What's Up. Weekend | V17.13

Come on over and share the link to your happy moments!
Not quite sure what it was with this week, but somehow it has been a drag for about anyone I know. Everyone seemed tired, moody and not really in the groove. Neither did I and boy have I been tired all week long. I have had trouble keeping up with replying to comments on all my social media - so please bear with me, I will do that this weekend! I cannot tell you how grateful I am Friday is here, which means the weekend is literally right there in front of us! Yay. Anyone feel me?
But, my week did have lots of happy and positive moments, some of which I would love to share with you all like every Friday for the past 2 years or so.
Here are 10 things that made me extremely happy these past few days:
1. Re-connecting with an old blogging friend from way back when.
2. Sunshine on our evening walks.
3. Pizza date with some friends.
4. An hour of me-time while my man and daughter were doing the groceries.
5. Knitting on the sofa watching Blacklist.
6. Coffee with co-workers on our lunchbreak.
7. A friends's baby shower.
8. Planning a trip for April - I'll have a few days off around Easter
9. Gardening
10. The Peaceful Posse - come join us!
Charlotte, Lindsay and I are totally blown away by how our Facebook group is growing and that you all are here to make it such a fun expereince! This Friday linkup has always been a place where we reflect on the HAPPY and GRATEFUL things in our lives, especially the wonderful moments from this last week, so please come and join your link and spread the word - the more the merrier!
Have a fab Friday and hang in there - the weekend is right around the corner!
Hugs xxx


Being Real And Honest To Myself Today.

Breaking bad habits can be tough, but if you set your mind to it, you can achieve anything!

Today I am real and honest.

To myself.

So I can hold myself accountable.

The thing is - I have always struggled with my weight. As long as I can remember I was the "chubby" one. Not fat or obese, but chubby.

I always thought I was too thick in highschool - looking back on pics now, I can see that I wasn't. But people made me believe so. Which lead to one diet following the other. I tried so many different things, which all worked fine in the beginning, but never lasted long.

I didn't have my "goal weight" when I got pregnant, needless to say I was far from it afterward.

I lost a lot of weight during our time in the US - I walked a lot, my diet was different and I felt really good about myself. But back in Germany, feeling homesick and depressed for a long time, the weight came back on and then some.

I am an emotional eater. I literally eat my feelings. And the regret always sets in way too late. Afterward I feel miderable. But it doesn't stop me from doing the same mistake over and over again.

I have to break that cycle in order to achieve a healthy weight and to feel good about myself again.

So - I have decided to join Weight Watchers, because I know a lot of people who have had tremendous success losing weight on WW. And because I want to do it in a healthy way and I want it to last!

The first meeting I will attend is next Wednesday and then every Wednesday after that - so, I will share my journey on Thursdays.

I will also start being more active, now that spring is here I will use my bike more often, the pup will be taken on her daily walks as usual and I will also go on walks/ runs by myself where I can go a bit faster since our Kyra suffers from arthitis and can't go that fast any more.

I will share my journey here with you all. I know it won't be easy and I know I will struggle for sure. But, I have set my mind to it - I want to lose this damn weight once and for all!

I hope you will all cheer me on and listen to my rants that will for sure come. And if any of you have tried Weight Watchers before - please share some of your experience with me - I would love to hear!

Have you recently set your mind to something important you want to achieve? I'd love to hear about it!

Happy Thursday xxx


How I Feel In 5 Words.

Describe your feelings in just 5 words.
It's Wednesday - happy Hump Day! Phew, glad we already made it to the middle of the week. We turned back our clocks here in Germany last Saturday night and boy am I missing that one freaking hour! Winning an hour is awesome, but losing one! No way!

Needless to say I have been quit tired all week long and all I want to do is SLEEP! Every morning when the alarm goes off, I can't believe the night is already over! The struggle is real! I can hardly open my eyes and feel like one of the walking dead. #zombielife

Other than that this week has been pretty normal so far. Nothing out of the ordinary except for losing those 60 minutes last weekend. But the weather has been treating us so well! The sun has been out every day making our evening walks with the puppers so wonderful - the perfect way to unwind after a long day at the office.
Here's how I am today:
1. Tired.
2. Content.
3. Excited.
4. Positive.
5. Contemplative.
Tired because, well, duh. Content because even though those 60 minutes are gone, I am fine with what is. Excited about the success of our Facebook Group The Peaceful Posse - come join us if you haven't already. Positive because I know things will be alright, no matter what. Contemplative because I have a co-worker who isn't honest to our boss and goes behind his back and I am not sure what to do. Tell him or keep my mouth shut? Suggestions?
Now tell me how you are today?
Happy Wednesday xxx


How Do You Overcome Writer's Block?

Ways to overcome the fear of a blank page.
It happens to all of us. And it's not a bad thing.
Writer's block.
The fear of a blank page and not being able to fill it with words. Meaningful words.

I have been there. You probably have, too. And we have all somehow made it through that dryspell.
But what do you do to overcome it? Do you do certain things in order to get back into the flow of writing. To get the creativity going?
Here is what I do when the ideas just won't come and the words cannot be found:
1. Turn off my computer
Some of you might ask why, because we need the internet to search for ideas. And I have tried that. But I have learned that whenever I just cannot seem to come up with ideas to write about, it's best for me to walk away from the computer and do something else. So, I turn it off and walk away.
2. Go for a walk
The best way for me to unwind is to take the pup for a walk. Whenever I am outside in nature no matter the weather, I find inspiration. Especially now during spring when there is so much to discover out there with nature waking up from it's winter sleep.
3. Take photos
We often rush through the day without truly noticing what is happening around us. I make it a point to grab my camera, go out and about and snap away. We live in such a beautiful countryside here in southern Germany and I sometimes forget that most of you don't know what my home country looks like. So, I go out, take pictures and that's what sparked the idea of writing about my home country. So stay tuned.
4. Listen to music
I love music - as I am sure most of us do. Can you imagine a life without it? So, I put on my headphones and turn up the sound. Or I jump in the car for a ride, turn up the volume and just let my mind go where ever it takes me. Now that we can finally open the windows while driving it's even better! Most of the time I come home with at least one idea in my head. (Never forget to take pen and paper along with you, so you can jot down your ideas on the go).
5. Flip through the pages of a magazine
I love finding inspiration in the creativity of others. Flipping through a magazine helps spark mine. All the pictures, colors and headlines normally make me want to write something and help me stay up to date with what's hot and what's not.
These are just a few things I do to try and get my writing mojo back. I guess anything that helps get your mind off the thought of having to write something will help you in some way and form. Sometmes when nothing seems to help, it's best to just walk away from writing for a while. I allow myself to take breaks from blogging because I want to write something meaningful for you, something worth reading.
So - What do you do whenever writer's block hits you? Do you have some helpful tips for the rest of us? Please share some!
Happy Tuesday xxx


Coffee Talk | Let's Have A Cuppa.

Let's have a cup of coffee - shall we?
Imagine we were to have a cup of coffee together? What is something you'd like to talk to me about. Maybe there is something weighing on your mind, something you really need to talk about. Or something amazing happened and you cannot wait to spill the beans! Maybe there is a decision to be made and you need just that one last piece of advice before making up your mind.
Well, if we really were to have a chat, I'd tell you that the comedy show we went to last night was hilarious! I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard. There were so many people and we waited in line for what felt like hours. The show went 30 minutes longer than expected and we came home way too late on a Sunday night. This morning we all had trouble getting out of bed when the alarm went off, but it was SO good - it was all worth it!
I would also talk to you about how hard it is being a mom of a teenage girl. She really knows how to test my nerves and sometimes I feel like she couldn't care less about how tough she can make it all for me at times. I sit and wonder what I'm doing wrong for her to act that way and then I see other parents with same-aged kids who struggle just like me and I know it will all be ok at some point. We'll make it through just like any other parent ever did. Do you have a teenager?
I'd probably go on about how the spring-like weather is lifting my spirits and how much I enjoyed a little gardening last Saturday. Making my garden ready for warmer weather, lifting winter covers, pulling weeds and pruning some bushes all the while the sun was out - it was wonderful. Although there was still a cold breeze and the temps weren't as high as expected, it felt so good to be outside!
Now, tell me, what is something you would like to talk about?
Happy Monday xxx


What's Up, Weekend? | V17.12

Come and join us sharing your favorite moments from this week!
Gosh, time sure does fly - how is it already Friday? Not that I'm complaining - I would never complain about the weekend being here! In fact, I couldn't be more happy about it! We'll go see a German comedian Sunday night - the mister got me the cards for my birthday. We'll also be taking Leonie, our daughter - and the other day we found out that my sister, her hubby and her oldest are going, too! So, we'll be meeting up for dinner and than go see the show together! Cannot wait!

It's been a pretty good week and a lot of things happened! Not all were good, but a lot of them. Here are 10 things that definitely made me HAPPY this week:

1. flowers from my man - just because (tulips)

2. Sunshine on my face during lunch break

3. Snail Mail (I really need to send some out again)

4. loud music on my drive home

5. a new season of Blacklist on Netflix

6. knitting on my day off

7. long puppy walks in spring-ish air

8. making lots of new online friends

9. positive feedback about a project at work

10. The Peaceful Posse - come join us!

Charlotte, Lindsay and I have decided to change things up for the Friday linky you might know from their blogs. This Friday linkup has always been a place where we reflect on the HAPPY and GRATEFUL things in our lives, especially the wonderful moments from this last week.

It's important to reflect on the positive things that happen to us to make them more apparent, because sometimes we might not take the time to acknowledge them while we're busy focusing on the negative things.

Happy Friday xxx


Taking Stock V17.12

making: cous cous salad - so yummy
cooking: zucchini pasta
drinking: latte macchiato
reading: knitting patterns
wanting: a vacation somewhere by the beach
looking: at nature showing first signs of spring
wasting: too much time worrying about everything
wishing: for warmer temps to be more outside
enjoying: long puppy walks in the evenings
liking: nature slowly awaking
loving: malabrigo yarn
hoping: people accept and respect one another more
needing: a break
smelling: spring air
wearing: pink moccasins
knowing: everything will be ok
thinking: a lot about the past
feeling: contemplative
bookmarking: newly discovered  fun blogs
watching: How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 - loving it

I really enjoy these type of posts - just sharing what's currently going on in life.
Perfect for those days when your brain feels fried and writer's block seems on it's way. 

Don't you love them, too?

Please share a little bit of what's currently going on in your life!

Hugs xxx


How I Feel In 5 Words.

Try to express your feelings in 5 Words.
It's Wednesday - yay, happy hump day!

Wednesdays I always share how I feel. I use only 5 words to describe my emotions. 

Sometimes they are similar and sometimes they are all over the place. 

Sometimes we can feel all the feelings at once. Sometimes there is only room for one emotion.

Most of the time my emotions are all over the place, because normally we have to deal with so many different things in life, there is no way we only feel one certain way. 

Here is how I am today:

1. Confused.

2. Excited.

3. Tired.

4. Content.

5. Resilient.

See what I mean with my feelings being all over the place?

I feel confused, because I got an email I wasn't able to process just yet. I feel excited for the possibilities it might mean. I am tired because it's only friggin Wednesday and the weekend cannot come soon enough. I am content because I feel satisfied with what is right this minute. And I feel resilient because there is nothing I cannot take.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!
Please share how you are today in the comments! I would love to hear!

Happy Wednesday xxx

P.S. I have been experiencing issues with Disqus loading for my page - so if you wish to comment, please click the link of the post and reload the page, at least that's what helps on my Mac. It might depend on which browser you are in. I am in the process of sorting things out with Disqus. Thank you so much.


I Got Kicked Out Of A Facebook Group.

Sometimes life kicks butt.
I wasn't planning on writing this post. 

I was going to just let it go.

But I have been contacted by a few friends who had noticed that I wasn't around that said group anymore - asking where I was or what had happened.

To get straight to the point - I  got kicked out of a Facebook Group I had been a member of for almost 3 years. Heck, I was even an admin until just recently where I stepped back because of life.

Why did I get kicked out?

Because I formed a new Facebook group with two wonderful friends, Lindsay and Charlotte who got kicked out of said group as well. They had spoken up about a few things and had mentioned a few concerns towards the founder of the group who had set several rules for her members but wasn't following them herself (e.g. reciprocating comment love).

She thought we were talking about her behind her back. That's why she deleted me from the group.

She didn't want to hear their concerns and just felt attacked. Had excuses over excuses for why she wasn't able to follow her own rules. But, here's the news: We all have busy lives. We have jobs and/ or are moms, we have families to take care of. We all spend hours on working hard for our social media presence and maintaining our blogs and so on, and so forth.

I get it, sometimes life gets too busy or in the way and that's when I allow myself to take a break from it all or to ask for help. But some people can't do that. Maybe because they are afraid to miss out on things or they are afraid of giving up authority. 

She didn't just kick me out of the Facebook group, she even blocked me from it and from almost all of her social media accounts we had been following each other on. I said almost all, because she forgot some, but don't worry, I took care of that. I don't need negativity in my life.

She even got me blacklisted from her WP blog using IP Blacklist Cloud. Ha, I think she might not know that this could affect her ranking. But, what do I care!

I didn't understand at first. There was never a negative word between the two of us. I was a loyal member and admin to the group for a long time - always sticking to the rules. A few members recently even contacted me because they had also noticed her not reciprocating at all. I told her and she felt attacked. And more excuses.

But long story short - that is the reason why I haven't been around. She even kicked out members that joined our new group The Peaceful Posse, but we are all moving on.

I don't hate her. I feel sorry for her. I really hope she gets her life in order. Obviously she has a lot on her plate and I would never point fingers. I just felt the need to speak up because I feel wrongly treated. 

I thought friendship was worth something. Seems that is not the case for everyone. 

With that being said - please come join us in our awesome new Facebook group The Peaceful Posse where the main rule is to HAVE FUN!! 

Hugs xxx

P.S. I am not writing this to attack anyone. I simply felt the need to explain to my friends who were concerned about me not being there anymore. Guys, I am here - more than ever!


This Is Me - 20 Fun Facts.

This is Me.
Hello - welcome to The Brave Wanderer, my little space on the Internet.

So glad you are here. I am thrilled to have you.

I hope you enjoy your stay.

My last introduction was in the middle of last year. I know, it's not been that long ago, you can read it here and I might not tell you an awful lot new stuff today, but I thought it would be fun to tell you a few fun facts about myself, so you can get to know me a bit better.

So, here goes:

1. My name is Christina, but I have been called Chrissy ever since I can remember.

2. I do not have a middle name - it's not that big of a thing here in Germany.

3. Yes, that's right, I am from Germany. My family and I live in the beautiful countryside of southern Germany. I will try and post a lot more about my beautiful home country throughout the year.

4. My second home is America. I have lived a total of 7 years in the States. I will definitely write more about that as well.

5. I hate wearing socks and only do so if temps require them.

6. I am married to my soulmate and we have a daughter, named Leonie, who will be 14 in May. 

7. Yep, my girl will be 14 years old. That makes me 41 - ha, what a coincidence. 41 is 14 backwards.

8. I am also mom to our fluff, Kyra and our kitty, Miley.

9. I am addicted to knitting - give me a pretty skein of yarn and I'm happy.

10. I love sushi and won't say no to a latte macchiato.

11. Netflix for the win! I love watching movies and shows and I also love going to the movies!

12. Being outside in nature, walking the pup or gardening are two of my favorite pastimes.

13. Music - who can live without it! Currently obsessed with Katy Perry's new song! It's so fun!

14. I take photos all the time - you can see a few on my IG.

15. I collect quotes and believe in the healing strength of words.

16. I believe in granting everyone their opinions and I believe in respecting one another.

17. I wish the day had more hours because there is so much more I'd love to do.

18. Agree to disagree - makes things a lot easier.

19. I am slightly addicted to diet coke and diet Dr. Pepper - one a day can't hurt, right?

20. I love making new friends - so let's be friends!

Come and join Charlotte, Lindsay and I in our new Facebook Group The Peaceful Posse and help share the love!

I'd love to hear a few fun facts about you in the comments! Tell me something fun about you! Follow me on my social media - links can be found in the sidebar right up there!

Happy Monday xxx


Happy Friday | V17.11

Hope your week was filled with magical moments.  Happy Friday, everyone.

It's been a while.

But I am trying to get back into the flow of writing.

What can I say, sometimes life kicks you in the butt and you just have to go with it. But somehow you always manage and somehow it all works out in the end. And that's what truly matters.

Life can be tough in so many ways. And it can make you question about anything. Family is the most important thing we have. Friends are, too. And it happens to all of us at some point - we figure out that someone we called a friend turns out to not be one.

And it will make us rethink friendships in general. It might make us wonder if there might have been something we could have done differently. But when someone suddenly blocks you entirely out of their life without any reason you gave that person to react in such a drastic way - you might want to consider that the fault was not on your side after all.

With that being said - life goes on and we should try to always move on with life.
Here are 10 things that made me happy this week:

1. Real friends I can rely on.

2. Coffee date with a co-worker

3. Compliments from my man

4. Hugs from my girl

5. long walks with the pup

6. the first signs of spring

7. Lourde's new song

8. Open windows on my drive home

9. How To Get Away With Murder

10. Knitting a birthday present for my mom (she will be 70 in June)

I am teaming up with Lindsay and Charlotte, two amazing ladies and supportive bloggers who are wonderful friends and also my fellow admins of The Peaceful Posse a facebook group for positive people - come and join us, we'd love to have you and add your link below!

Happy Friday xxx 


How I Feel In 5 Words.

Can you describe your feelings today in only 5 words?

It's been a week already. One whole week without a post from me. What can I say - life has been super busy and there hasn't been any time for my online life at all.

My mom has been very ill battling the influenza and pneumonia at the hospital for well over 2 weeks. She is now back at home but needless to say not in any place where she would be able to do anything without help. So I have been driving back and forth between my parents' and our home, cooking meals, doing laundry and cleaning for 2 homes. I really love helping my parents in any way I can, but it has been really stressful and I hope things will be back to normal soon, because beside working full-time in a very demanding position, I also have a teenager, a husband and 2 furry kids that want to be taken care of and - not to forget - I have needs as well. So, needless to say that I am a little more than exhausted.

On top of everything else my sister will re-marry this Friday and is also 6 months pregnant, so I have been helping her plan and execute her wedding as well as a move to her and her fiance's own place 2 weeks ago. Phew, just writing about it leaves me breathless. When did I do all of this? Oh, and we replaced our second car with a better make and model. Yay.

My five feelings for today:

1. Tired.

2. Forworn.

3. Weary.

4. Drained.

5. Sanguine.

I have been too exhausted to sit in front of my computer trying to come up with something blog-worthy and there are at least 5 post drafts saved for me to come back to. But after a few sentences in, I always gave up and preferred knitting and watching HTGAWM on Netflix.

Can you blame me?

How are you and what's been going on in your neck of the woods? I really hope all is well.

Hugs xxx


How I Feel In 5 Words.

Try to focus on your inner voice and listen closely.
A migraine forced me to call in sick yesterday. I have them every other month and when I do, all I want to quiet, darkness and sleep. But I am much better today, back at the office and ready to tackle the day.

Other than that things have calmed down a bit after all the sickness we went through since December and I am looking forward to spring-like temps, so we can finally be outside more again and soak up that vitamin D. This time of year is a little weird - with the holidays gone and spring not yet here, everyone seems to be in some kind of funk. Don't you think? Krysten from Why Girls Are Weird described it rather precise in her inspiring post yesterday. Head on over, she is sharing some amazing quotes!
Today I feel:

1. Rested.

2. Excited.

3. Content.

4. Amused.

5. Hungry.

Excited because I just booked our summer vacation home in Tuscany, Italy and I cannot wait for August to come! It even has a private pool! Yay!
Hungry because I am trying to lose some of that holiday weight I unfortunately packed on over Christmas and am eager to finally lose. Wish me luck.
So, how has your week been so far? How are you today?

Happy Wednesday xxx

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