Happy Friday | V16.43

Fridays are the BEST
Thankfully the washer incident got figured out, it was replaced and I have been able to do the laundry for the past 2 days again - thank heavens! Don't we always take these things for granted when we have them, but once we don't, we suddenly see how not given they are! And how blessed one can be to have all these things at hand.

All in all it's been a good week, although it was pretty stressful at work. I had to put in many extra hours due to a sick co-worker, hence me not being able to blog yesterday. But today's Friday and although I have to work a little overtime again, I am looking forward to a long weekend. We have a bank holiday next Tuesday and a bridging day at work on Monday, so I won't return to work before next Wednesday - hallelujah!

And even though this past week was a very looong one and I am very tired, it's been full of happy moments and here are 10 of them:

1. Sushi date with my girl

2. a  diamond ring from my man - just because

3. a new washer (even though it was a bumpy road)

4. a bonus at work

5. evening walks with the pup

6. fall leaves in the sunshine

7. Reese's

8. new hair - just a reshape but it feels oh so good

9. a manicure

10. a massage

Last tuesday my man came home with a surprise box. Sometime during the past few weeks we walked by a jewelry store and I pointed out a ring I really liked. Well, guess what was in that box! He's simply the best.

But now it's your turn - how was your week and what were some of your happy moments?

Happy Friday xxx


How I Feel In 5 Words.

How Are You?

It's been one hell of a week so far, but mostly in a good way. The only negative thing that has happened so far is that I had a new washer delivered yesterday and when I got home at night, the first thing I noticed was that it is damaged. The top is broken and now I have to deal with having it replaced. Hate when things like that happen. But I am sure I will get the job done, it's just a pain having to deal with it. Why can't things like that go right in the first place?

Other than that, here's how I am today:

1. Angry (obviously)

2. Anxious

3. Confident

4. Tired

5. Hungry

Hoping to get the washer incident worked out today, my laundry has been piling up for days and I really, really need fresh towels. haha

How has your week been so far? Hope all is well!

Happy Wednesday xxx


Believe In Yourself - You Can Do This.

You Can Do This
Being positive isn't always easy, but it has never been more important. With social media constantly telling us how we should be, what we should do, how our home is supposed to look, what to eat and so on, LIFE can get overwhelming.
And when life gets overwhelming with things not going the way we'd like them to, we tend to blame ourselves for "failing". We ourselves are the first person we look at when we search for the "problem" or the reason why something didn't pan out the way we had planned it to.
I used to let that get to me. Really get to me. And I let it drag me down. To a dark place I didn't like. It took me some time to figure out that it wasn't always me to blame. It took me years to realize that I wasn't the failure I thought I was back then.
I can now accept that I don't always have to get it all right. That things don't have to be the way I had envisioned them to be. And I can now accept that it isn't necessarily my fault when something doesn't work out.
When that happens nowadays, I acknowledge it, accept it and I MOVE ON! And so can you.
“Believe in yourself.
You are braver than you think,
more talented than you know,
and capable of more than you imagine.”
- Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart  

Happy Tuesday xxx


Fall Is Just My Favorite.

Fall, Autumn
Fall is my favorite season. I've said it several times before and I will say it again and again - I just love FALL. There are so many things I love about this time of year. I feel more myself during this time than during the rest of the year. It's like I can finally breathe again and I feel so free. This might sound weird or crazy or weird crazy, but it's just how I feel.

Here a a few things I so love about this season:

1. Lower temps - I am just not someone who loves heat and humidity. And with no AC at work or most of the buildings here in Germany, I so prefer cooler temps. I don't like sweating or having heatwaves during a meeting - I'd rather freeze and wear something cozy and comfortable like a cardigan.

2. Changing colors - I mean is there anything more beautiful than watching nature change! Seeing all the leaves change their color going from a lighter green to a yellow, or from an orange to a red! Whenever I take the pup for a walk I always pause to take it all in. It's just so beautiful and could take thousands of photos!

3. Morning dew and fog - we live in a valley surrounded by hills covered in forest or vineyards and the fog always holds on to it during my morning commute slowly drifting away till noon. It feels comfy to me, seeing the ground covered in fog.

4. Dark evenings - it feels much more cozy inside when it's dark out. I just love snuggling up on the couch with a cup of something warm and my knitting supplies. Throw in a good show or movie on Netflix and there you have the perfect fall evening.

5. A crackling fire in the fireplace - makes it even more comfy, simply wonderful.

6. Fall decorations - Pumpkins, ericas or heathers (however you call them), leaves, berries, orange, red, yellow and brown hues. Decorating for fall is so much fun!

7. Hot beverages - Chai tea, hot chocolate, PSL, coffee, all these make for an even more comfy feeling at home, even at work. 

8. Long Walks - the pup feels best during this time of year as well. She loves rolling over in the fallen leaves hearing them crackle underneath her. The heat of the summer isn't good for her joints. Her Arthritis is worst during those months and she needs more meds to be pain free. Now with lower temps and no humidity she feels so much better, needs less medicine and even runs around again. Makes my heart so happy to see her that way!

9. Reading - it's funny but I tend to read way more now than during the rest of the year. Probably has to do with the whole coziness thing. It's so much fun curling up on the sofa with a good book.

10. Fall Fashion - I love, love, love cardigans and scarves, I love wearing layers and I am all for dark red and warm colors. I can finally get out my booties and sneakers and my beloved UGGs (yes, I wear them and they are awesome). And my nail polish suddenly turns into a color palette of dark reds, burgundy,  brownish hues, dusky pinks and greys.

Fall, Autumn

Oh the things I love about fall. Or Autumn. However you want to call it - it's just my favorite!

What about you? What is your favorite season? If it's fall as well, what do you love most about it?

Happy Monday xxx


How I Feel In 5 Words.

How Are You In 5 Words.
Gosh - life can go crazy ways. Sometimes things start unfolding you hadn't even thought of. Amazing things. Without giving too much away for now as things are still developing, I can say as much as this, I received an AH-MAZING job offer and it might be that good that I will not be able to not accept it. Still evaluating the pros and cons and still a bit baffled. But in a good way. So, yeah, I guess it's safe to say that I am:

1. Super excited.

2. Super happy.

3. Super perplexed.

4. Super undecided (still).

5. Super curious.

It totally came out of the blue and I still need some time to fully understand. I guess I might need to sleep over it and maybe tomorrow I will be able to believe what happened today. Although I am absolutely happy with my current job and most of my colleagues are really great, it is a position I will most likely not be able to grow and develop as I work at a smaller subsidiary of a big company, so unless we move to a bigger city, I will probably be stuck with the job as it is. Unless, well, unless I take the offer. Oh boy, this will be tough.

How Are You Really?
Isn't it crazy how life sometimes throws good stuff your way and other times it makes you stumble and fall!

Good things happen when you least expect them.

Now, tell me, How Are You Today?

Happy Wednesday xxx


Life Lately

What's been going on.
Last weekend was wonderful and busy. It was wonderfully busy. On Friday afternoon we went shopping for a new bed for Leonie. We browsed through several different furniture stores, trying out mattresses only to end up at IKEA once again, where we found the fitting mattress and frame and all shenanigans right away. Of course they didn't have it all on stock. In fact one family snagged the last mattress right in front of us. So I ordered it all online and it will be delivered within a few days. Score!

After that we went for sushi, because shopping makes you so hungry! haha Followed by a trip to the movies to see "Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children" which was really fun. Back at home the mister and I started binge watching The Walking Dead on Netflix - see my couch buddy up there all snuggled up under a blanket. Such a sweetheart.

I finished up my fall decorations in front of our house, now all we have to do is carve the pumpkins. But we like waiting until a few days before Halloween, so they don't get moldy so fast. Otherwise they won't last. Or does anyone have a suggestion on how to make them last longer?

On Sunday we visited a handmade/ craft fair where I scored some yummy yarn and a few other things. I will show you more of that some other time -photos still have to be edited. But believe me when I say that I was in YARN HEAVEN!

How was your last weekend and what fun things did you do?

Happy Tuesday xxx


Memories Can Have Healing Powers.

We all have them. Rough days. Days where everything seems to go wrong and everyone seems to be against us. We drop stuff all the time. We bump our heads. The car in front of us is going way too slow. It starts raining the minute you leave a building. Coffee is out just when you really needed a cup. Or maybe someone said something hurtful.

And the list goes on and on. I guess you get the point. Nothing really seems to go the way we want it to. And the entire world seems to be against us. At least it feels that way. Those are the days when we would rather stay in bed, crawl underneath the covers and shut the whole world out, right?! 

We shouldn't do that! We shouldn't hide our feelings. Instead we should face the day, no matter how tough and try to make it through it with our heads held high.

Now, I know that's not easy. I, too, have days where I feel like I'm not able to face the world. Let alone other people. But I have this trick that helps me do just that. I have learned to adapt to the negative to be able to see the positive.

One thing that helps me in a situation where I'd rather disappear, is to think of something positive from my past. I picture a memory that takes me to a happy place and I try to remember exactly what happened at that moment, how I felt, what I heard and maybe what I smelled. It can have a really soothing effect on you if you focus on just that moment. 

A positive memory can help you get through a tough situation. When you whether know in nor out and all you can feel is overwhelmed, this one memory can make you strong enough to get through this moment. If you just focus on it long and hard enough, you will be able to feel the way you did way back when it happened.

Maybe this won't always help, but it helps me most of the time. It gives me this warm and soothing feeling of comfort inside and that way I can forget about the negative feeling from before and therefor I feel better about myself and the situation. Most of the time it helps me see it from a different perspective.

What do you do to get through a tough situation or a tough day? I'd love for your to share.

Happy Monday xxx


Happy Friday | V16.41

Well, if you've been reading along these past few days, you probably know that my man was on a week long work trip to the US and returned home this past Tuesday with a suitcase full of goodies - so, it's been a pretty happy week no matter what. Work was super busy and I worked very long hours, my girl wasn't all too happy about that, but I will try and make up for it this coming weekend. I hate leaving her waiting for me, I hope she will understand one day.

Other than that my week's had its ups and downs like yours probably did, too. 
And here are my 10 Happy Moments:

1. Family reunion

2. Goodies from our second home

3. Reese's

4. The Walking Dead

5. Sushi

6. Coffee Dates

7. A friend who can listen

8. Puppy snores

9. New Yarn

10. Fall, Fall, Fall

The temps went way down here, I was so happy about having seat heating in my car on my morning commute and my furry girls are loving the floor heating just like every year. So glad we decided to have it installed when we built our home 10 years ago. 

Happy Friday Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Now tell me how has your week been and please share some of your Happy Moments in the comments! I'd love to hear the positive of your week! Feel free to share the shitty moments as well - we're all in the same boat here!

Also, one question, the newly added "pin-friendly" bigger image at the bottom of my posts - YAY or NAY? Honest answer, please! Thank you.

Happy Friday, friends - the weekend is right around the corner! xxx


How I Feel In 5 Words.

It's Wednesday and that is always kind of a good thing. This one is a bit more special than usual, because the mister was gone this past week traveling the US for work. I didn't mention it on any of my social media until now, because I didn't want anyone knowing that he was gone and therefor Leonie, the girls and I alone at home. I am always a bit cautious about what could happen when you share these kind of things on social media - see what happened to Kim Kardashian.

But now that he's back I can share it. He traveled from Frankfurt to Detroit, passed Chicago (that one made my heart hurt just a little) and back to Detroit and arrived back in Germany yesterday. We are so happy to have him back - you might have seen some of the goodies he brought back for us on my IG. Simple things like Twizzlers or Reese's, Sharpies and antibacs from Bath and Body Works. Just some of our favorites which we sometimes really miss.

Hence here's how I am today:






Share your emotions in 5 Words.

So far it's been a good week over here in southern Germany. And I am looking forward to what the rest of the week will bring.

Now, tell me, how are you today? And how has your week been so far?

Happy Wednesday xxx


Home Decor Inspiration In Powdry Hues.

Home Decor Inspiration in powdery hues - not your typical fall color, but oh so pretty.

Maybe I should have chosen a profession in decorating or staging homes. I really enjoy putting together arrangements according to a color or a theme, sometimes it's the season and sometimes just a mood. I have been all about decorating our home for fall, both inside and out. And this afternoon I flipped through the pages of a magazine and came across a color theme like the one pictured above - it totally inspired me to get onto my Polyvore account (just click the image to get there) and create a similar set. There is just something about those colors that make me happy.

It's interesting how your favorite color changes over the years. I remember when I was a teenager my room was painted in a mint tone. And then later on I had a thing for blue. When we returned from the States I decorated everything in earthy hues, but this summer the brownish walls had to go and I turned them into a greyish blue. Right now my color theme for our home is a mix of grey, mustard, sand and light blue. Remember the new curtains I got earlier this year? Well, I am already considering a replacement in a darker tone for the "darker" season.

There you have it, I never get stuck on one color scheme for too long. I love change. Change is good. Change means moving forward. Change is important.

Do you have something you like changing regularly? Maybe your hair color? I'd love to know!

Here's to CHANGE - happy Tuesday xxx


Taking A Look At Last Weekend.

Apple watch Sport 42 mm in rose gold
After spending last week sick at home, I really needed a change of scene this weekend. Especially with the mister gone on an international business trip all week long. A trip to IKEA was the answer. Of course we had Kötbullar and then took the tour through the entire store looking for a a new closet for Leonie. After finding the perfect one, we headed to the decorations section and got stuck in the scented candle area. We ended up getting a few and then moved on to the plants. I got the erica planter you can see in the picture above. 

Afterward we made a stop at the nursery to get some more fall plants for my decoration at our front entrance. It was a lot of fun putting it all together this morning. What you can't see in the pics above, I also got a few pumpkins at the pumpkin patch today and added them later on. After returning from the pumpkin patch we had dinner plus dessert (the cake above) at my parents, followed by walking the pup in perfect fall weather. 

It has been really cold these past few days, so we turned on our floor heating which our kitty absolutely loves, as you can see in the very first pic up there. That is her in front of the shower sleeping on the warm bathroom tile.

I have been getting a few questions about my new apple watch which I really love. Setting it up and pairing it with my iPhone as well as using it has been totally easy and I have not had any kind of problems with it so far (knocking on wood). I did watch a video tutorial beforehand which was probably one of the reasons why it was a piece of cake for me to get it set up so quickly. It is the apple watch sport first generation in rose gold with a night blue strap in size 42 mm. I charge it over night and the batterie holds up all day long and that even though I do use it quite a lot. If you have any questions about it, I'd be happy to answer them!

So, now tell me, what have you been up to this past weekend?

Happy Monday xxx 


Happy Friday | V16.40

Happy Friday Link Up
I feel so much better already. Thank you all for the well wishes! But I did have to call in sick because I was unable to go to work. I spent most of my Thursday in bed and I think that really helped. Today I feel a lot better although still a little weak. I am hoping the weekend will help me fully recover, so I can head back to normal next Monday.

It's been a whirlwind of a week nonetheless, I had to go to Leonie's school for parent-teacher conference and I had to take her to an important appointment although I had a fever. But all was good and I managed, so glad the weekend is right around the corner. It will be spent relaxing and getting my strength back.

My week did have it's good moments and just like every Friday, I am sharing 10 of them with you:

1. Chai tea

2. Time to read

3. Sofa time watching Secrets and Lies

4. Finishing up my knitted shawl

5. Planning the next knitting project (online yarn shopping)

6. Positive feedback from Leonie's teachers

7. my new Apple Watch

8. our pup - she's the best

9. a love letter from Leonie

10. FaceTime with someone very important

I have to admit, I did use the time at home to get a few things done. Like binge watching the new to me show Secrets and Lies or finishing up my knitted shawl to get started on the next project, just waiting on the yarn to arrive. I got in lots of puppy snuggles, she never leaves my side when I'm sick, and lots of kitty purrs next to me, she is also always there for me! I didn't bother too much about housework, normally I can't stand not doing anything when at home. I always vacuum, dust or change the sheets and covers on our beds and clean the bathrooms. I didn't this time around, I only vacuumed and changed Leonie's covers. So, there's that. haha

How was your week and what were some of your happy moments?

Happy Friday xxx


This Is Me. | An Introduction.

An Introduction of myself.
There have been so many new visitors over here on The Brave Wanderer lately - Thank you from the bottom of my heart - that I thought what better time for a new introduction of myself, so you know who I am and what this blog stands for.

I started blogging in September 2010 on another blog during our 3 year stay overseas (from 2008 - 2011) in the suburbs of Chicago. The blog started out as "Chrissy in America" and then turned into "Whimsical Poppysmic" (that's the sound lips make when kissing) along the way. First it was thought as some sort of online diary for our big adventure in the States, but it soon turned into so much more.

I started The Brave Wanderer in March 2014 because back then I felt it was time for a change, considering our life circumstances at the time and everything that was going on. We were contemplating moving back to the States, but then decided to stay put here in Germany for a variety of reasons.

America has always been my second home since my parents, my sister and I spent 4 years in Alabama because my dad was a Germany Army helicopter pilot and we got relocated to Ft. Rucker when I was 6 years old. It will always be a dream of mine to return to the States for good one day.

I was born in northern Germany near Hamburg in February 1976 (yep, I turned the big 4-0 this year) and after returning to Germany with my parents in 1985 I believe, we kind of got "stuck" in the  southern part of this country. I am happily married to Stefan and we live in the beautiful countryside of Baden Württemberg with our teenage daughter, Leonie, our Greek pup, Kyra and our American kitty, Miley whom we brought back with us from Chicago.

If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you have already seen more than one pic from one of our #dailywalks with Kyra. I love showing you guys where I live. It is really beautiful here and well worth a visit. We live alongside the Romantic Road leading to Rothenburg ob der Tauber surrounded by castles, vineyards and gorgeous valleys.

I work for a big international company and am in procurement. I slowly went from working part-time back to working full-time, now that my daughter is getting older, and I really enjoy what I do and wouldn't want to miss it. I love socializing, I enjoy the recognition I get and, last but not least, I love getting that extra pay check every month and supporting my family the best way I can!

I LOVE knitting, the ones who know me, already knew that. I LOVE fall, it's my favorite season and I love the fact that it leads straight to the holidays. I enjoy traveling and there are so many places I haven't been to, yet, but totally need to see (I might do a post on that). I am a coffee drinker (I also like a diet coke or Dr. Pepper every once in a while), I could eat sushi on a daily basis, love going to the movies or having a show marathon on Netflix with my peeps. Instagram is probably my most favorite social media platform because I have always been an avid picture taker. I enjoy giving gifts and seeing peoples reactions. I love my new mountain bike and try riding as often as I can. I also love swimming and the feeling of being light as a feather when in the water.

My family is everything, they are the reason I get up every day (sounds super cheesy and it is, but it's so true).

So, I hope this gives you a better picture of who is behind The Brave Wanderer. I am truly thankful for all the wonderful connections I have been able to make through blogging in the past 6 years and I am excited to make many more.

Now, I have one favor to ask of you: 
Tell me at least one significant feature about yourself in the comments below, so I get to know you better as well! Dankeschön!

Happy Thursday xxx


How I Feel In 5 Words.

To be quite honest - today I am not feeling very well. The flu has been circling around me for the past week and it seems to have gotten a hold of me. It started Monday evening, I felt a little feverish so I went to bed early. Tuesday morning greeted me with a really bad cold. I had to call in sick, which I hate but there was no way I was going to go to work. I hoped it would be better by today, after spending most of yesterday in bed or on the sofa with hot beverages. Unfortunately this cold seems a bit clingy, so I might as well make the best of it.

Hence here's how I am today:

1. Congested.

2. Feverish.

3. Hot.

4. Cold.

5. Achy.

Here's me hoping for a better tomorrow and that you are not sick at home!

How have you been so far this week?

Happy Wednesday xxx


Welcome October.

Welcoming October
I know that the picture above isn't very fall-ish, especially considering the fact how much I love autumn, but the sight of my toes in the water of the Baltic Sea from a previous vacation just made me so happy that I felt like it's the perfect fit for today's post.

With that being said - can you believe it's October?! I mean 3 more months and 2016 will be history. It's crazy and hard to wrap my mind around. 2016 has been such a great year for us so far. I will not like seeing it go. But we still have 3 more months left to make it even better and I will do just that.

September went by fast and brought us tons of fun. Here's a look back at our September 2016:

September 2016
We enjoyed good food. Lots of BBQ's on the patio. Long evening walks with the pup. Ice cream dates. Yummy summer salads. Kitty snuggles and purrs. Knitting in the sun. Enjoyed the first signs of fall. Getting the fall decorations out. Wearing my Birks during the last hot summer days….

I really can't complain. Last month truly was a good one. We spent most of our free time together as a family and I so cherished every single moment of that. With Leonie getting older and more independent by the day, I don't know how many more of those moments I will get until she goes her own ways. Don't even want to think about that. And really miss those days like the one pictured above in the lower left corner (that was Christmas 2010, she was 7 years old and such a sweetheart), time went by so fast and I wish I could hold onto it just a little longer before letting go.

Wishing you all a wonderful week - may October be the bomb!

Hugs xxx

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