How I Feel In 5 Words.

Try to focus on your inner voice and listen closely.
A migraine forced me to call in sick yesterday. I have them every other month and when I do, all I want to quiet, darkness and sleep. But I am much better today, back at the office and ready to tackle the day.

Other than that things have calmed down a bit after all the sickness we went through since December and I am looking forward to spring-like temps, so we can finally be outside more again and soak up that vitamin D. This time of year is a little weird - with the holidays gone and spring not yet here, everyone seems to be in some kind of funk. Don't you think? Krysten from Why Girls Are Weird described it rather precise in her inspiring post yesterday. Head on over, she is sharing some amazing quotes!
Today I feel:

1. Rested.

2. Excited.

3. Content.

4. Amused.

5. Hungry.

Excited because I just booked our summer vacation home in Tuscany, Italy and I cannot wait for August to come! It even has a private pool! Yay!
Hungry because I am trying to lose some of that holiday weight I unfortunately packed on over Christmas and am eager to finally lose. Wish me luck.
So, how has your week been so far? How are you today?

Happy Wednesday xxx

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