

Hugs xxx

P.S. Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!


Happy Friday | V16.18

Happy Friday

As you might know, yesterday was Father's Day here in Germany. It's weird how some holidays are celebrated on different dates in some countries - where did that come from? Really strange. But - nevertheless we had a wonderful day. We went to one of our favorite pizza places and had delicious food. We couldn't resist to stop for some Italian ice cream afterward (it was a bella Italia kinda day now that I'm typing this) and went for a stroll through our town. You can see some of the pics I shot in my IG feed in case you are interested.

I have the day off today, but the mister had to head to the office this morning. So it'll be just my girl and I. We are planning a trip to W├╝rzburg, which is about a 30 minute drive away, for some retail therapy. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right!

It's been a 3-day work week hence the happy moments that have occurred so far:

1. A short work week (sorry for repeating myself)

2. Father's Day Fun with the fam

3. Movie night with my loved ones

4. Finding new shows to watch on Netflix/ Amazon Prime

5. Knitting, knitting, knitting

6. New yarn even though I don't really need new yarn

7. Long walks with the pup

8. Spring weather - finally

9. A new Nespresso coffee maker - loving it!

10. Gardening

Ok, now you, what are some of your HAPPY MOMENTS of this week so far? And don't forget to link up with these amazing ladies to join the fun and share your happy!

Linking up with these beauties! LindsayKrystenCharlotte.

Hugs xxx


It's The Little Things.

It's The Little Things.
Most of the time we strive for big things. We want a career, we want success, an abundance of money and health, a nice home, a great car….and so on. You get the picture. 

All these desires, dreams and wishes sometimes make us forget the here and now. If we always aim for the next goal and focus so hard on achieving it, we forget to live in the now. To be in the moment and take it in. 

I know it has happened to me and still does sometimes. I work full-time and have to be 100% focused during the day, so sometimes when I get home, all I want to have is quiet. And as I do all my little chores, I forget to take the time to just be, in a moment, with my family. It happens. And it's normal. Because it's life.

But sometime we just have to remind ourselves to enjoy the LITTLE THINGS, because they are the ones that really count. Like:

- Coming home to a happy kid and happy pets.

- Family dinner involving laughs and stories of the day.

- Movie night with your loved ones.

- A long walk with the pup to unwind.

- A back massage from the hubby.

- Taking a long hot shower.

- Running a bath for my girl.

- Flowers just because.

- Making plans for the summer.

- Coffee dates.

- Spontaneous get togethers with friends….

And so many more. There are so many things to be grateful for and to enjoy every minute of. We shouldn't take any of it for granted - it could all be over in a heartbeat.

With that being said - today is Father's Day here in Germany, so I am off to enjoy some quality time with my loved ones.

Hugs xxx


How I Feel In 5 Words.

Today is the last work day before a long weekend here in Germany. We have a legal/ bank holiday on Thursday which makes Friday a bridge day - not for everyone though, the mister has to go to work, but my employer decided to let us get those hours in during the rest of the month, so we can take the day off. Yay. Although when working full-time having to get 7 more hours in as well can be pretty challenging. But, I am always up for a good challenge. HA

It's Wednesday, the middle of the week - so, here's how I am today:

1. Excited.

2.  Happy.

3. Rested.

4. Good-humored.

5. Laid-back.

What about you? How are you today and how has your week been so far?

Happy Hump-Day xxx

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