Happy Friday | V17.11

Hope your week was filled with magical moments.  Happy Friday, everyone.

It's been a while.

But I am trying to get back into the flow of writing.

What can I say, sometimes life kicks you in the butt and you just have to go with it. But somehow you always manage and somehow it all works out in the end. And that's what truly matters.

Life can be tough in so many ways. And it can make you question about anything. Family is the most important thing we have. Friends are, too. And it happens to all of us at some point - we figure out that someone we called a friend turns out to not be one.

And it will make us rethink friendships in general. It might make us wonder if there might have been something we could have done differently. But when someone suddenly blocks you entirely out of their life without any reason you gave that person to react in such a drastic way - you might want to consider that the fault was not on your side after all.

With that being said - life goes on and we should try to always move on with life.
Here are 10 things that made me happy this week:

1. Real friends I can rely on.

2. Coffee date with a co-worker

3. Compliments from my man

4. Hugs from my girl

5. long walks with the pup

6. the first signs of spring

7. Lourde's new song

8. Open windows on my drive home

9. How To Get Away With Murder

10. Knitting a birthday present for my mom (she will be 70 in June)

I am teaming up with Lindsay and Charlotte, two amazing ladies and supportive bloggers who are wonderful friends and also my fellow admins of The Peaceful Posse a facebook group for positive people - come and join us, we'd love to have you and add your link below!

Happy Friday xxx 

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