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Gosh, time sure does fly - how is it already Friday? Not that I'm complaining - I would never complain about the weekend being here! In fact, I couldn't be more happy about it! We'll go see a German comedian Sunday night - the mister got me the cards for my birthday. We'll also be taking Leonie, our daughter - and the other day we found out that my sister, her hubby and her oldest are going, too! So, we'll be meeting up for dinner and than go see the show together! Cannot wait!

It's been a pretty good week and a lot of things happened! Not all were good, but a lot of them. Here are 10 things that definitely made me HAPPY this week:

1. flowers from my man - just because (tulips)

2. Sunshine on my face during lunch break

3. Snail Mail (I really need to send some out again)

4. loud music on my drive home

5. a new season of Blacklist on Netflix

6. knitting on my day off

7. long puppy walks in spring-ish air

8. making lots of new online friends

9. positive feedback about a project at work

10. The Peaceful Posse - come join us!

Charlotte, Lindsay and I have decided to change things up for the Friday linky you might know from their blogs. This Friday linkup has always been a place where we reflect on the HAPPY and GRATEFUL things in our lives, especially the wonderful moments from this last week.

It's important to reflect on the positive things that happen to us to make them more apparent, because sometimes we might not take the time to acknowledge them while we're busy focusing on the negative things.

Happy Friday xxx

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  1. Happy Weekend darling!! <3
    Your evening out tomorrow evening sounds really nice. A nice get together with family over dinner, then out. :) I look forward to hearing all about it.
    #6 through #10 are awesome!!! :)
    Have a lovely weekend my friend. xoxoxo


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