How I Feel In 5 Words.

Take the time to breathe every now and then.
Today is February 1st! Can you believe it? How did January just fly by? Crazy.

February is a good month. We've got 2 birthdays coming up. My dad's is on Valentine's Day and mine on the 19th. It's also Valentine's Day and we finally booked a trip to Berlin on my birthday weekend. I know I said I was thinking about booking a solo trip, just for me, but I figured I can't just up and leave on my birthday, so I will let them tag along and save that solo trip for some other time this year. It will happen though! I promised that to myself!

I took the day off today. Our company is giving every employee an extra day off for our good results last year (YAY) and I decided to take mine today. So I am looking forward to a fun day, filled with blogging, knitting, a little Netflix and a long walk with the pup. Later on I'm taking Leonie to get her hair done and on a sushi lunch date after school.

So, there's that and here's how I am today:

1. Excited.

2. Relaxed.

3. Content.

4. Giddy.

5. (a little) reflective 

What are your plans for the day and how have you been so far this week? Please share some of your thoughts in the comments! I'd love to hear!

Happy Wednesday xxx

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