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Can I have an amen for Friday finally being here!
So, the sickies finally seem to be on the mend (knocking on wood, don't want to jinx things) and I feel like the world got lifted off my shoulders. I am really looking forward to the weekend. I have secretly been wishing for a little getaway, just me though. No one around, just me, myself and I. I think I might have to do that in the near future. Take the weekend off just for me.

Have you ever done that? Escape from your loved ones to fuel your batteries? I'd be lying if I'd say I wasn't looking at hotels and Airbnb options in Berlin, Germany during lunch break. I think I might even do that in February for my birthday - it's on a Sunday this year and I took Monday off. Ha - and I haven't told anyone yet. I made the decision at work today and it all happened on a whim. Not sure if I will take my man and child with me. I will have to think about that. haha

Ok, now to my week. How has it been despite the sick people surrounding me? Let's see, here's what made me happy:

1. Peanut M & M's from the vending machine at work

2. Coffee break with a co-worker

3. Sunshine on my way home

4. Loud music in the car

5. Dr. Pepper (I dropped a can in the parking at the grocery store and it kind of got emptied in a second)

6. Pizza night

7. Knitting

8. Puppy walks 

9. Wrapping up a huge project at work

10. The sickies going away!

All in all a pretty normal week. Nothing out of the ordinary. Kind of enjoying life and all of it's ups and downs. I guess it helps looking on the bright side of things rather than focusing on the negative. 

Now, how has your week been? What made you happy?

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