Happy Friday | V17.06

What were some of your HAPPY MOMENTS this week? Come on over and share some!

It's been a long week and I have been very absent over here. Sometimes we just have to focus and set priorities and sometimes life needs us in the here and now. That doesn't mean I didn't think of you or my little space over here. Believe me, I did and I tried to write something substantial a couple of times, only to hit save and close the window again.

As many of you know my family has been on and off sick at home since the beginning of December last year. Leonie, my daughter had some high fevers at the beginning of January but seemed ok again 2 weeks ago. Last Sunday she sunddenly battled yet again a high fever. I took her straight to emergency care and they diagnosed pneumonia.

She has been home since Tuesday and I have been busy keeping her comfortable. She seems to finally be on the mend thanks to her meds. Nonetheless I have been a hot mess, worried sick about my girl. I guess you can understand why I stepped away from my blog for the most part of the week. My brain felt scattered and I wasn't able to write anything.

But things are starting to look better and this week did hold some happy moments for me:

1. Leonie finally feeling better

2. watching movies with my girl

3. coffee date with a friend to get my mind off of things

4. deciding on a new knitting project

5. long puppy walks

6. the mister cooking dinner

7. clean sheets

8. still watching "Call the Midwife" - LOVE

9. 5 lbs down

10. a new pair of jeans (smaller size)

It's the little things they say and that's so true! Buying a pair of jeans in a smaller size was one of my victories this week and it felt so good! I am looking forward to a lazy weekend, staying in, ordering out, knitting and cuddling with my fam.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Happy Friday xxx

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