I Got Kicked Out Of A Facebook Group.

Sometimes life kicks butt.
I wasn't planning on writing this post. 

I was going to just let it go.

But I have been contacted by a few friends who had noticed that I wasn't around that said group anymore - asking where I was or what had happened.

To get straight to the point - I  got kicked out of a Facebook Group I had been a member of for almost 3 years. Heck, I was even an admin until just recently where I stepped back because of life.

Why did I get kicked out?

Because I formed a new Facebook group with two wonderful friends, Lindsay and Charlotte who got kicked out of said group as well. They had spoken up about a few things and had mentioned a few concerns towards the founder of the group who had set several rules for her members but wasn't following them herself (e.g. reciprocating comment love).

She thought we were talking about her behind her back. That's why she deleted me from the group.

She didn't want to hear their concerns and just felt attacked. Had excuses over excuses for why she wasn't able to follow her own rules. But, here's the news: We all have busy lives. We have jobs and/ or are moms, we have families to take care of. We all spend hours on working hard for our social media presence and maintaining our blogs and so on, and so forth.

I get it, sometimes life gets too busy or in the way and that's when I allow myself to take a break from it all or to ask for help. But some people can't do that. Maybe because they are afraid to miss out on things or they are afraid of giving up authority. 

She didn't just kick me out of the Facebook group, she even blocked me from it and from almost all of her social media accounts we had been following each other on. I said almost all, because she forgot some, but don't worry, I took care of that. I don't need negativity in my life.

She even got me blacklisted from her WP blog using IP Blacklist Cloud. Ha, I think she might not know that this could affect her ranking. But, what do I care!

I didn't understand at first. There was never a negative word between the two of us. I was a loyal member and admin to the group for a long time - always sticking to the rules. A few members recently even contacted me because they had also noticed her not reciprocating at all. I told her and she felt attacked. And more excuses.

But long story short - that is the reason why I haven't been around. She even kicked out members that joined our new group The Peaceful Posse, but we are all moving on.

I don't hate her. I feel sorry for her. I really hope she gets her life in order. Obviously she has a lot on her plate and I would never point fingers. I just felt the need to speak up because I feel wrongly treated. 

I thought friendship was worth something. Seems that is not the case for everyone. 

With that being said - please come join us in our awesome new Facebook group The Peaceful Posse where the main rule is to HAVE FUN!! 

Hugs xxx

P.S. I am not writing this to attack anyone. I simply felt the need to explain to my friends who were concerned about me not being there anymore. Guys, I am here - more than ever!

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  1. I respect that you're speaking your truth. I'm not one to cause drama or BS, but when you've been wronged for no reason at all, then by all means, the "truth will set you free". People are bound to wonder what the heck has happened so why not share your thoughts on the matter, in your space, and speak your mind? Sweeping anything like this under the rug and dismissing does nothing for our heart, soul and mind. I'm very proud of you. Onwards and upwards, as they say. ;) xo


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