My Biggest Social Media Pet Peeves - Part One - Follow for Unfollow

Social networking should be done in a fair and respectful manner. Follow to Unfollow is just wrong and should not be done! Think about it.
I have been an active blogger for almost 8 years now (not on The Brave Wanderer I have had another blog before) and I have seen quite a few "trends" come and go. I have seen several bloggers come and go and I have always been trying to stay true to myself.

I understand that someone in the blogging industry is eager to create a great following on their blog as well as on any of their social media accounts. And I am all for that. Because even though we say that numbers don't count, we do see them as some sort of indicator of how well we are doing. Are we a good blogger? Is our content worth reading or even sharing?

Whether blogging is your career and main source of income or not, it should be a place of fun, fairness, respect and of connecting with other like-minded people. And yes, the number of followers is a way of receiving acknowledgment for what we do.

But, one should go about this in a fair manner. Creating unique content, not copying other people's work declaring it as your own. I am for transparency in regards of sources for images, content, sponsored articles and the like. And I am for treating others with respect.

So, I came up with the idea of writing a series about my biggest social media pet peeves. 
This is part one. I hope you enjoy.

Follow to Unfollow

I see this mainly on Instagram although I have also noticed it on Facebook. People will seek you out, follow your account and after a few days of waiting and you following them back, they will unfollow you. Just like that. Now, the "clever" ones will like your most recent picture or post to not make it so obvious, but they too will unfollow you. 

Do they honestly think you won't notice? There are tons of ways to track who follows and unfollows any of your accounts. Do they really think one won't use these sources? Do they even care?

I don't even follow those accounts back anymore! As soon as someone has a huge following but only follows a few hundred accounts themselves, I won't even bother. But this is kind of sad, because there might be an account that would be worth following back and I just won't. So the fake followers are basically ruining it for the decent people.

Sometimes I will do it just for fun. I follow them. And I keep my eyes on them. Just to see when they decide to unfollow me again. And sometimes when they unfollow me, I would really like to comment on one of their pics or posts if they think that this is the right approach to success, because it makes me really angry. 

Now this is more than disrespectful. They are belittling your work in favor for their's. And this is simply not right. There are groups on Facebook who promote this kind of behaviour, making people believe that it's okay. 

Well, let me tell you this: It is not okay! So stop doing it!

If you think an account is unworthy of following and okay to unfollow for your benefit only - think twice - because maybe it's not them who one shouldn't follow, maybe it's YOU who is unworthy!

These are my opinions. I do not mean to attack anyone. Everybody should do what's right for them and I absolutely respect that. But, if this is your way of doing business, please stay away from me. Thank you.

Have you noticed this trend on one of your social media accounts? How do you handle it?

With that being said - Happy Tuesday and happy blogging!

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