How Do You Overcome Writer's Block?

Ways to overcome the fear of a blank page.
It happens to all of us. And it's not a bad thing.
Writer's block.
The fear of a blank page and not being able to fill it with words. Meaningful words.

I have been there. You probably have, too. And we have all somehow made it through that dryspell.
But what do you do to overcome it? Do you do certain things in order to get back into the flow of writing. To get the creativity going?
Here is what I do when the ideas just won't come and the words cannot be found:
1. Turn off my computer
Some of you might ask why, because we need the internet to search for ideas. And I have tried that. But I have learned that whenever I just cannot seem to come up with ideas to write about, it's best for me to walk away from the computer and do something else. So, I turn it off and walk away.
2. Go for a walk
The best way for me to unwind is to take the pup for a walk. Whenever I am outside in nature no matter the weather, I find inspiration. Especially now during spring when there is so much to discover out there with nature waking up from it's winter sleep.
3. Take photos
We often rush through the day without truly noticing what is happening around us. I make it a point to grab my camera, go out and about and snap away. We live in such a beautiful countryside here in southern Germany and I sometimes forget that most of you don't know what my home country looks like. So, I go out, take pictures and that's what sparked the idea of writing about my home country. So stay tuned.
4. Listen to music
I love music - as I am sure most of us do. Can you imagine a life without it? So, I put on my headphones and turn up the sound. Or I jump in the car for a ride, turn up the volume and just let my mind go where ever it takes me. Now that we can finally open the windows while driving it's even better! Most of the time I come home with at least one idea in my head. (Never forget to take pen and paper along with you, so you can jot down your ideas on the go).
5. Flip through the pages of a magazine
I love finding inspiration in the creativity of others. Flipping through a magazine helps spark mine. All the pictures, colors and headlines normally make me want to write something and help me stay up to date with what's hot and what's not.
These are just a few things I do to try and get my writing mojo back. I guess anything that helps get your mind off the thought of having to write something will help you in some way and form. Sometmes when nothing seems to help, it's best to just walk away from writing for a while. I allow myself to take breaks from blogging because I want to write something meaningful for you, something worth reading.
So - What do you do whenever writer's block hits you? Do you have some helpful tips for the rest of us? Please share some!
Happy Tuesday xxx

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