Kindness Goes A Long Way.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Don't expect something you are unable to give.
Kindness really does go a long way. Treating others with respect, because that is what everyone deserves. Respect. Honesty. Kindness. 

Don't expect something you are unable to give. After all: What goes around, comes around.

You never know what someone might be going through. Maybe being kind to them is exactly what they needed in that moment. Kind words may lift them up and give them the strength to endure whatever they are going through.

A co-worker of mine has been battling breast cancer for well over a year now. She is currently going through radiation and came to visit work yesterday. She looked really good compared to the past few months. On top of battling cancer she had slipped on black ice and broken her leg right before Christmas. She had to go through surgery and is now receiving physiotherapy to be able to rebuild her muscle.

When I first met her 3 years ago, her hair was long and brown. One day she came to work with short hair. I thought it was because of the summer heat and told her how much I liked her new look. I could see the tears behind her smile. Little did I know that she had cut them off because they were going to fall out anyway. 

Shortly after, she told everyone what was going on. We all cried together. I felt so sorry for her. But she is such a strong woman. So brave and so willing to win this battle! I know she will be ok. And I am so proud to call her a friend. 

Her hair has grown back a bit. She is now rocking a greyish white pixie and she looks amazing. I l just had to tell her how amazing she looked! She really did! Another co-worker told her the same thing. When I scrolled through my Facebook feed last night, I came across her new profile pic - it was taken yesterday after she had visited and the caption said: "a new pic of me, now that I was told how great I looked, I feel confident enough to share it with the world!". When I grow up I want to be as brave and strong as her!

Kindness people takes no effort but has such a huge impact! So, go ahead and throw it around like confetti, because one can never have enough!

Be kind to one another. Give hugs. Tell others what you admire about them! But, mean it! Tell the truth! Because after all: What goes a round, comes around!

Happy Tuesday xxx

P.S. Have I told you how amazing you all are lately? Because, really you are!! Thank you for stopping by! Hugs 


Happy Friday | V17.04

Can I have an amen for Friday finally being here!
So, the sickies finally seem to be on the mend (knocking on wood, don't want to jinx things) and I feel like the world got lifted off my shoulders. I am really looking forward to the weekend. I have secretly been wishing for a little getaway, just me though. No one around, just me, myself and I. I think I might have to do that in the near future. Take the weekend off just for me.

Have you ever done that? Escape from your loved ones to fuel your batteries? I'd be lying if I'd say I wasn't looking at hotels and Airbnb options in Berlin, Germany during lunch break. I think I might even do that in February for my birthday - it's on a Sunday this year and I took Monday off. Ha - and I haven't told anyone yet. I made the decision at work today and it all happened on a whim. Not sure if I will take my man and child with me. I will have to think about that. haha

Ok, now to my week. How has it been despite the sick people surrounding me? Let's see, here's what made me happy:

1. Peanut M & M's from the vending machine at work

2. Coffee break with a co-worker

3. Sunshine on my way home

4. Loud music in the car

5. Dr. Pepper (I dropped a can in the parking at the grocery store and it kind of got emptied in a second)

6. Pizza night

7. Knitting

8. Puppy walks 

9. Wrapping up a huge project at work

10. The sickies going away!

All in all a pretty normal week. Nothing out of the ordinary. Kind of enjoying life and all of it's ups and downs. I guess it helps looking on the bright side of things rather than focusing on the negative. 

Now, how has your week been? What made you happy?


A Letter To My 31 Year-Old Self

Throwing back to 31 years.
10 years ago (yep, I'll be 41 in February) I was a different person. A young mother, we had just built our home and were on the verge of moving overseas to Chicago. I was courageous and strong just like today, but I didn't have the confidence I have now. I didn't feel in sync with myself and I didn't love me for who I was. Self acceptance came with time and I can now say that I am truly content with who I am and where I stand in life.

Dear 31 Year-Old Version of Me,

Don't worry about that stupid co-worker who doesn't like you. It's her loss. No, really, it is! You have to learn and accept that not everybody has to like you, so stop working so hard on gaining everyone's approval. They don't have to approve of you and you don't need them to.

It doesn't matter what others think of you or your actions. You should do what your gut tells you to do. Believe me, it will always be the right thing to do. Don't do what others expect you to, do what you feel is right.

You are beautiful just the way you are. You don't have to be skinny. You are perfect the way you are and you're absolutely worth being loved for who you are. Did I mention that you are beautiful! Because you are!

Speak your mind. You have an opinion and you are entitled to. So don't be afraid to say what's on your mind if something bothers you. Sometimes you will find out that your opinion was wrong, but that's ok, learn from it and move on!

Learn to let go. Don't dwell on things in the past. Things that cannot be changed anymore. They are over and gone. Try to accept them to move on. You cannot look into a bright future if something in your past is holding you back.

Don't hold grudges. You have to forgive, even if it hurts. This doesn't mean you have to forget. You don't. But you have to forgive to find peace. Peace at mind and peace at heart. Life is too short to hold grudges! Forgive and move on and you will be much happier.

Tell yourself and your loved ones how amazing you are from time to time. Give yourself some slack and credit for your achievements. You are wonderful and special and unique! Believe in yourself and your capabilities and you will achieve great things!

Don't be too hard on yourself. You are awesome, so go and do crazy things, learn and grow! And you will find that life is beautiful! It really is! Enjoy it!

You xxx

Have you ever written a letter to a younger version of yourself? What are some of the things you told yourself?

Happy Thursday 


How I Feel In 5 Words.

Life can be overwhelming. Life can be beautiful. Life can be overwhelmingly beautiful!
Is it Friday already?

Oh wait, it's only Wednesday. Dang it. Why can't it be Friday already? Doesn't time normally fly by? Why can't it fly by this week? Man, I wish it were Friday already. Ugh…

Sorry, but this week has been nothing but overwhelming and stressful. Both physically and emotionally and I am more than ready for it to be over. And out. Over and out. Let week 4 of 2017 just go away and never come back. Into my memory at least. 

We've got the sickies again. Ugh… Well, not me - KNOCKING ON WOOD - but the mister and my child. Both suddenly had a fever of 104 on Saturday night, so I packed them into the car and drove to emergency care with them. Both shivering from the fever. Both with a massive headache. Moaning and complaining all the way.

Well, the doctor prescribed antibiotics once again. There was no way around it. Back at home I managed to get the fevers down with paracetamol and leg compresses (is that the right word?). Thank goodness it went down for both of them, so they were able to sleep a bit during the night. I took Monday off from work to take them to see our family doctor who complimented me for doing everything right. So thankful they are both better now.

But, I am beyond exhausted and could really use the weekend - NOW!

Needless to say that today I am:

1. Tired.

2. Drained.

3. Grateful.

4. Healthy (again, knocking on wood)

5. Relieved.

I really hope this flu passes me by as quickly as it came and knocked out the both of them. I really hope I will not end up like them. I really hope my body is strong enough to fight it off. Please keep your fingers crossed for me, will you?

Now - enough of my whining:

How are you today? Please share in the comments using 5 words or less! P.S. You can use more than 5 words as well! Whatever floats your boat!

Hugs xxx


My Biggest Social Media Pet Peeves - Pt. 3 - Pop-Ups

Do you use pop-ups on your website? You should really stop using them! Google recently made an update regarding Pop-Ups. Have you heard of it?

Blogging is my hobby and I love it. I enjoy reading other blogs, connecting with other bloggers from all over the world and I love that you never really stop learning as you go along. Blogging is a great way to express yourself and for the most part it's really fun.

There are some things about blogging though that I dislike. And I am sure that I am not the only one who doesn't like a few things going on in social media. I already wrote about my disliking the follow to unfollow trend in Part 1 of this series and I told you how I feel about irrelevant comments in Part 2.

Well, there is another thing I really don't like when visiting a website. Any kind of website. 


Some cover the entire website as soon as you navigate to the page, making it hard for you to read past it and some only cover a part of it or appear after a while when you are already reading. If you're lucky, you don't have to find the X to exit it, but you just click next to it to dismiss it. But most of the time it's hard for you to find a way to get rid of it and there is no way to read the page, so I just close the window and never come back.

There are pop-ups I don't mind though, which don't affect my reading experience. Like banners at some place of the website, usually the top, displaying something for me to click to enter something e.g. subscribing to a newsletter or giving me a coupon code and link to an Etsy store etc. 

Some pop-ups are necessary by law, like e.g. age verification or cookie pop-ups. I am totally fine with those because they do not hinder me from reading the post I came for in the first place. But if the pop-up covers the entire page inviting me to sign up for this or that, I lose interest in that website quickly, because, let's be honest here - who's got time for that?

If you offer a newsletter, display it on the sidebar, at the very top of your blog or maybe even in the post footer. If I intend to subscribe to your content, I will find a way - trust me. And if I am interested in your other social media, leave the links there as well and I will know what to do.

But, please, for the love of a blogger-friendly experience, get rid of those post blocking pop-ups! Because they are not only super annoying, they might even harm your SEO according to Big Eye Deers about google's 

Have you heard about that? What are your thoughts on Pop-Ups? Do you use them?

Happy Blogging, guys! xxx


10 Fun Facts About Me.

Sharing a few fun facts about myself. Come over and share some about you as well!
There have been a lot of new visitors over here on The Brave Wanderer - thank you for that! I cannot tell you how much that means!! Truly appreciate all you support!

Last week when I shared a few snippets of life lately and shared them on my Facebook page, I realized that some of you didn't even know I was in Germany. And others thought I was an American living in Germany. So, I thought it would be fun letting you all know a bit more about myself, my life and my story.

Today I am starting off by letting you in on some Fun Facts about myself and I would love for you to share a few about yourself in the comments, that way I can get to know you better as well! Sound good? Thought so. 

Here we go:

1. I am German, born and raised, but grew up partly in the US. More on that in another post.

2. I cannot function without coffee or diet coke (one a day keeps the doctor away, or so…)

3. I hate wearing socks, but sometimes there's just no way around it.

4. Sushi every day - I wouldn't mind it!

5. Knitting is my biggest hobby beside blogging. It just makes me happy.

6. I used to sell my knits in my own Etsy store. Way back when. haha

7. I speak German, English and French. Would love to learn another language.

8. Fall is my favorite season.

9. I love being a mom - it's the hardest job ever though.

10. I want to travel the world. Always have this itch of wanderlust inside me.

I will share more about me and my life here in the beautiful countryside of southern Germany in the future - if you are interested that is! I will fill you in on my time in the US and I will share some of my experiences of moving abroad as a child and then again as an adult and how I managed to cope after returning home. 

Now it's your turn - tell me something FUN about yourself or your life!
Something you like or hate, or something you'd love to do one day! Anything - I'd love to hear it!

Happy Monday, friends xxx


Rose Gold Fashion Inspiration

Don't you just crave warmer temps like I do? I just needed a little spring-ish fashion inspiration.

It has been freezing cold for the past 2 weeks since we got the first real snow of the season. And although I really love how everything looks, especially today when the wind blew some of the snow from off the branches in front of my window at the office and the snowflakes looked like glitter and fairy dust in the sun, I do crave warmer temps.

Now it doesn't have to be hot, not a fan of summer temps either, but a little more spring like weather would be much appreciated. Maybe that's why I just had to put this fresh outfit together. I can't even tell you what I like most about it. I guess you can tell which hues I am a fan of at the moment.

And again, my beloved Narciso perfume, I just cannot live without it anymore. I know, it's just a scent and it might seem crazy, but it took me until I was in my 40's (I will be 41 soon - eek) to find "my" scent. I remember flipping through the pages of a magazine where there was this scratch to smell ad and I just couldn't stop holding it up against my nose to breathe it in. Two days later I had ordered it online and couldn't wait to get my hands on it!

Do you have a signature scent? One you keep coming back to or even stock up on? i'd love to hear!

Happy Thursday xxx


How I Feel In 5 Words.

Can you describe your feelings at this right moment using only 5 words? Come and share them with us!
"Feelings are much like waves, we can't stop them from coming, 
but we can choose which one to surf."

Can you believe that we are already halfway through January? And to me Christmas and NYE oddly already feel so far away. Maybe it's because I didn't really get to enjoy them this time around, being sick and all. But I must say that I am hopeful for this year and it has been a good one so far. I have been able to achieve a few things at work, already implementing my OLW "GROW" into my everyday.

This week has been wonderful so far and life feels like being on top of the world - knocking on wood to make it stay. I am looking forward to the weekend as we have a small road trip planned weather allowing. 

Here is how I am today, right this moment:

- Excited.

- Happy.

- Accomplished.

- Loved.

- Appreciated.

I might also be a little tired but that's to blame on the moon which always robs me of sleep and I have some serious catching up to do now that it's in the wane. Does the moon affect your sleep as well?

I'd love to hear how you are today! Please share your feelings in the comments below!

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday xxx


Life Lately

Taking a look back on the first few weeks of 2017. Come and join me.
We've been taking it slow these first few weeks of 2017 after being sick the entire month of December. Now finally back to normal with school and work, I am trying to make the most of our weekend, using it to relax and regain some strength. Our bodies take so long to recover from something like a Bronchitis and we shouldn't underestimate the importance of letting our body take that time.

We managed to take a trip to Rothenburg ob der Tauber right before Christmas. Most of you have probably already heard of this beautiful medieval town sitting up on a hill overlooking the valley below. It's about a 25 minute drive away from where we live and we don't visit as often as we should, because it is truly a treat and if you ever happen to visit this part of Germany, you should really take the time to stop by there. I will show some more pics from our trip soon.

Of course we had some sushi, if you know me, you know that my daughter and I love sushi. We try to get some every now and then and there is a pretty good sushi place in our town, but it has already been way too long since the last time. We also have this fancy new burger place at our local mall - the burgers are all made from scratch and they are super tasty!

I have been on a few coffee dates with a friend trying to catch up on life. We always want to meet up and then never seem to make it because something comes up for either of us and then we have to cancel and reschedule. It was close to a wonder that we got to meet up twice in the past 2 weeks, that hasn't happened since graduating from high school.

Being sick at home had 2 good things though - I got to do more knitting and it was wonderful! I just ordered some wonderful new yarn - see those delicious yarn cakes up there, and I cannot wait to cast them on. The other good thing is that I had way more time for my blog and to connect with you all. It was awesome and I had the time to learn a few new things regarding using Pinterest and IG to drive more traffic to them - I will share them soon, if you are interested!

Now tell me what you have been up to this year so far! Can you believe that today is already the 16th?!

Happy Monday xxx


Happy Friday | V17.02

No matter how stressful or busy your week was, I am sure it had tons of HAPPY MOMENTS. Come over and share them with me.
The first week back to work is in the books. Phew, it was busy. But it was oh so nice how everyone told me how happy they were that I was back again. Some actually missed me. Such a nice feeling. And even though work was really busy, it felt so good to be back to normal. 

I enjoyed listening to music and podcasts on my commute and it felt good to spend some me-time during my drives. Sounds strange? Maybe. But after being at home sick with everyone for weeks made me appreciate those few minutes every morning and afternoon all the more. I really don't bother the drive to and from work, it gives me the chance to get prepared in the mornings and to wind down after work. 

It's been a good week though, for the most part. I had a small hormonal breakdown on Wednesday, tears might have been involved and anger, about myself…the ladies will understand. It's the all-monthly thing we have to endure.

Here are a few of my Happier Moments this week:

1. London Grammar - Rooting for You (so beautiful)

2. New Yarn from a German Dyer Sternenstaub

3. Arizona 

4. The Affair

5. Bates Motel Trailer

6. Chinese Food with a friend

7. a new winged chair for my knitting sessions

8. this lamp so I can see my knitting

9. snail mail

10. my co-workers new puppy

I will show you some pics of my new knitting area in the living room soon. It still needs a bit of decorating TLC and then it should be good to go. I needed a place to knit with enough light to see the knitting and being able to watch TV at the same time. I am in love with it and cannot wait to share with you!

But enough of me now, how was your week? Please share some of your HAPPY MOMENTS in the comments.
Happy Friday xxx


How I Feel In 5 Words.

How are you today? Have you taken the time to think about that? If not, do it right now and come on over to share with us!
Here we are half way through week 2 of 2017. Wow. Talk about time flying by. I returned to work on Monday and it wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be. My co-worker did a really great job subbing for me. I was a bit worried to return to endless piles of work, but it wasn't that bad at all. I still had a ton of catching up to do, but I am done with that and can now move forward.

I must admit that it is actually nice being back to normal after being sick at home and the holidays. With everyone back at work or at school we are in the flow of things again and that is a truly good feeling. The only thing I miss is that I now do not have as much time for blogging and knitting anymore, if only the day had more hours!

Here is how I am today:

- Positive.

- Accomplished.

- Vital.

- Appeased.

- Tired.

I haven't gotten that much sleep lately. The Bronchitis was always worst during the night. The coughing always got worse once I went to bed. I hated it and had to take special meds so I was able to sleep. So my body still craves rest and it will probably take some more time to be back to my old self 100%. Therefor #5.

How are you today? Please share in the comments, I'd love to know!

Happy Wednesday xxx


My Biggest Social Media Pet Peeves - Part Two - Irrelevant Comments

Irrelevant comments are both a waste of your as well as my time. Let's all be fair and respectful and either read the article or not comment at all.

Last week I published Part One - Follow to Unfollow of my new blog series about my biggest pet peeves when it comes to social media. This includes any social media account you can think of and it includes everyone involved.
Although, I do want to emphasize once more that I in no way intend to attack or insult anyone, like I said before, everyone should do what is best for them and only you can decide that. These are all just my opinions.
Part Two - Irrelevant Comments
Now I know and understand that we are all super busy. We have our jobs and our families, extra curricular activities and we have our social media presence. And in order to grow the latter most of us are involved in some sort of Facebook Group, Instagram Comment Pod, Twitter Chat, Pinterest Group, Tailwind Tribe…you name it and we're there.
Why are we there? Because we want our platforms to be successful, and to achieve that we need to make them grow. We want interaction with others, we want likes and shares and we want comments. Real comments. Comments that fit the topic. Comments that matter.
Visiting e.g. a blog and leaving a "Great Post!", "Thanks for Sharing!", "Great Topic!" etc. is just not enough. If you visit a blog and leave a comment, you do so in hopes of the recipient reciprocating on your blog. This way of commenting is impersonal, irrelevant and adds no value to your blog, the only goal of such a commenter is self-promotion and clearly shows that he did not read my post nor does he know what it's about by only reading the title.
Sometimes comments are filled with keyword rich links to boost the commenters search rank. These are spammers some of which are even auto-generated. Any blogger in their right mind would just go ahead and delete those. I do.
And then there is the commenter who does it right in my opinion.
He reads your article, writes a comment of value referring to it, maybe asking a question or even disagreeing with your opinion to open a discussion others might get involved in. These kind of comments make my heart happy and inspire me to deliver good content others enjoy. And I truly love reciprocating them!
Comments have such great potential for you as the commenter.
Use that. It can help grow your own profile, meet other bloggers, drive traffic to your blog, it can spark ideas for your future posts and it can even open the door to amazing collaborations and blogging opportunities! 
I might add that commenting on Facebook or Instagram is a bit different. It can be difficult commenting on just an image, so maybe you can really just say "Wow, awesome shot!" or "Great colors, love it!", but I think that's okay, because those platforms have their own algorithms which make it way harder to stay on top of the game. 
Now, how do you feel about irrelevant comments on your social media?
Happy Tuesday xxx


The Good, The Bad & The In-between

We have to enjoy the good things that happen to us, acknowledge and let go of the bad and be happy about the inbetween. Come along and try for yourself.
We celebrate the first and last day of each year. Ringing in the new and saying good bye to the old. Letting go of what was and looking forward to all the possibilities a new year always seems to bring along. A clean slate, that's what a lot call it. A new page turned for you to write a new story. 

We all look forward to new, because new mostly means good. That is what we strive for, good things happening to us and our loved ones. Especially at times where so much evil and bad happens all over the world, we literally long for POSITIVE and PEACE. 

Peace at mind. Peace at heart. Peace at last.

On NYE I got to think about the meaning of the year coming to an end and why it feels as though we start over on the next day. Setting resolutions or goals, dreaming about all the things we'd like to accomplish during the new year. Why we so want to let go of the old year. 

Why is that?

Maybe one had a very hard and stressful year. Or someone went through the loss of a loved one. It could be that someone had to fight severe health issues and is now on the verge of recovery. Financial trouble due to being laid off or an injury, parents that need special care etc. - there are endless reasons why we do not want to look back.

I understand that. I have been there. Believe me. 

For me, 2016 was a good one. A really good one. A good one in a long time. Ever since we moved back to Germany in 2011 after having lived in the suburbs of Chicago for 3 years, this has been the best year for me. One filled with tons of positive things, great achievements, a huge step in my career, financial and personal growth and it was the year of letting go.

Letting go of being homesick for my US home and friends and being heartbroken about moving back to Germany. It has been a real struggle for me, those past years. I fell into a depression and it took me this long to finally get out of it. I now see that. 

I still miss it. Don't get me wrong. But I have learned to accept to let go of the past and to cherish what is now. I now see that I can only grow if I let go.

I used to dwell on the past and let it blur my vision. I let go of that and learned to appreciate everything, the whole of my life. I guess getting older and turning 40 last year somehow made me see the bigger picture. I don't know exactly what it was, but I can now enjoy the GOOD, acknowledge and let go of the BAD and be happy about the IN-BETWEEN.

What about you, are you someone who dwells on the past and has a hard time letting go? 
Well, hear me: Let go!

Happy Monday xxx

P.S. I will write more about my US - Germany experience soon.


Happy Friday | V17.01

It's important to focus on the positive things and let go of the bad. Join me every Friday sharing your Happy Moments of the week.

Week one of 2017 is already coming to an end. Anyone else felt like this week took forever? Even though a lot has been happening I still feel like it was a long week. Which wasn't a bad thing though, since I had the week off before heading back to work next Monday. I am looking forward to connecting with my co-workers and friends at the office whom I haven't seen in weeks due to my Bronchitis infection during December.

I am excited about the new year, new possibilities, new challenges and new friends I might make along the way. We got snow on Monday and it keeps on snowing a bit every once in a while making everything appear as if covered with a thick layer of powdered sugar. Taking the pup for walks in this wonderful winter scenery is the best!

And even though this week was off to a rough start we managed to make it through and also had a few Happy Moments here and there:

1. handmade / handdyed skeins of yarn
2. Life in Pieces Season 2
3. knitting on the couch
4. snow
5. Rogue 1
6. Homemade Chicken Wild Rice Soup
7. Diet Coke
8. a new sweater
9. long walks in the snow
10. a coffee date

How has your first week of 2017 been? Hope is was a good one!

Happy Friday xxx


How I Feel In 5 Words.

Sometimes it's good to sit back and think about how you feel in that exact moment.
The first week of 2017 has been going rather slow for me as I am still at home. I took 4 days off with Friday being a bank holiday here in Germany. Although the New Year started off a little bumpy over here as we had a little health scare on the 2nd.

On Monday morning the mister woke up to excruciating pain in his lower abdomen. I have never seen him in so much pain and agony before. My first thoughts were "Appendix" and "Kidney Stones", because he had suffered from them before. So, I hauled him into the car and drove him straight to the hospital.

Fortunately after 3 hours of examination (ultrasound, X-rays) and testing (blood tests, urine etc.) they could rule out both of them, diagnosing him with a really severe version of the stomach flu. Thank goodness! Or not, at least it wasn't anything life-threatening. I was able to take him back home with me and after consulting with our family doctor he is on meds and already feeling a lot better. Phew.

Ever since then we have been trying to take it slowly and since it has been snowing for the past 2 days, there is nothing better to do than stay in, snuggle under a blanket on the sofa, watch Netflix and continue my knitting project. It's pure bliss.

So, this is how I am today:

1. Relieved.

2. Content.

3. Calm.

4. Inspired.

5. Reposed.

How were the first days of your 2017 and how are you today?

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. xxx


My Biggest Social Media Pet Peeves - Part One - Follow for Unfollow

Social networking should be done in a fair and respectful manner. Follow to Unfollow is just wrong and should not be done! Think about it.
I have been an active blogger for almost 8 years now (not on The Brave Wanderer I have had another blog before) and I have seen quite a few "trends" come and go. I have seen several bloggers come and go and I have always been trying to stay true to myself.

I understand that someone in the blogging industry is eager to create a great following on their blog as well as on any of their social media accounts. And I am all for that. Because even though we say that numbers don't count, we do see them as some sort of indicator of how well we are doing. Are we a good blogger? Is our content worth reading or even sharing?

Whether blogging is your career and main source of income or not, it should be a place of fun, fairness, respect and of connecting with other like-minded people. And yes, the number of followers is a way of receiving acknowledgment for what we do.

But, one should go about this in a fair manner. Creating unique content, not copying other people's work declaring it as your own. I am for transparency in regards of sources for images, content, sponsored articles and the like. And I am for treating others with respect.

So, I came up with the idea of writing a series about my biggest social media pet peeves. 
This is part one. I hope you enjoy.

Follow to Unfollow

I see this mainly on Instagram although I have also noticed it on Facebook. People will seek you out, follow your account and after a few days of waiting and you following them back, they will unfollow you. Just like that. Now, the "clever" ones will like your most recent picture or post to not make it so obvious, but they too will unfollow you. 

Do they honestly think you won't notice? There are tons of ways to track who follows and unfollows any of your accounts. Do they really think one won't use these sources? Do they even care?

I don't even follow those accounts back anymore! As soon as someone has a huge following but only follows a few hundred accounts themselves, I won't even bother. But this is kind of sad, because there might be an account that would be worth following back and I just won't. So the fake followers are basically ruining it for the decent people.

Sometimes I will do it just for fun. I follow them. And I keep my eyes on them. Just to see when they decide to unfollow me again. And sometimes when they unfollow me, I would really like to comment on one of their pics or posts if they think that this is the right approach to success, because it makes me really angry. 

Now this is more than disrespectful. They are belittling your work in favor for their's. And this is simply not right. There are groups on Facebook who promote this kind of behaviour, making people believe that it's okay. 

Well, let me tell you this: It is not okay! So stop doing it!

If you think an account is unworthy of following and okay to unfollow for your benefit only - think twice - because maybe it's not them who one shouldn't follow, maybe it's YOU who is unworthy!

These are my opinions. I do not mean to attack anyone. Everybody should do what's right for them and I absolutely respect that. But, if this is your way of doing business, please stay away from me. Thank you.

Have you noticed this trend on one of your social media accounts? How do you handle it?

With that being said - Happy Tuesday and happy blogging!

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