How I Feel In 5 Words.

Can you describe your feelings today in only 5 words?

It's been a week already. One whole week without a post from me. What can I say - life has been super busy and there hasn't been any time for my online life at all.

My mom has been very ill battling the influenza and pneumonia at the hospital for well over 2 weeks. She is now back at home but needless to say not in any place where she would be able to do anything without help. So I have been driving back and forth between my parents' and our home, cooking meals, doing laundry and cleaning for 2 homes. I really love helping my parents in any way I can, but it has been really stressful and I hope things will be back to normal soon, because beside working full-time in a very demanding position, I also have a teenager, a husband and 2 furry kids that want to be taken care of and - not to forget - I have needs as well. So, needless to say that I am a little more than exhausted.

On top of everything else my sister will re-marry this Friday and is also 6 months pregnant, so I have been helping her plan and execute her wedding as well as a move to her and her fiance's own place 2 weeks ago. Phew, just writing about it leaves me breathless. When did I do all of this? Oh, and we replaced our second car with a better make and model. Yay.

My five feelings for today:

1. Tired.

2. Forworn.

3. Weary.

4. Drained.

5. Sanguine.

I have been too exhausted to sit in front of my computer trying to come up with something blog-worthy and there are at least 5 post drafts saved for me to come back to. But after a few sentences in, I always gave up and preferred knitting and watching HTGAWM on Netflix.

Can you blame me?

How are you and what's been going on in your neck of the woods? I really hope all is well.

Hugs xxx

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