Taking Stock Of Life.

Come and join us taking stock of the things currently going on in our lives and the things that are important to us right now.
Last week was a good one in so many ways. There was little to nothing to complain about and the weekend was even better. I got to spend lots of quality time with my loved ones, I had a few hours for just me and the mister spent going on an impromptu coffee date and a little shopping spree afterwards. I was able to knit a few rows here and there, did a little cleaning up around the house and I indulged in my newest addiction, my bullet journal. Guys, I was pretty hesitant to get started with it, but now I am overflowing with ideas and it is so much fun! Do you bullet journal? I'd love a few tips or sources from where you get your ideas! And I will definitely blog about my journal soon!
So, here's what I have been up to lately:

sketching: duh, my bullet journal

purchasing: pens over pens

reading: journaling tutorials

watching: Call the Midwife

listening: Charlie Cunningham 'Lines'

eating: lots of fruit and sushi

knitting: a summer shawl for a friend

wondering: if Punxsutawney Phil is right about the weather

hoping: for a soon spring (hence the spring-like image today)

wishing: for lots of growth throughout the year

thinking: a lot about politics lately

looking forward: to our Berlin trip on my birthday weekend

searching: for things to do during said trip

trying: lettering - bullet journaling is opening so many creative doors

dreaming: that everything will be alright

Now, tell me, what have you been up to lately? What are you currently watching? What is your current favorite song and what is you favorite dish right now?
Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by!
Hugs xxx

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